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cocoa butter

Interesting. I hadn't focussed on the spelling of "cocoa" in the article tho' in checking after reading your message that was the spelling. Having spent a few minutes on the internet it seems that either (i) cocoa is raw cacao that has been roasted ( thereby reducing its enzymes and overall nutritional value) or (ii) the words "cacao" and "cocoa" are rightly or wrongly used interchangeably.
Thank you for your message and insight.

cocoa butter

Thank you!

cocoa butter

A recent NY Times recipe for vegan roasted banana ice cream called for cocoa butter. Does anyone know where to find this ingredient, which I understand is also used in baking, in Toronto?

Xanthan gum

Any ideas where to find this ingredient ,ideally in central Toronto. It's used as a stabilizer in gelato.

fresh soft shell crabs

Has anyone found them on any central Toronto restaurant menus?

"real" buttermik

An article in today's NYTimes discusses buttermilk,distinguishing the original rich version from the commonly available low fat version.Any ideas on where to find the "real" one in TO?

Where to find glucose in TO

The Guardian recently published a promising sounding recipe for Momfuku's chocolate chocolate cookies One of the ingredients is glucose. Where to find this ingredient in Toronto and also what form it should take...syrup?

Korean ingredients

Any ideas about where to find Korean products (in particular a red pepper paste called "kochujung"),ideally in midtown Toronto.

where to find top quality pain de mie,ideally in central Toronto

These are both great suggestions...thank you!!

where to find top quality pain de mie,ideally in central Toronto

Any ideas where to find this dense French bread,often used for croques monsieurs and other sandwiches?

ISO Korean dried noodles in TO

Many thanks .I,m often around Bloor& Christie, so this very helpful.
Any comments on the recipe?

ISO Korean dried noodles in TO

A very recent recipe in the NYT has led to this inquiry

top quality fresh chinese egg noodles

Where can I find these,ideally in central Toronto?

jelly donuts

Today's NYTimes has a terrific sounding recipe for a bread pudding that uses jelly donuts. Any suggestions for a source in TO for top quality donuts? Central location preferred but will travel for the right product.