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Hill Country for one beef rib?

I would like to get one beef rib to go (for a small meal or snack). Not one order, not one pound ...just one beef rib. I don't know, will that be frowned upon?

Feb 02, 2010
chinolam in Manhattan

Burgers at RUB?

I just tried today for lunch. FYI, the burgers are only available after 6pm Mondays. Possibly dine-in only according to the hostess.

Jan 11, 2010
chinolam in Manhattan

Indian Take-out in Murray/"Curry" Hill

man, I just came from Sonali and found this thread when I was trying to google the name. I'm new to roaming around this area for lunch --looking for hole in the walls. Walked into this place and it was depressing. No one eating in there. The Indian Doc Brown seemed happy that I walked in. There weren't so many choices in the steam trays that I've seen at other places. I thought $8 was kind of a lot for a hole in the wall lunch special. Anyway, I felt bad for them so I got it. That stuff was good. Had a nice sweet touch to the sauces. I'll post some pics on my blog soon.

...I walked in around 1pm if that helps you guys.

Mar 05, 2009
chinolam in Manhattan