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Birthday lunch downtown

Thanks for the feedback - I booked Boulud and I'm sure it will be special.

Best risotto?

Agreed - had the lobster risotto at Le Serpent and it was to die for. Loved our entire meal actually.

Birthday lunch downtown

Going for lunch with my mother to celebrate my birthday on a weekday. Need to be near to Cours de Montreal for an appointment after lunch, ideally somewhere within walking distance. Thinking possibly Maison Boulud (more my mom's type place) or Dominion Square Tavern. Love Boullion Bilk but it's too far a walk. Thanks in advance!

Saint Agathe and Val David

Surprising that nobody responded - I will give you a few suggestions that we like when we're in the area. For crepes and a very kid-friendly place, you should try Le Tournesol just off the exit for Val David (exit 76). Best crepes and onion soup IMO. Also kid friendly in the area, but hardly a foodie destination (just good poutine, hot dogs, pizza) is Cal's Pizza on the 117 in Val Morin. If you want a great breakfast, try Au Petit Poucet which is a local Val David institution. Their Ogre's breakfast is legendary, house smoked ham and home made baked beans, toast and jam. Don't miss it. Date-night places - I would recommend Les Zebres in Val David and Lezvos in Sainte-Agathe (which is a branch of the same Greek resto in Montreal). Lesvos can also be kid-friendly but not Les Zebres which is a much more adult atmosphere. As for foodie destinations - there is a farmers market in Val David on the weekends in summer (I believe it's still active). Great boulangerie in Saint-Sauveur called Page for pies, and baked goods. Enjoy!


I would say that generally Costco offers much of the same brands in Canada as they do in the US however, there are some specialty items from more local producers (ie. breads, sorbets, dumplings) that appear from time to time - but they're not really snack or packaged goods. If you're looking for interesting local items, may I suggest that you hit Jean Talon or Atwater Markets where you could find a huge range of foods (as well as local beers and ciders) that are really interesting and different. Again they may be more on the perishable side but you might find something...

In search of M&M chocolate almonds

They may sell them in bulk at Bulk Barn - I know they always have the m&m peanut versions but I have seen the almonds on occasion.

Montreal: Poutine and Shish Taouk and Couscous and....

Agree with kpaxonite - head over to Boustan on Crescent for shish taouk so your daughter can have her first legal drink (18 is legal drinking age in Quebec)! For Montreal bagels, St-Viateur or Fairmount but if you choose Fairmount, definitely stop for ice cream at Kem Coba which is the best in Montreal IMO. You can stop at the many Tim Horton's on your way back to Vermont but not worth a special trip when you consider all the amazing pastry and donuts here - Leche Desserts have gourmet donuts (locations in old Montreal and on Courcelle), Kouign Amman, Mamie Clafoutis etc etc. Finally - for poutine AND on the way from Vermont, any of the various "casse-croutes" (snack bars) that line the highway once you hit the Quebec border from the 89 before you connect to Autoroute 10 - there is one which I think is called Ti-Polo (or Ti-Jean) with legit poutine and hot dogs. Have fun!

Crêperie A La Gourmandise Bretonne VS. Crêperie Au Tournesol

I have tried both (again) over the winter and IMO Tournesol wins both for crepes and onion soup. The salad however is tastier at Gourmandise because of the ham, cheese, etc (whereas the Tournesol salad is plainer yet still delicious). The onion soup in particular is better at Tournesol. However you can't go wrong at either, they're both the best creperies around.

Recommendations for casual meals (Chelsea and close by)

Lots of great suggestions, thanks to all. My boys can EAT so more upscale, dainty portions will not fly. Co and Chelsea Market (for tacos, Num Pang stall) are definites - also appreciate the suggestions for a diner for a classic NYC experience. And we love Thai so maybe the Pure Thai rec or something in Hell's Kitchen.

May 23, 2014
mikjomom44 in Manhattan

Recommendations for casual meals (Chelsea and close by)

Should have included budget - would prefer to stay under $100 for the 3 of us before tax, tip & drinks. We will be going the first week in June for 3 nights.

May 22, 2014
mikjomom44 in Manhattan

Recommendations for casual meals (Chelsea and close by)

Thanks ttoommyy - I was thinking about Eataly or Chelsea Market for one of our meals.

May 22, 2014
mikjomom44 in Manhattan

Recommendations for casual meals (Chelsea and close by)

I will be travelling from Montreal to NYC with my sons (aged 18 and 15) and we are looking for good lunch and dinner places that are casual but definitely not fast food/chain. We are quite adventurous and are looking for food that isn't done well here - Mexican and pizza, for example - or something else fun/trendy that is a "can't miss" right now. We are staying in Chelsea but will walk/taxi as long as it's not too far (i.e. uptown)... Thanks!

May 22, 2014
mikjomom44 in Manhattan

Shakshuka (Shakshouka) in Montreal

Prohibition on Monkland has it on their brunch menu.


Have friends coming from NYC this weekend and we couldn't get into Quartier General but the woman on the phone recommended their other resto État-Major. Can't find anything on Chowhound, has anybody been?

Visiting Montreal in April after years away

La Banquise for decadent poutine is fun, and in the plateau. Beauty's for brunch/lunch is an institution, if you get there early enough you won't have to wait in line on the weekends. Love Momesso's and the subs rock but there is zero atmosphere so I wouldn't bother (I always take out). If your family likes mexican, Grumman 78 is a fun kid-friendly atmosphere with great food - it's a drive from where you are but worth it IMO. Don't forget about smoked meat - if you feel like waiting, you can hit Schwartz's but you can also do Snowdon Deli for lunch and get your smoked meat and Cherry cola fix.

Visiting with elderly father-in-law

Thinking about where my parents like to dine, Lemeac is an excellent suggestion. Nice sophisticated atmosphere, lovely part of town, not too loud but not dull. Other suggestions would be Moishes or Gibby's - traditional Montreal steakhouses that also do fish. I prefer Moishe's and think the food is superior, but many people love Gibby's. Good cocktails available at both restos. La Sirene de la Mer is a lebanese restaurant that has a fish market attached - good food, simply prepared and busy but not too loud atmosphere. Located on Jean-Talon, not a particularly interesting part of town but very popular with locals. Also not far from there, Rib and Reef serves steak and fish - popular with business people. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

Great salads in Montreal

For me it was The Diligence salad bar on Decarie and Jean Talon...those were the days. I am on the hunt as well for a great salad bar with high quality ingredients (like Fogo de Chao, wow is that good) - alas, nothing in Montreal that I can find. Commensal has a cold portion of their buffet that has salad items and I find it very good (only location left I believe is on McGill College). But no legit salad bars. Heard of a lunch place on Notre Dame near the market that serves delicious salads (a la Mandys) but I don't know the name...anybody? Mandys is very good but $18 for a salad - steep.

Best Indian (Preferably Around Downtown)

Thajai is good but is Southern Indian cuisine so they don't have all the dishes that you would find at Bombay Mahal or Le Taj. They specialize in dosas and other things that you don't normally find in Montreal - but not necessarily butter chicken and biriyani. I second Carolila that Maison India has always been very reliable and good, their buffet is only available at lunch.

West Island Italian Restaurants for a Rehearsal Dinner?

Campagnola in LaSalle - not far from Lachine, it's BYOW and it's solid. We went for my son's graduation dinner earlier this summer and our diverse grouped really enjoyed the experience.

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Suggestions?

A bar wouldn't be good, no chance for the group to interact with each other. Does Pastaga have a private room and is it good? I have heard mixed reviews...

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Suggestions?

Great suggestion, Mr. F. Even though we are foodies, it's a fun crowd so this could work well. Thanks!

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Suggestions?

ISO suggestions for a great dinner out for 12 foodies for a friend's 50th birthday. Any part of town is fine - the only restriction is that we are looking for either a private room OR a round table, something where everyone feels included.


Bombay Mahal on Jean Talon corner L'Acadie. Not pretty but great food. Maison India on Sherbrooke W in NDG is very consistent, have been going there for years and never had a bad meal.

mediocre to acceptable low key places to eat

Thali on St-Marc (corner Ste-Catherine) has the best $5.00 lunch around. Either chicken tikka or lamb wrapped in a fresh naan with a slightly spicy, yogourty sauce. Delicious, cheap, filling. Their thali platters are also under $10 and are a great larger meal.

Lunch between Montreal and Stowe, VT?

Burlington is about 1.5 hours from Montreal and there are some great lunch options there. American Flatbread has delicious thin-crust pizzas and a wide variety of local beers. There is also a great vegetarian restaurant, Stone Soup on College Street. Hot buffet and delicious soup, sandwiches and salads

Quebec city & Montreal with teens

In Montreal - La Banquise is fun for it's many varieties of poutine, which is not something you will find in anywhere else.

1 night in TO

Excellent recs, thanks much. Buca or Enoteca Sociale sound like great options, Montreal is not known for really good Italian. Besides the 2 Japanese options that Charles suggested, any really great Asian (with atmosphere and drinks) that we should consider?

Banh mi sandwiches - where to go?

Thanks nikkori I will try it today!

Banh mi sandwiches - where to go?

Had them recently when out of town and I'm obsessed. Does anybody have any recs for great banh mi in Montreal?

Cheese danishes?

There is a cheese type of cookie at Cheskie's, I don't know what it's called but it looks like a cookie flower filled with cheese - anyway it's insanely good. Not a Danish per se, but the filling is similar. Better than any cheese Danish I can remember.