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Official Miami Spice 2009 Thread

I went to Blue Door for lunch a few years ago and the service was awful. Topped off by the silliness of the Delano, not inclined to go back.

Official Miami Spice 2009 Thread

A couple of weeks ago I brought a group of about 20 people to Gotham. We had the spice menu, basically. Everyone really enjoyed it ... except me. I like the crab soup, as a native of Baltimore I'm picky - it was good! Had nice lumps of crabmeat. But then I chose the veal cheeks because otherwise I think it was cod or skirt steak, and I wanted something different. You know, I have somewhat of an unsophisticated palate, so please take that into consideration. The veal was so soft, almost like butter. But somehow this meat lover (and former steakhouse waitress) found it unpalatable. Someone else really liked it. No one else got it. Then dessert - it was this bread pudding that was really just bread and disappointing. Service was excellent, though. Overally, I had a better spice meal at Red. But even better - Meat Market!!!!!!!

Ah, come on, Frod? Netmover? AG Girl--I'm counting on you!

Also went to Red: The Steakhouse (or however one writes it) that's south of Fifth on South Beach. It was very good, but not Meat Market, which wins hands down. My friends felt the waiter at Red sort of tricked them into bottled water, and he pushed the upsell in a way that wasn't great, even though we expect that stuff.

Ah, come on, Frod? Netmover? AG Girl--I'm counting on you!

Went to Meat Market last night for Miami Spice. It was FABULOUS. The service was stunning, beyond perfect, when our server gave us a very articulate (solicited) mini lesson in light v. full-bodied wines. Perfect wine suggestion for me. Gave us a nifty plate with four different nut-type things to try, including wasabi peas and some sort of Peruvian corn, and something called a "Spanish mix." Crispy alaskan crabtail app is *delicious.* My friend really liked the ceviche app. Only downside was the ribeye on the spice menu - I do not recommend. It was just not a great cut. But it was still good enough that I cleaned my plate. The sweet potato fries with it were delicious. The dessert sounds odd, but somehow oreos actually go with it well. We were stuffed, just stuffed. Also, my friend got a spicy mango drink that she said is very, very spicy. Just a heads up if that's not your bag.

Dinner on Lincoln Road

I think for a date, Nexxt is too big and busy. I would recommend the simple Books & Books or Ice Box, both of which are *really good* - and Ice Box has those great desserts! These two places are more low-key and are where I would take a date over Nexxt and Sushi Samba. Pizza Rustica is a counter-service place, not table service, so if you're finally getting a night off, at least give yourself the luxury of table service!

Greek Food

I second Anise Taverna - just took a group of 17 there on Monday, it had a bunch of customers, you can sit outside by the river or at the windows by the river, it's pretty, the staff are nice, and the food is really good!

May 07, 2009
almostinamerica in Florida

Tazin on South Beach (Miami)

Thanks for your reply! We've done Texas de Brazil and Fuego de Chao recently, probably Tap Tap too. I was intrigued by the idea of Moroccan food!

Tazin on South Beach (Miami)

Has anyone been to Tazin? What was it like? Would you recommend it for a group of 20, or not?


New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

Have you been? Their site says "coming soon."

Metro Bistro Cafe/MiMo Dist. in Miami

Had dinner last night with a group of about 15 last night at Metro Bistro Cafe in the MiMo district of Miami - 7010 Biscayne Boulevard (adjacent to Karma Carwash).
Metro is all organic, although their wine selection is not.
Food was very good! They prepared a special menu for us. We started with an amuse-bouche of tuna tartar chopped with onions, on little crispy bread pieces. Absolutely fantastic. Then I had a salmon carpaccio - Sashimi-Grade Wild Caught Salmon, Shaved Organic
Fennel, Capers, Fleur de Sel & EVOO, it was delicious! They also offered Metro Salad: Organic Baby Arugula tossed with Organic Raspberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette, Warm Goat Cheese Crostini and Organic Chives, which was yummy, and finally, Grilled Sweet Breads: Served with Organic Lemon, Organic Parsley and Fleur de Sel. I'm a bit of a wimp but I tried the sweet breads and they were really, really good!
For my entree I had Steak Frites: Organic Grass-Fed Skirt Steak served with Organic
Chimichurri and Fries, which was relatively simple, presented attractively, and pretty darn good! I think people were happy with their Mahi entrees as well. For dessert there was a creme brulee that I enjoyed, as well as Gran Marnier Ice Soufflé, which was soft and creamy, although frozen - very good.
Metro is very small, so we sat outside. It was a really nice meal, and the staff were awesome.

Where to go in Miami...

Probably too late, but Ice Box on Michigan just north of Lincoln Road and Books & Books on Lincoln are nice, casual places with locals and tourists. You can eat outside. Last night a group of us were discussing how the food at those two places is always really good, and the desserts at Ice Box can't be beat!

Where to go in Miami...

Great clip!

Anise Waterfront Taverna

Great news! I just read this, but I am taking a group of at least 15 there in a few weeks and am relieved to read these comments!

660 Mediterranean Kitchen

I hosted a dinner for 25 people there on March 23rd. Service was pretty good, food was excellent. The prosciutto wrapped dates with gorgonzola and endive were wonderful, the mussels & chorizo (made into an entree) was great, and I had short ribs with gnocchi and a spicy sauce (not on menu) that was just really, really good. One friend proclaimed them the second best short ribs in Miami. I also liked the creme brulee, although real connoisseurs of the dessert were picky. My group was *very* pleased with the wines we were served as well. On a Monday night there were very few people. The ambiance is nice, too. It was a very nice experience! I very much recommend 660 Mediterranean Kitchen.

Miami Recs for 2 visiting New Yorkers...

I ate at Oceanaire in Mary Brickell Village about a week ago. Service was excellent (always a relief in Miami) and everyone was delighted with their fish entrees. The "creamed" corn was really yummy, too, and the huge (and I mean HUGE) slice of key lime pie as well as the brownie with ice cream and whipped cream were both delectable.

Ice Box Cafe South Beach Miami

The German Chocolate cake is just awesome!!

university of miami food

I just have to push Siam Lotus Room - their Thai food is awesome. They're on US 1 (South Dixie Highway) very close to UM. Don't get to mention it often because few people visit us out here in the suburbs.
I second the recommendation Town in South Miami and Jaguar in Coconut Grove.

Siam Lotus Room
6388 S Dixie Hwy South, Miami, FL

4 nights in Miami--please help

I've always had good non-dessert food at Ice Box. Their brunch is yummy. But you can also do Balan's a few blocks down - it's cheaper for breakfast.

Coral Gables and South Miami- Where to Brunch?

Gables Diner is easy, because parking isn't too difficult and it's so close to Miracle Mile, which is nice. Somehow I ended up doing brunch yesterday *and* today there. The All-American platter with: eggs, bacon, sausage, kielbasa, toast, french toast and pancakes is great and is split-able (and at $15 - eek! - you might want to). I mean, it's *big*. Also had the Sesame Chicken Salad ($14) which is a big salad with curried chicken, lettuce, sesame seeds, cashews, wontons, green onions - very yummy. They call it a signature dish.
However, I feel compelled to point out that the ladies' room was disgusting, with "water" on the floor in the stalls, dirty seats, no soap, and one of the faucets almost came off when I tried to turn the water on. Yikes!

Bissaleh Cafe in Sunny Isles (Miami)

I went to Bissaleh Cafe in Sunny Isles yesterday with my women's book club group. It's an Israeli and Middle Eastern place.

When we arrived, no one approached us for ten minutes. The waitress took our drink orders but kept giving us regular Coke instead of diet, despite repeated requests for diet. The waitress couldn't explain what any of the menu items were (and they are not complicated), and when the girl next to me asked for the falafel sandwich with the toppings on the side, the waitress could not comprehend the request. The girl had to send the sandwich back twice. Then at the end they claimed they could not process both credit cards and cash, even after we asked for the manager. So somebody had to put all the cash on their credit card.

I don't recommend this place!

Manny's Steakhouse Miami

I went on Sunday night. The ribeye is delicious! The mushrooms & onions side is a bit ungainly - the mushroom pieces are the size of someone's nose. We ordered the loaded mashed potatoes but were brought the hash browns loaded (not actually a menu option). They were great! I didn't take the leftovers home though because they are a heart attack waiting to happen. The Chilean Sea Bass with lemon & capers: the capers were actually in pieces of butter (just a warning), and there were not nearly as many capers as I would have liked (it looked like maybe 8 in the two chunks of butter).

The maitre'd was very polite, the bartender greeted us on our way to our table, but our waiter was extremely rushed and sort of rude - I was disappointed because I brought my parents for a special dinner. But they had a good time and were very impressed by the food, although the waiter bothered my mother.