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Columbus, Ohio - suggestions for Tgiving dinner, need to accommodate vegan relative, please help!

Had a great meal on Thanksgiving at McComick and Schmidts in Easton 2 years ago. They had a Thanksgiving special, and their regular menu. Not sure of the vegan options. I have to say the staff was amazing, and we were able to bring leftovers back to the hotel, where we had a small kitchen. Looking for a place this year, and will probably end up there again.
It is pricey.

Oct 03, 2012
ctjane in Great Lakes

Authentic turkey dinners and/or sandwiches anywhere?

Cypress Grill in Middletown CT has a good turkey dinner.

Jul 20, 2010
ctjane in Southern New England

cupcakes/bite size desserts Hartford Area

I need to bring bite size pastries and cupcakes for an event. I'm familiar with Franklin Ave, but are there any other bakeries around to get these type of items.

Good Seafood Restaurant in Central CT

We really enjoy Saybrook Fish in Rocky Hill. We prefer to sit in the bar area, because you can order off the bar menu, or the full menu. Sometimes the full menu is a little too much food. When we go we stick with the simpler menu items.

Apr 13, 2009
ctjane in Southern New England

Meatball Grinder in Middletown, CT?

The BEST sandwiches/grinders in Middletown are at SouthEnd Market, They are on South Main Street, where Mazzottas used to be.

Neon deli has some good sandwiches, but not there meatball grinders. Go to South End for a huge variety and everything is made on site.

If you are in Durham, Lino's has great sandwiches also.

Heveli (indian), 1300 south main, has a really good buffet at lunch time.

If you want spanish food, and are willing to make the 20 minute drive to Hartford, Costa Del Sol on Wethersfield ave, is very good.

Nov 26, 2008
ctjane in Southern New England

Pickles Deli, Glastonbury, CT

In Old Wethersfield there's the Main Street Creamery. During lunch hours they serve corned beef and pastrami. The gentleman who does this used to own Ruby's on Main Street in Middletown. I believe they have the sandwiches Monday-Saturday. I used to love Ruby's, and thought it was the closest I could get after growing up in New Jersey.
Of course nothing beats the real thing!

As far as local bread, the elmwood bakery in the elmwood section of West Hartford, has a pretty decent Rye Bread.

Oct 28, 2008
ctjane in Southern New England

Help-Real Gyros ANYWHERE in the New Haven area?!?!

If you're willing to travel 30 minutes north to Newington, there's a greek place named Cavos. Very small, limited menu but excellent Gyros, done on the spit. It's on the Berlin Turnpike.

In Hartford the first weekend in June, there is a greek festival at the church on Fairfield Avenue. They have the best greek food around!!

Hartford airport?

Heading down 91 towards Middletown, thai restaurant

Wethersfield/Rocky Hill exit down the Silas Deane. Then you can hop back on the highway to 91/Route 9 to get to Middletown.

There's plenty of places to eat in Middletown while you are at the conference.
Very casual, great food.

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Last year we stayed at the Latchis Hotel in Brattleboro Vt. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Newfane Inn.

We liked the Latchis, mainly for the location. Each one of us could walk around town at our own pace, or just hang out if we wanted. Mt. Snow is not a bad drive, if the weather is good for skiing/snowboarding. The hotel is old, but clean. The Newfane Inn was great for dinner, but it was pricey.

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

Mocon is closed. It's been replaced by the new Campus Center.

Jun 15, 2008
ctjane in Southern New England

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

All of these places are on Main Street:
Forbidden City has very different Chinese Food--went for lunch on Wed, and really enjoyed the food. Nice space also.
The North End of Main Street has Nikita, good bar, burgers and such.
Pho Mai--570 Main Street--nothing to look at, but the food is really good, and very reasonable.
Eli Cannons--great bar, great burgers.
Fiores--excellent italian--limited menu, but they do everything well.
Caribbean--near fiores--don't know the name, had lunch there a few times, very good, large portions, reasonably priced.
Personally, I think O'Rourkes is way over priced--but that's just me.
I would never eat at Harbor Park--definitely a place just for drinks on the river.
Jerry's pizza on 66 is the best, again nothing to look at, but excellent pizza.
Illiano's is good also.

You can easily walk from campus to Main Street.

Have fun.

Jun 13, 2008
ctjane in Southern New England

Eats for College Tour--U of Pitt, Case Western, OSU, Purdue

Thanks for all of the replys.
We're definitely looking for local, not high end--not this trip at least!
We'll have a car, and are staying at either the Glidden House or Residence Inn Downtown, in Cleveland.

Eats for College Tour--U of Pitt, Case Western, OSU, Purdue

We'll be on all of these campuses in April, staying at hotels as close to campus as possible.
We're not at all familiar with any of the areas, and will not have loads of time to explore. But, of course we will be wanting to attempt some local flavor near each school.

Also flying out of Indianapolis, so any decent dinner reservations near the airport would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Sheraton Hotel and Towers--Chicago Theater

Will be attending a conference, staying at Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Going to the Chicago Theater Monday night for a special show that ends at 9PM.

Have heard that we can walk to and from the theater.

Any good place to get a drink or some light snacks on our walk back to the hotel after the show??


Nov 01, 2007
ctjane in Chicago Area

Greater Hartford, Party of 8?

We went to this restaurant Saturday night.
Elisa On The Avenue in Glastonbury

They do not have round tables, but there is an area by the fireplace that would seat 8 at a rectangular table. You would not feel rushed, and it is a very homey atmosphere. I had a tilapia special which was very good.

Greater Hartford, Private Room Dinner for 15

Looking for a place to have dinner for 15 on a Saturday night. Would like a private room.

Any suggestions? Cuisine doesn't matter at this point.

Orlando recommendations?

If you rent a car, drive over to Celebration, it's kind of a weird little town, but we had a great italian meal at Cafe D'Antonio.

Jan 11, 2007
ctjane in Florida

Saturday Lunch in Wethersfield Ct?

There's a great Thai place on the Silas Deane Highway called Puket Cafe. It's right across the street from Wethersfield Shopping Plaza.

City Fish(also on the Silas Deane Highway) has great fried fish and chips--it's all takeout for now.

If you are into diner style food, Kens in Glastonbury.

Pazzo in Rocky Hill or Glastonbury has very good sandwiches and salads--although a bit noisy atmosphere.

Giovannis (Wethersfield or Glastonbury) has very good pizza.

For Hot Dogs, I prefer Roscos on Franklin Ave(not far from the Wethersfield line) in Hartford to Doogies.

I've heard good things about Semolina and Tribeca in Glastonbury--but have never eaten at either one.

Good cheese east-of-the-river? (Hartford, CT)

There is a Wild Raspberry in Cromwell, just off route 9, same plaza as AAA. The downtown west hartford store carries more of a selection than the Cromwell one, but still some pretty decent choices.

Thai Food Wethersfield CT

We ate at Puket Cafe on the Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield last night. The food was very good, quiet atmosphere. Had the spicy pad thai with shrimp, garlic beef and mango surprise. All fresh and really good flavor. Very reasonable.

It's right across the street from the Wethersfield Shopping Plaza.

Nashville Farmers Market

Can anyone tell me about the Market. We are going to have some free time on a Sunday, and was wondering what type of booths are available. Any restaurants in there?


Oct 26, 2006
ctjane in General South Archive

Dinner near Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

We're going to see a 7 o'clock show at ryman on a tuesday night. Any good places within walking distance--any cuisine? Not sure if we're going to eat before or after the show.

Oct 20, 2006
ctjane in General South Archive

Nashville Convention

I will be attending a convention in Nashville--early November. Staying at the Gaylord Opryland, and will be renting a car.

Looking for dinners Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed.
Sunday brunch.

Nothing too fancy & defintely no chains. I've done some research on these boards, not sure of the distances from the hotel, so if that info could be included in your responses, that would be a great help.

Also, as far as music downtown on sat and sunday, are there any sections of town I should stay away from?

Oct 17, 2006
ctjane in General South Archive

50th Anniversary Luncheon Near Westfield NJ

Thanks for the help. I too grew up there, and was surprised by the Westwood mention, I guess things change in 30 years!!! I guess they like Giovanna's in Plainfield, so I'll check that and the Westwood to see which works.

Oct 11, 2006
ctjane in Mid-Atlantic

50th Anniversary Luncheon Near Westfield NJ

My siblings and I want to host a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents next summer. We will have approx 75 guests, they live in Westfield, and we are all out of town. Any suggestions for a sit down lunch within an hours drive from Westfield?

Oct 10, 2006
ctjane in Mid-Atlantic

Sunday lunch, downtown Hartford

I think Joe Black's on Pratt Street is open on Sundays. We had dinner there last week, and thought the food and service were excellent. Interesting building.

Rosco's big dog--Hartford, CT

We were there this weekend, my son loves the slopdog. They are moving to the Front Street redevolpment--it was supposed to be this fall, but now they are saying this spring. I'm not happy, Franklin Ave is really easy to get to.

Goal International - Peruvian in Hartford CT

I saw a Peruvian place on Maple Ave in Hartford, near the corner of Broad Street last week, but I have not tried it yet.

Pattycakes (Wethersfield, CT).. opinions?

The bagels and breads are very good--don't care for the coffee.
The pastries are ok--not as good as Franklin Avenue spots. I think all of the baking is done in the Rocky Hill location, and delivered to Wethersfield during the day.
Their chocolate covered strawberries are excellent.