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Visiting Northern Palm Beach Co. -- Need Recs!

Juno Beach Cafe
Pelican Cafe-Lake Park
Original Pancake House ...just opened on Northlake
Spoto's PGA for brunch....Lobster Brie Omlette!!

West Palm Beach-Just moved here

Cr Chicks is good for take out. They are all lover the city & do family meals.
Bagel Boyz has great bagels, breakfast & lunch...they deliver as well
Brown Baggin it in Lake Park has excellent homemade sammies!! bogo on weds!
Zuccarellis has the best pizza I have found down here so far..Pga & West Palm locations
Brass Ring is a bar ,but family friendly ...excellent wings!
Guanabana's in Jupiter ,atmosphere!!
Dune Dog - indiantown..Great little hot dog shack for kids! they do a family night 2..

Good Luck!!!
D.D.'s Cupcakes- around the corner from Dune Dog, delicious!!!
Tulipan Bakery-West Palm & Northlake blvd. guava cheese pastries!!
Joseph's Classic Market- fresh Italian food & great specials !!
Rocco" Tacos_ go early with kids!
Pizza Girls Downtown!!!! BBQ chicken pie!!

Visiting Northern Palm Beach Co. -- Need Recs!

Ouzo Blue for cocktails usually has a good crowd, it is where the old Metronome until 3 (usually) on Fri & Sat...The rest of the week between ! & 2

Zuccarelli's Pizza bar on PGA called, When the moon hits your eye....Delicious!! They deliver & open later.....

Pineapple Grill & Bar just opened in abacoa, supposedly open until 2 or 3 ..

Noone has mentioned sweets yet!!

D.D's cupcakes in Jupiter
& Southern Pie Company in Abacoa just opened last month!!!...Jack Daniels chocolate pecan pie is worth the trip!!

Good Luck!!

So many places have shut down or changed hands

Real Chicago pizza

Pusateri's in Stuart is probably the best you are going to find .. Chicago style thin crust, Chicago hot dogs etc...across from the courthouse & they have funny hours. I believe they are closed on Mon & Tues & shut down by 830 or 9 other nights! If you call ahead they will make whatever pies for you frozen to take & bake. We drive 45 min to get there.... website is

Pusateri's Chicago Pizza
221 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994

Oct 17, 2009
charliejen3 in Florida

West Palm Beach for a week

If you are in the Palm Beach Gardens area, There are a lot of new places!

Zuccarelli's Pizza Bar, ( When the Moon hits you Eye) nice outdoor bar..delicious food!
Ouzo Blue ( greek restaurant & late night weekends)
III Forks( awesome steak amazing wine list)
Cafe Chardonnay- not new but our fav!! sit @ the bar if ya go!!
Vic & Angelos-usually packed outside

Capital Grill - Legacy Place
Cool A' Fish Bar

Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

........just drive down PGA west of 95 there must be 50 places & they are all good! Spoto's for fresh seafood- ask for Charlie!

If you head to Jupiter you should check out Guanabana's right by Square Grouper- They reopened last year & it is a tropical paradise!! Late night Happy Hour on weekends! also....usually a wait but worth it!!

D.D's Cupcakes- AMAZING!!
Little Moir's Left Over Cafe- Jupiter is supposed to be awesome!

Jade KItchen -off Dixie is VERY good!! a little hidden gem

If you make it down to Delray Beach - Havana Hideaway was featured on Food Network Diners Drive ins & Dives!!

Dive bar loving foodies in West Palm Beach for a week. Where to eat?

no!! I would NEVER call Spoto's a dive bar. I have been employed by them for 3yrs and LOVE my job...just mentioning that I bartend there, for anyone out there who just wants amazing food,& service at the bar, that's all. :)

The one downtown did close but PGA location is very much open !!

Dive bar loving foodies in West Palm Beach for a week. Where to eat?

I bartend @ Spoto's PGA.....please come visit!... Charlie

Dive bar loving foodies in West Palm Beach for a week. Where to eat?

No problem!!..We are in there a few times a week..kind of a hideout from gardens!! Yes, sometimes the service can be a lil slow, but Jose always hooks it up..We have never ever had a bad meal there, but always do get the same thing..( grilled cheese n homemade soup).The mere fact that they are open and serve food until 430am is great for us, being in the restaurant business, and always getting done late!.They also have specials I think on sunday night a food deal and $2 bottle specials all week( u gotta ask tho I learned this one!)...may not have the location quite right..think its actually off of Okeechobee and Military...still behind Denny's..Good luck on future ventures there! Cheers!

Dive bar loving foodies in West Palm Beach for a week. Where to eat?

The best place by far is Blue of Palm Beach Lakes behind the Denny's..It is a true dive bar with homemade goodness... They serve up food until 4:20am..and are open 7days until 5am ..The best grilled cheese (american ,cheddar ,mozz and bacon)and homemade chicken noodle soup by far! My husband and I drive 20 min into West Palm just for the food! u must!!