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Have you tried Ambre on Decarie?

i had been to cafe orange once before and i don't remember what i had but it was good standard breakfast fare.. this last time my boyfriend and i both got omelets which were sloppy and completely unseasoned. we got the ones that come with a veloute and a bechamel sauce.. they were borderline inedible. I think it may have been an isolated incident as they were very busy, but i'll stick with the "Grubz" breakfast from now on. they mostly kept the same mesquite breakfast menu and it is just so spicy and flavourful! We actually had dinner there the other night, nachos, shrimp jambalaya, pulled pork and frozen key lime pie. All were pretty good (not perfect) but i did get the impression that the menu is still a work in progress. I love that they're going for less formal and less expensive. I can't wait to try their poutine as my boyfriend's pulled pork came with great hand-cut fries. their waitresses are all awesome just ask them for recommendations, they are very helpful!

Have you tried Ambre on Decarie?

sorry this reply is a little late but my boyfriend and I go there regularly for breakfast since it's the best we've found in the area. Cafe Orange (nearby and always really crowded for weekend brunch) was awful last time I went. I recommend the Ploughman's hash, it's homefries, chile sauce, bacon, ham sausage and 2 (perfect) poached eggs on top! We only went once for dinner and it was pretty pricey but decent food and great service.

ISO High-gluten flour in Montreal

thanks, I'll give Canadian bread flour a try and see how it goes!

ISO High-gluten flour in Montreal

I'm planning to try the cook's illustrated recipe for bagels and it calls for high-gluten flour. I haven't been able to find it at any grocery stores I've visited. Does anyone know of a store where I can get this, preferably in the westmount/ndg area?

Anyone seen any key limes in Montreal area

saw them at Quatre Freres on St laurent last week!

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Saporoso is my new favourite place to grab a quick bite in the Plateau. It does seem a bit pricey at first for a cafe, but that's because it has excellent restaurant-quality food! The first time I went I had the egg-pancetta croque-monsieur which was delicious accompanied by a perfect balsamic-dressed salad. I don't usually have dessert with breakfast but I couldn't resist trying the homemade tiramisu which turned out to be incredible. I went back for a quick take-out dinner with my boyfriend, we picked up the lasagna and a sausage-burger. The lasagna was amazing with homemade pasta, meat sauce, ricotta and roasted vegetables (HUGE portion for 12$!!) The sausage-burger (homemade, not roma burger) was topped with rapini and provolone with aioli dipping sauce, yum! Everything is homemade and authentically Italian. The menu changes daily so just ask the super-friendly staff what's fresh. I really hope they make it!

The best bar / pub grub

i love the "godfather nachos" at Cine Express (1926 Rue Sainte-catherine O)
they're available with chicken or beef and have peppers, olives and tons of melted cheese with sour cream and salsa on the side :D