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Why is it impossible to find really good food on the UWS?

Just had dinner at Cafe Kefi (West 79th St) which replaced Onera and heralded in these posts. Food was passably akin to the Greek diner, it was assembly-line: no imagination, murky in taste, The worst part was the rush: rush with our orders, food arrived miracoulsy less than 3 minutes after ordering, finished dishes were dispatched literally seconds upon placing the final fork bite to the mouth, with busboys hovering over tables, as if starving to change the table. No question, staff has been ordered to get patrons in & out, for at least 5 (i figure) sittings per evening. How insullting, especially since I had been remembering delightful, relaxed, sensuous meals I savored in some taverna along the coast of a Greek island, sipping frosty Retsina ...

So my question, why is it impossible to find a really good neighborhood eatery on the Upper West Side offering tasty food carefully prepared in a relaxed (if not refined and quiet) setting for a lovely night out? Locals certainly have money, taste, and sophistication and we DO HAVE Zabars & Fairway.

Sorry,Fairway Cafe, Quest, Aix,Picholine (last 3 overated & expensive) don't cut it. The only places I can consider close (for now) is Earthen Oven (72nd St/Columbus) and Yuki Sushi (91st/Columbus) and perhaps, Shun Lee Cafe.

why do I have to travel to the Village (West & East) and Queens and Brooklyn for fresh, well-prepared and lovely dining?

Oct 19, 2007
susandresner in Manhattan

Mermaid or Eden or Grangecon?

One night open for dining in Dublin? Which one would be best for fresh food beautifully prepared, good value, setting? Mermaid Cafe or Eden or Grangecon Cafe in Wicklow?


Oct 16, 2007
susandresner in U.K./Ireland

Ireland report, part I (Dublin)

Loved Ham's remarks about overblown food "criticism" in McKennas' Bridgestone 100 Best. This is a new source for me (a Nyer who travels to Ireland regularly) & found interesting which places made the list. However included in Dublin, was ...... & Fallon, a take-out/eatery which I visited late summer since it garnered great reviews in the US press. What a bomb! Overinflated is not the word. The food looked dead, the variety sad, the atmosphere forlorn compared to lively bustling Sheridan's, a real foodlover's paradise. I'd love if he drew up his favorite Dublin moderate-priced eateries (including food markets) for us.

Oct 15, 2007
susandresner in U.K./Ireland

moderate-priced favorites in Dublin

I'll be in Dublin for a week. Since eating out is so expensive (in $$$$$), can you recommend 5 excellenct places to dine out offering fresh, local food w/ moderate prices? Ethnics included, please.

Oct 15, 2007
susandresner in U.K./Ireland

New Brunswick and Cape Breton recommendations?

Last year we explored Cape Breton looking for fresh, plaingood food. Very difficult. The one delicious bright spot in that entire beautiful place is Normaway Inn in Margaree Valley, an isolated spot, a farm/ranch, offers the best of the land. But the dining was spendid and cordial; we actually celebrated a birthday there and the staff couldn't be more obliging.
We ended up returning there again & again during the week becuase the food was soooo good and the place was so peaceful and enchanting. I think the tasting dinner menu was $50 pp and well worth it. The oat brown bread (along w. homemade jam) which we loved was given to us as a gift. To contact, 800-565-9463.

Did not have a good experience in Cheticamp, very touristy and congested with ugliness . We ate at The Acadien place where the food was simple and leaden. Even the blueberry pie tasted of rancid lard.

Aug 17, 2006
susandresner in Atlantic Canada

Around Digby/Anapolis NS

I'll be staying @ Young's Cove near Digby and looking for old-fashioned food, dreaming of fresh seafood, veggies, and fruit pies. I'm willing to travel around East Nova Scotia. After slim pickens in Cape Breton last year, any great suggestions would be terrific!

Aug 16, 2006
susandresner in Atlantic Canada