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Hangover Foods?

i'm with you on this..............when i'm hungover, I'm starving from start to finish. A full English breakfast to start, with extra bacon, a large mug of tea and a can of full fat Coke. Back to sleep for a couple of hours. Surface late afternoon. Sunday lunch - roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, peas, broccoli........... Then a snooze in front of the Sunday afternoon football (soccer). Supper time? Toasted cheese sandwiches with crisps (chips), another pint of full fat Coke - then goodnight Berlin xxxxxxxx

Dec 28, 2010
superkat in General Topics

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

Mushrooms and smoked salmon. It's a texture thing x

Jul 10, 2010
superkat in General Topics

What Did Your Mom Cook You When You Were Sick?

Either Heinz Cream of Chicken or Heinz Oxtail Soup. With a glass of Lucozade - which in those days you could only buy in the Pharmacy!
And Arctic Roll (ice cream wrapped in sponge cake) if we were really lucky!

Jul 10, 2010
superkat in General Topics

London -- St. John vs Bread & Wine, lunch vs dinner

St John Bread and Wine for brunch/lunch - try the Seed Cake with a glass of sherry or the Eccles Cake with Lancashire cheese, it'll keep you going all afternoon.
Then hit St. John in the evening for as much carnivorous goodness as you can handle!

Jul 10, 2010
superkat in U.K./Ireland

so what's the best canned chicken soup?

got to be Heinz Cream of Chicken. The taste of being off school "sick" when I was a child!

May 21, 2010
superkat in General Topics