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Curate - Asheville

I went the other night and have to say the food was outstanding. Everything, from the moment we walked in, was perfect. I was greeted by two helpful and knowledgeable hosts who knew by name the people I was meeting. I was escorted to our table in the "main" dining area and instantly struck by how exciting the "scene" was=-it was bustling, filled with nicely dressed people -which is refreshing change in downtown Asheville (sorry-I said it). We ordered tons of food, which everyone split with ease-four people and everyone had ample of amounts of each. We also had jambon, manchengo, crusty bread with a light roasted tomato spread (still thinking about this), chorizo with fried potatos, stuffed peppers with a creamy, soft, melty cheese, fried eggplant lightly drizzled with honey, spinach cooked with more flavor than I've ever experience and several other dishes. Dessert was also a standout: chocolate mousse with a bright apple sorbet. I liked that all that between the four of us only cost $28 per person-its not Early Girl prices-but you get something totally different. This is a truly sublime restaurant-absolutely unique to Asheville. I can't recommend it enough!

Apr 04, 2011
newtonorthavl in Southeast

Curate - Asheville

I can't wait to try this restaurant based on the food reviews, which is why I read chowhound. Please leave the political commentary to anywhere other than a friendly food review chatroom. Let's just stick to wheather its tasty or not. Sounds like a lovely addition to town, that many working locals can enjoy.

Mar 25, 2011
newtonorthavl in Southeast

Best burger in Asheville?

Had the burger at 131 Main last night. It was good, but not what I was expecting. Seemed more like a "fast food" burger, maybe because of the buttered bun and shredded lettuce?, than an upscale or nice-ish restaurant burger. But their fries are so good, and I love the Main Salad with its sweet cornbread croutons and tangy blue cheese vinaigrette that I was happy anyway. So far, best burger I've had in our area is at The Black Bird Restaurant in Cheshire Village in Black Mountain. It has a more "home cooked" taste to it, and with pimento cheese on it, definitely appeals to my southern girl cravings. Black Bird also has a number of other items my husband and I have both enjoyed, from the steak, pork chops and duck confit, they definitely have clear concept: contemporary american w. southern influence, It works. Everything from decor, service, etc is done really well. Its definitely one of my favorites right now, along with The Admiral(most cutting edge and delicious in town), 131 Main(consistently delicious, traditional, great service) Piazza(Rezaz' Pizza place-best pizza and freshest greek salad in town) LAB (most fun downtown) and Limones (Still my favorite! Duck Confit quesadilla and ceviche are the tastiest menu items in town).

13 Eagle St, Asheville, NC 28801

131 Main
17830 Statesville Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031

Aug 21, 2010
newtonorthavl in Southeast

Universal Joint-Asheville?

I went the other night and loved it! Great patio and outdoor covered seating, as well as indoor seating with open wall to outside.
My service was excellent, our server actually checked on us frequently and was always pleasant. Loved the selection of beers-they have New Belgium brews, plus locals. Food is well executed bar food-although my husband just went and said he had the best burger he's had in Asheville. Will definitely make this our new casual night out spot.

Universal Joint-Asheville?

Has anyone been yet? How is the food? Heard the burgers weren't anything to write home about... Beer selection? Let us know!

Asheville - help us cut one from our list

Decisions are hard. You have to go with the best, and what is uniquely Asheville. Never been to Table, so can't comment on it. I think you should drop Corner Kitchen, their breakfast/ lunch is better than their dinners, BUT you really need to go to Limones, over Zambra. I ate their last night actually and everything was superb and tasted very fresh. Their menu is seasonal and changes often, but their fish tacos and ceviche are very well done, as is the coffee marinated flank steak w. mint hummus. I don't think I would go to Zambra again unless I had to-sorry!

Blue Mountain Pizza-Weaverville?

yes, my "screen name" stands for New To North Asheville...indicating that I'm not necessarily new to Asheville, just the north part! Still interested in anyone else's opinions or experiences at Blue Mountain Pizza. I'll definitely go try it, just wanted to see if anything on the menu is better... I would probably only do pizza.

va: lexington/staunton; Asheville, NC

I used to eat at The Southern Inn in Lexington and always had a wonderful meal. It would be a great option for either lunch or dinner. As I now live in Asheville I can recommend some places for great dinners. The Admiral in West Asheville is very "hipster-chic" in ambiance (it's a dive) but the food is delicious, and not to expensive. Rezaz/Enoteca offers both a casual wine-bar/tapas/entree option as well as a formal fine dining side. Corner Kitchen is good southern fare and in Biltmore Village, which is cute. Tupelo Honey is downtown and offers tasty southern fare-but be prepared to wait! Its very popular (but worth it-the pimento cheese dip & shrimp and grits are worth it).
And finally 12 Bones bar-b-q, only open for lunch, one of the two locations, the south one, is open for lunch on Saturdays.

Hope that helps!

Blue Mountain Pizza-Weaverville?

I've never been but am interested. Anyone been and like/dislike?

Sunday Brunch - Asheville

Sunnypoint in West is another great brunch option, but they are open on Saturdays as well. Also have fabulous Huevos Rancheros. Perfect place for doggies!

Jun 02, 2009
newtonorthavl in Southeast

Asheville (area) best

Agreed. There definitely needs to be some major changes to the list. Jeff C-Limones has started Sunday brunch again. And, you've NEVER been to 12 Bones?? Dude, you need to drop everything and go. The Arden location is open on Saturdays and until 6 for to-go. So here's my list...
The Admiral
Tupelo Honey
12 Bones

I think that is it...these places do what they are trying to do well, whether it is innovative bar-b-q, mid-priced southern fare, casual fine dining, or exotic cuisine. All of these restaurants' food taste good, which is ultimately the most important criteria to me. Yes, I expect good service at Savoy,which I have always received, but after that, I don't really expect much other than a delicious meal!

Asheville NC:Sadies Seafood Pub

Really? I don't understand the decision to do a seafood restaurant in land locked Asheville. In my opinion this sounds like a failure waiting to happen. Restauntuers/Investors need to stick with what works and continue in the direction of providing locally found tastes better.

Recent Asheville Meals - Fig, Cucina24, Stoney Knob and more

My husband and I ate at Stoney Knob for dinner last week. I stick with what works-the lettuce wedge and spaghetti with delicious meatballs. However, we noticed "fish and chips" on the menu, which when done right can be tasty and crisp, so we decided to order. These however tasted less than fresh--so overwhelmingly fishy I wonder if they would have passed at a low-grade seafood fast-food restaurant. But, other than the mis-order it did not seem to be struggling as most of the restaurant was full on a Wednesday evening.
The people from Fig just catered a shower I attended and the food was out of this world! Everyone was going back for seconds-flavorful roasted chicken, rich quiche and melty potatos au gratine. The service was superb. And recently ate at Tomato Cucina. Pretty good. Not sure I would call it a fave, but for tasty inexpensive food it works.

Asheville for Easter Weekend

You should definitely do Cucina24 and Rezaz for dinner, and if you have time try Limones. It also recently started serving Sunday brunch again and is the best in town.
Corner Kitchen for lunch is a great Asheville option as they have pleasant outdoor seating. Downtown lunch options are Early Girl Eatery, Tupelo Honey (note: touristy but worth it), and Mayfel's (bloody mary bar!). Laurey's on Biltmore Ave is a great downtown lunch option too-very fresh ingredients. Would not recommend eating anywhere on Biltmore Estate-overpriced and poor quality. There are more interesting places to eat than Fig.

frankie bones (asheville, nc)

Frankie Bones just doesn't do it for me. I think the food tastes generic. And Mark,why are the menus so big? That annoys me too. South Asheville lacks quality dinner restaurants. I used to live and work in south Asheville and my husband and I would have the hardest time trying to figure out where to go for dinner. We have been to Frankie Bones twice and it has been dissapointing, especially condisering the price. Honestly I can't even remember what I ordered it was so forgettable. South Asheville needs something like Stoney Knob. Everytime we go we have great, tasty food (best spaghetti w. meat balls I have ever tasted) and had fun checking out the unique atmosphere. Sorry to be so down on south Asheville, but maybe that will change when Brixx pizza opens in Biltmore Park-used to live in Charlotte and go to Brixx all the time. Consistently delicious pizza and fresh, tasty salads for not too much money. Great recession food.

Feb 02, 2009
newtonorthavl in Southeast

What's best for calorie counters visiting Asheville?

Laurey's would be a great place for lunch. Very healthy options, lots of fresh ingredients and veggie dishes. For brunch, Corner Kitchen does a great breakfast salad with spinach. Sushi is super healthy, and of course as you already mentioned, the Laughing Seed is probably your best bet. What about Marketplace or Bar 100? Haven't been in a while, but I know it at least focuses on local ingredients. Good luck. Dining out + trimming calories = tough.

Asheville, Cucina 24 (and thoughts compared to Sugo)

This past weekend I took six my girlfriends from out of town to Cucina 24. I am so glad we decided to go there. The atmosphere was great--full but not too crazy, very modern but cozy/romantic and we had a great table right in front of the open kitchen and in the center of the dining room. Several of the girls ordered a very interesting drink, The Merchant of Venice, consisting of prosecco, pomegranitite juice and cinnamon. It was a hit. We then ordered a trio of antipasta of roasted beets with hazlenuts, soppresetta, and fried mozzerella. All delicious. Orders then ranged from the special salad of blood orange on pea shoots followed by pizza, to soup and salad to the butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce(three people ordered this dish and there was nothing left on all three plates). We also ordered a side of the best brussel sprouts I have ever tasted, for which I credit the deliciously salty pancetta that accompanied the brussels. All in all we had an incredible meal, one of the best I have ever had in Asheville (and I have had some good ones at Limones, Savoy and Enotecha), everything went smoothly with out orders, did not have to wait too long, had a great, helpful waiter, and our bill was very reasonable - for really good food. I can not recommend this place enough! So happy to have such a delious place to eat with great atmosphere that doesnt have to break the bank. Please let's help this and our other locally owned, small restaurants and businesses surivive the economic downturn by continuining to support them. Your vote is with your dollar! Also, just a side note we had a great lunch that day at Mayfel's where once again, everyone enjoyed everything she ordered, particularly the bloody mary bar and the fried green tomato po boy.