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Tau Natural And Organic Foods In Pointe Claire

Very nice, huge, natural and organic food store.
They have a big selection of produce and dairy as well as a take out counter with organic prepared food ready to go.
The prices on many items of food were very reasonable too.
I'm not an organic or vegetarian eater by discipline but they really do have some interesting items.

It's in the Mega Center at the intersection of Sources Blvd. and the 40.

Marche Bio Tau
2335 Autoroute TransCanadienne
514 695-0828

Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

It was me:

"Yes you can do it with salt only, but only if you have an old Italian uncle who knows what he's doing and is willing to teach you how."

Also, blondee_47, I am sorry to hear your duck breast did not turn out.

Know a vintage gas stove fixer, Montreal area?

Call an appliance store like Corbeil.
They sell gas appliances and no doubt work with a company that services them.
Those are the guys that will find you the right person for your job.

Where to buy goods in Large quantities?

Agri Distribution Alimentaire
7155, route Transcanadienne
St-Laurent, Québec
Tel : 514 336-8787

They are just behind the Rona on Cote Vertu.
It just opened and they have a big variety of merchandise and some very good prices.

ISO smoked turkey leg

From what I understand the smoked turkey legs in the kosher section of Loblaws and the smoked turkey at Schwartz is not actually smoked but brine cured much the same way Montreal smoked meat is made.
I think the OP is actually looking for a low and slow, barbecued with real smoke, kind of turkey leg.
In that case Peaches to Poutine, you might want to inquire at Bofinger.
As far as I know they are the only ones in Montreal doing that southern US style barbecue smoke thing.

Also there is:
Charchuterie Drago Zagreb Meat
9 Rue Sunnydale
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC, H9B 1E1
This guy does some very nice euro style smoking and maybe he can fix you up.

panama MTL & West Island

Original seems to have slightly bigger portions and is more home style in ambiance, the West Island branch is more "slick".
Service is/was very good in both but again the West Island branch tries a little harder to up sell.

The food is excellent in both places.

Two caveats:

Number one- Stay away from the "Green Salad". Nothing to eat and a giant waste of money.

Number two- The grilled chicken is really very, very good but they chop it into pieces with a meat cleaver or very large knife that often and I do mean often, leaves small bone fragments embedded in the flesh of the chicken. So pay attention when you are scarfing it down.

Casse Croute Creole - Roxboro

Sounds very tasty, I am going to stop in there soon and give it a try.

I love places with huge amounts of food and very reasonable prices.

I Googled Tasso beef and Epicurious defines it like this:

"this Cajun specialty is generally hard to find outside Louisiana. Tasso is a lean chunk of cured pork (usually shoulder) or beef that's been richly seasoned with ingredients such as red pepper, garlic, file powder and any of several other herbs or spices, depending on the manufacturer. It's then smoked.

Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed


You wrote in your post
"Finally found what seems to be an appropriate cure"
Your use of the words "seems" did not denote high reliability.

I completely disagree with your statement:
"Charcuterie (the book)... is the only "relatively" main stream book published on the subject"

Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Chapters-Indigo currently list more then 50 "real" main stream books on the subject of curing by well respected authors.
Check it out.

As well, I am not taking anything too much word for word, I am merely repeating what is stated on the web site of the organizers as one of the rules.
I used quotation marks to indicate I was quoting them.

The idea of the whole challenge being tied to the purchase of some guys book strikes me as being fishy.

When I find people trying to discredit me, it is usually because I am disturbing the promotion or sale of one thing or another.
In this case I imagine my warnings about home curing and botulism would really put a damper on sales of Michael Ruhlman's book.

For most home cooks, especially those feeding young children and other potentially vulnerable people, it's a warning well worth heeding.


Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed


There is nothing vague or misleading about my comments.
In my last post I even make sure to distinguish between the words Nitrate and Nitrite.
Nothing remotely vague about that.
You're resorting to an argumentum ad hominem.
I get the feeling you have not actually read my comments.

As well to purposely give my comments more clarity I have provided an authoritative reference:

I suggest you read it as well.

In reference to the mods suggestion about keeping this thread to where Quebec curing agents can be found; I will tell you that there is no reliable place in Montreal to purchase a small, over the counter supply of pink salt, #1 or #2.

Gotta be a reason for that too.

Michael Ruhlman and Mrs.Wheelbarrow and their "challenge" just might wind up making a lot of people very ill.
This is one of the challenge's rules:
"Buy a copy of ‘Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing’ by Michael Ruhlman."
Something smells worse then rotten, air dried duck breast.


Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

Here is an excerpt from:

The National Center for Home Food Preservation University of Georgia.

6.2.3. Curing Compounds

Purchase commercially prepared cure mixes and follow instructions carefully (PHS/FDA 2001) or blend cure mixes carefully at home using an accurate scale.

Nitrate. Use cure mixtures that contain nitrate (e.g., Prague Powder 2, Insta-Cure 2) for dry-cured products that are not to be cooked, smoked, or refrigerated (PHS/FDA 2001). Dry cure using 3.5 oz. nitrate per 100 lbs. meat maximum or wet cure at a maximum of 700 ppm nitrates (9 CFR Cpt 3. 318.7(c)(4), 381.147(d)(4)).

Nitrite. Use cure mixtures that contain nitrite (e.g., Prague Powder 1, Insta-Cure 1) for all meats that require cooking, smoking, or canning (PHS/FDA 2001). Dry cure using 1 oz. nitrite per 100 lbs. meat maximum. For sausages use ¼ oz. per 100 lbs. (Reynolds and Schuler 1982). A 120 ppm concentration is usually sufficient and is the maximum allowed in bacon (PHS/FDA 2001).

Nitrites are toxic if used in quantities higher than recommended; therefore caution should be used in their storage and use (PHS/FDA 2001). About 1 g or 14mg/kg body weight sodium nitrite is a lethal dose to an adult human (USDA FSIS 1997b). Mistakenly using sodium nitrite instead of NaCl in typical curing recipes can lead to a lethal dose of nitrite in the incorrectly cured product (Borchert and Cassens 1998). For this reason it is safer to purchase and use curing mixtures rather than pure nitrites (saltpeter).

The the entire document can be found here and is authoritative:

The thrill of home cured duck meat pales in comparison to the risk of botulism.

When you read the above excerpt carefully distinguish between the words Nitrate and Nitrite.

I wish you good luck and encourage you to be very, very careful.


Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

Hi Blondee,

I think you are ordering Prague powder #1 to air dry meat.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Air drying meat or curing meat that will not be cooked requires Prague powder #2
It's composition acts over a longer period of time and is specifically formulated for this purpose.

Yes you can do it with salt only, but only if you have an old Italian uncle who knows what he's doing and is willing to teach you how.

If you are planning on air drying/curing at a temperature of more then 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below 140 degree Fahrenheit, and you are not going to use Prague powder #2, do be very aware of the potential risk to your health.

Please keep us up to date on your progress.

craving danish

I don't have a recipe for you but here is a really great video on making danish.
If you're serious about making your own it's nice to see a pro baker in action.
10 years ago the techniques you could only learn after a horrid apprenticeship but thanks to youtube and the internet they are yours for the looking.

Does anyone have a recipe for Quebec City bagels? [moved from Quebec board]

As a native Quebecer, I gotta tell you I have never heard of a Quebec City bagel.
What you are describing sounds a lot like a Montreal bagel
If you ate them in restaurants, then there is a very good chance that they were delivered from Montreal only ninty minutes away and you were in fact eating a toasted Montreal bagel.

Jan 10, 2011
hanklin in Home Cooking

Good cheap snack/restaurant recommendations?

What neighborhood?
You can eat/snack for under $25.00 for the two of you in just about any food court in the malls of Montreal too.
Give us some more details on what you like don't like.
Hope your GF gets better soon.

Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

You want to do this duck breast how?
Air dried? Wet cure? Hot smoked? Cold smoked?
Makes a difference.

Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

Lem Products ship to Canada and Quebec specifically, with UPS residential service.
Keep in mind the small quantity which you are ordering is only enough for curing.

4 ounces of cure contains 7 grams of sodium nitrite.
Not enough to do anything but cure meat.

Also keep in mind that piles of this stuff are bought and sold in Quebec everyday to charcuterie makers all over the province.

There are no laws specifically prohibiting you from curing your own meat.
However there are laws specifiaclly proihibiting you from selling the home cured meat you made.

Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

I get it at Dicks Sporting Goods or Gander Mountain Sports In the Champlain Center in Plattsburgh NY.
Sold under the name of Backwoods - Lem Cure by Lem Products.

Step 1:
Read a lot about curing before you begin.
Step 2:
Go back and read some more about curing before you begin.

Pinksalt, Insta-Cure, Mortons Tender Quick, Prague Powder or Lem Cure only does a little of the job.
The art of curing is intricate and can be very time consuming for the home-maker.
Merely rubbing sodium nitrite on a piece of meat is not enough.

Proceed slowly and read and understand the directions for the cure you buy.
Never use more then the recommend amount.
Good Luck :)

Jukebox Burgers

I still can't get over the prices they are charging.
I haven't gone yet because when we go out to a restaurant it's a family thing and I just don't see myself blowing a $100.00 or more on burgers for the family.

So far I have spoken to 3 different people about their experience at Jukebox and all three began their review with the words "it's expensive".

So for the time being I am reserving my hundred dollar plus outings for restaurants that offer a better ambiance and a more refined meal.

Tell us some details. How was the bun? The toppings? Presentation? For a hundred bucks I expect my burgers to come with a dancing lady, a hula hoop show and a steak!

Recommendations for 4day Montreal+Quebec city trip

If your looking for Inuit food and cost is not an object check out the Kuujjuaq

P.O. Box 210
Kuujjuaq, Quebec
J0M 1C0
Tele: (819) 964-2943
Fax: (819) 964-2980

They would love to have you spend the night and you will not find food more authentic.
I know the timing is a little tight but if there's a will there is a way :)

Here is a link to the towns web site:

Oxtail in Montreal

Check out
Marche Arizona
4870 Sources blvd.
Dollard Des Ormeaux

They carry oxtail as well as other exotic cuts of meat.
The manager is also super friendly and will help you with whatever you need.

Jukebox Burgers

The restaurant was not in existence prior to this one.
How could they have named it after a customer if there were none?

I do agree however, that naming a menu item with a last name only, would have been more in keeping with the spirit of the place.

Like I said, it's just an incongurous name among all the famous names on the burger menu.

Jukebox Burgers

Probably not, but my name isn't on the menu among such luminaries as Beliveau and Elvis.
Just seems incongruous.

Jukebox Burgers

Never heard of him....

Jukebox Burgers

Who the heck is Rory Olsen?
I did a search but could not find him among the Beliveau's, Gleason's, Elvis's, Akroyd's and Onassis's of the world.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Anyone know anything about Mesayamis (not sure of the spelling) this is the resto that replaced La Sirene on the West Island. It's been open a little while now.

Jukebox Burgers

Why didn't you ask the price before you ordered?
Don't they have a menu and prices posted in the window or outside as is required?

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Can't say I am surprised La Sirene is gone.
I only ate there only once and it ranked as one of the top 3 worst restaurant meals of my life.

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

Yep, I drove past it this afternoon and it's gone.
It didn't last too long either.

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

The last time I heard a resto was closing early was at the krispy kreme in the parking lot of the marche du ouest..
A few months later it was gone.

where do the masses flock ?

Panama at 789 Jean-Talon West