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Anything new/interesting in Midtown

What about (the relatively new) Hummus 21. (1055 1st ave - Between E 57th & 58th St) I had a good experience there earlier this year and have seen other positive reviews -

Apr 14, 2015
bigredesq in Kosher

Personal chef recs

Aug 19, 2014
bigredesq in Kosher

ISo great bakery for bday cake - Bronx, Westchester or Manhattan

Try Gideon's on 187th street between fort Washington ave and Cabrini boulevard in upper manhattan

Or gruenebaums bakery in river dale. I can vouch wholeheartedly for the quality of their cakes

Jul 20, 2014
bigredesq in Kosher

Found: Best kosher pizza in Brooklyn

I called the restaurant. The employee who answered the phone stated that the restaurant is kosher, and under the supervision of Rabbi David Navarro.

Jun 16, 2014
bigredesq in Kosher

Egg-free or water Challah in NYC area

Having been born and raised in Washington Heights, I've been a loyal Gruenebaum patron for close to 40 years. When fresh (or within 1 day of being baked), their water challah is perhaps the best in the tri-state area. If you're planning on eating it on the 1st night or the 1st day of RH, then it will be quite tasty, but would not recommend buying for the 2nd day/Shabbat, because will likely be quite dry by then.

Also, you may want to call the bakery in advance to confirm that they will offer water challah for R.H. - I have some vague childhood memory that their RH Challah offerings were limited to round (vs braided) egg challah (with no water challah alternative)

Aug 25, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

UWS meat and bread

Have been consistently unimpressed with the quality of both Kosher Marketplace (numerous instances of purchasing meat on Thursday that is spoiled by Friday night, coupled with rude/hostile staff), as well as Seasons (although, in fairness to them, they don't market themselves as a high-end butcher).

If limited to the UWS, I'd recommend Fischer Bros & Leslie (72nd btwn Broadway and West End) for quality and service.

Personally, I try to trek over to the UES to Prime Butcher - pricey, but far, far superior to KMP and Seaons.

Aug 22, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Solo v. Bravo

Solo's pies are personal size, and made to order - so at the very least you will get a fresh pie. When Bravo's pizza is fresh out of the oven (the 1st time around vs. freshly reheated), I find it to be some of the best in the city (all varieties). However, when Bravo serves up a reheated slice, it can be quite vile. The countermen (at least the ones in the Lower Manhattan branch) play it close to the vest and often mislead customers as to which pies are fresh - so be careful.

Aug 14, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

moleculari jerusalem location?

have not gone - but looks very intriguing - see this article

Jul 28, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

moleculari jerusalem location?

אליעש 8

8 Eliash Street


+972 2-586-9314

Jul 27, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Fun dessert place to celebrate teen bday in NYC

I don't think there are comparable NYC kosher restaurants - in my mind, the two that come closest (and even that is a bit of a stretch) are Noi Due and My Most Favorite Food. Both offer a wide array of desserts (and, given they are dairy restaurants, are not restricted to parve ingredients) and (particualrly Noi Due) appeal to a "younger" crowd

Jul 16, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

NY Mag 2013 Cheap Eats - Hakadosh BBQ

Happy 4th Chowhounders!

Having the day off from work gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. In keeping with the BBQ spirit of the 4th, it is nice to see Hakadosh BBQ (specifically, their Turkey Legs) getting a shoutout in this week's NY Mag's Cheap Eats - Best NY BBQ List -

Jul 04, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Gourmet on J

Ask the Board of Health - see

Apr 09, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

see also this previous related discussion -

Jan 21, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

a quick google search led to this -

Jan 21, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

What products do US people like to buy when in Canada

Canadian Coke

Cotts Black Cherry soda

smoked meat

Jan 16, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Philly - City's top chefs to cook kosher for a cause

great idea! I'm a little surprised that this hasn't been replicated in NYC. With so many NYC-based chefs, and a large (and charitable) Jewish community, it seems to me that an enterprising NYC non-profit could somewhat easily replicate the Philly event in NYC.

Wishful thinking?

Jan 14, 2013
bigredesq in Kosher

Manhattan - Kosher shabbat and prepared food take-out

PS - Supersol is now "Seasons"

Dec 14, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Manhattan - Kosher shabbat and prepared food take-out

As someone who has patronized at least one Manhattan shabbat prepared-food/takeout store each week for close to 15 years, the following would be my recommendations if qualityof food is your main criteria.

1st choice - Prime Butcher Baker - in my opinion, the highest quality in Manhattan
2nd choice - Fischer Brothers (72 btwn Broadway and West End)

3rd Choice - Park East Butcher

Although I no longer patronize the Kosher Marketplace (I have had numerous bad experiences with my takeout purchases there), some could argue that certain of their takeout items are of acceptable quality. In any event KMP food is definitely not in same league as the first three establishments listed above.

I would strongly discourage you from patronizing Supersol (or as I refer to it "Superslop")

Dec 14, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Are any restaurants open in Manhattan today?

Kosher Marketplace is open today

Oct 30, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Are any restaurants open in Manhattan today?

although Bagel Basket (on Amsterdam and 90th) was open yesterday, as of 11:30am today, they were shuttered!

Oct 30, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher


the NY Daily News weighs in on Jezebel -

Oct 10, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

RIP Mike's Pizza Kitchen?

Heard from a reliable source that Sunday 9/16/12 will be the last day of business for Mike's Pizza Kitchen.

Can't say I'm that disappointed given its progressive decline since it opened a few years back (though food and service had improved slightly in very recent months).

Will another kosher pizza store open in its void, or will Cafe Roma be the last true pizza store on the UWS?

Sep 15, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Kosher in Tribeca/Financial District

I work in Tribeca. I agree with the suggestions above but would add: 1) Pita Express is usually a great lunch delivery option - prices are relatively reasonable, food is consistently good and delivery is reliable and 2) depending on your proximity to the #1 train (Franklin St station, Cravings is definitely another option. Hop on at Franklin, take it two quick stops to Rector St and Cravings is across the street from the train station. I can generally do a round trip in 30 minutes and the food is still hot when I get back to my desk. If the train ride seems daunting, Cravings is also a brisk 10 minute walk from Tribeca.

Also, from what I understand, Jezebel (pricey/fine-dining kosher meat restaurant) will be opening for lunch in the fall (they are currently only open for dinner). Although technically in Soho, Jezebel straddles the northern border of Tribeca and is easily accessible from most Tribeca locations.

Aug 21, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher


I'd been eagerly awaiting the opening of Jezebel for a number of months, so was happy to get a reservation for the Sunday night (7/16) of their second week for me, my g-friend and 2 other friends.

As my girlfriend and I were a few minutes early, the hostess offered us the option of having a cocktail in the downstairs lounge before seating us upstairs. We followed her through the curtains into a very lux and intimate lounge area. There were about 10 tables set up in the lounge area with a velvet-lined bench running around the perimeter (a/c seemed not to be fully functioning, but I assume that was just one of the kinks that will be worked out). There was a very sensual, hip vibe to the lounge and service was attentive. We were immediately handed drink menus, with a small but sufficient cocktail menu. I'm not a drinker, but my girlfriend ordered the "Kosha Nostra" which she thoroughly enjoyed. While we were sitting and enjoying the atmosphere, one of the restaurant's owners, Menachem, came by to introduce himself - which we thought was a classy gesture (he also came by during our meal to check on us)

The rest of our party arrived, and we then proceeded upstairs to the dining area. The room had a very hip/trendy vibe. We were seated in one of the banquettes toward the back of the room - and the large dining area looked to me to contain a mix of 70% tables/30% banquets.

When our party of 4 was seated, the waiter presented us with drink menus (but no food menu?). We asked for the food menu and he promptly brought them for the table. I ordered the "Jewish Italian Wedding Soup", which I loved. It is initially presented sans broth as 4 chicken meatballs on a bed of vegetables and once it is placed in front of you, another waiter comes along with a teapot of broth and proceeds to pour it. The meatballs (and broth) were delicious, with a delightful lemon "kick". The rest of the table ordered the Israeli Couscous Risotto to share - I had a few bites and definitely enjoyed it (as did the rest of the table).

For the main course I and another person at the table ordered the Orange Glazed Duck Breast and Duck Confit - the duck breast was served sliced and I found it to be good (though a little chewy). The confit was not what I expected in terms of presentation (bits of duck sprinkled amongst some vegetables - but it was very flavorful and delicious). As an FYI - the portion sizes are not tremendous, but are reasonably sized. My girlfriend had the lamb burger which was served on foccaccia bread. Although she "ate around the bread" - she definitely enjoyed the burger (particularly the accompanying spicy chipotle sauce). She did share a few bites of the burger with me, but it was lost on me, as I do not enjoy lamb. The other person in our party ordered the Arctic Char - when I initially advised against doing so (as I don't believe Sunday is a good day to order fish at a Kosher restaurant) he checked with our waiter who found out from the chef that the fish was fresh. I am highly allergic to fish so will have to take his word, but he definitely enjoyed his meal.

My only suggestions for the menu 1) the menu selection seemed rather limited, so would encourage offering more menu items and 2) given that restaurant is in opening stages and that management wants to differentiate themselves from other kosher restaurants, why not offer a sampling plate that allows diners to sample all menu items?

As I noted above, since portions sizes were definitely not the overstuffed/2nd Ave deli variety, we definitely had room for dessert. As I am a dessert person, I did find the dessert menu to be rather small (choice of chocolate cake/angel's food cake/olive oil cake). However, before we ordered a friend of mine (who is a bit of an "insider" at the restaurant) gave me some good advice - "although you probably want to go for the chocolate cake, go with the olive oil cake" . I'm glad I listened to him, as I found the cake to be delicious (and not something I otherwise would have ordered)

In summary, I found the food to be very good (by both kosher and non-kosher standards), though they probably need to expand the menu selection. Service was generally good (although there were a few very minor hiccups when you could tell that they were in their second week of full service). Restaurant has a cool/downtown vibe - can def take non-kosher guests w/o embarrassment - though some may prefer that the noise/music volume be turned down slightly.

I very much enjoyed my experience and look forward to future visits (hopefully with an expanded menu).

Jul 16, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

kosher restaurant jezebel to open in nyc

Jul 09, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

The Current Oldest Continuously Operating Kosher Restaurant In NYC

What about Tevere, which I believe opened in 1990?

Jun 19, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

best shwarma in new york area

In my opinion, best (kosher) in Manhattan are:

1) Azuri Cafe ( and Murray's Falafel (
)2) University Pita
3) Golan Heights (across from YU - Amsterdam Avenue btwn 186&187)
4) Olympic Pita - 38th btwn 5th and 6th

I also would give a special mention to Olympic Pita's Brooklyn branch

Jun 14, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Rosa's pizza - Empire State Bldg.

GilaB - I can confirm that they are "entirely non-kosher". I naively attempted to eat lunch there yesterday. As I approached the restaurant I thought that I was in luck in that there were so many empty tables at the height of the lunch rush. Then I noticed the small sign on the door that they were no longer kosher.

I was a pretty regular patron when it first opened, but stopped going when they were shut by the board of health about a year ago (they subsequently reopened and secured an "A" grade from Department of Health). Anyone have any insights as to why they closed?

May 16, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Hot Kiddish Club Food Restaurants

Gottlieb's would probably offer the most "authentic" experience in terms of menu items and preparation, but don't think they can accomodate 24 person buffet in house (though it never hurts to ask)

Noah's Ark (on the Lower East Side) has a party room and should be able to accomodate your menu requirements -

Same for Mendy's Flatbush (

Jan 24, 2012
bigredesq in Kosher

Kosher gyro?

As Koshereater123 alludes to below, try - 711 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY - 516-439-5222 (they usually offer a 10% off coupon in The Jewish Week's Dining Out section (run weekly on the inside back cover)

Dec 31, 2011
bigredesq in Kosher