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Grapefruit Fizzie Lizzie!!!! all the way

Aug 13, 2010
PickleQueeen in Recipes

Make Your Own Ice Cream Treats

@knitwit...... What if you softened a good quality vanilla ice cream and stirred in some nice Saigon cinnamon... If it gets too wet while incorporating chuck it back in the freezer for a bit to harden up!!! Voila!

Aug 08, 2010
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Food that Most People Love and You Don't...

Sandwiches... Deli Meats, blech
Mock Meat
Ranch Dressing
Vodka (not a food, but as pointless as chewing gum)
Mexican Pastries

Oct 14, 2009
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Raiders of the Lost Drink

I am with the general population here. What INSANE advice. If I discovered one of my "closest" friends pilfering through my cabinets and pantry to make cocktails I would ask that guest to leave. AND to suggest that picking up a stray napkin or two or clearing some glassware is overstepping a boundary then I am glad I usually throw a get together full of rude folks who help me clean up a tad {not too much} and stay the f@#$ out of my cabinets w/o asking. One imagines that if a host has disappeared for a length of time and can't be bothered to attend to his/her guest, SUPRISE!!! PARTY IS OVER...

This article sounds like an episode of intervention waiting to happen: "Helena was always so sweet but we started to notice a problem when we found her digging through our pantry guzzling Velvet Falernum with powdered jello chasers.... Helena, please take this gift of rehab before I never invite you to a party ever again..."

Sep 02, 2009
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