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Lunch near Tate modern? [London]

The restaurant at the top of the Tate is worth a try ... bit pretentious, but views stunning.

May 24, 2012
ShelleyCT in U.K./Ireland

What should he have done?

Sorry ddelicious, not a real answer, but surely commensense would be to bring the soup and salad at the same time? Nothing worse than watching people eat while you wait. But maybe there is a correct etiquette way to deal with this.

Oct 01, 2009
ShelleyCT in Not About Food

Do you cook w/ beer?

Welsh rarebit

Aug 24, 2009
ShelleyCT in General Topics

Guacamole -- What's in yours??

By no means a guacamole, but a really good avo dip:
Mashed up avo
Lemon juice
Salt, pepper
Crumbled feta

Try it.

May 28, 2009
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

How to complete this finger sandwich...


May 21, 2009
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

Cape Town-3 nights

I'm a Capetonian ... and think that you can eat out well in Cape Town without spending a fortune.
I'd send you to both Bizerca and Bukhara, but would probably give Sevruga a miss - over-rated. Try Riboville in the centre of town. Haven't been to Aubergine for a long time, but they do maintain high standards.
There's also Wakame, near to the Waterfront - pre-dinner drinks upstairs would go down well.
If you head out to the Winelands, do try Terroir in Stellenbosch and Rueben's in Franschhoek.
This Top 10 list includes a few Cape Town spots worth trying:


I can highly recommed Reuben's, on the main road of Franschhoek. Take a look here:

Substitute for Black Mustard Seeds in Indian Cooking?

Don't think it will be a problem to replace with the others. The black ones are a bit hotter, though.

Jan 29, 2009
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

Sushi and Avocado

Not unique to the US at all. May not be used in Japan, but here in South Africa the avo/sushi combo is very popular, and in the UK.

Dec 17, 2008
ShelleyCT in General Topics

Recommendations for solo dining in Cape Town, Winelands and Garden Route

Two websites: - not really reviews, but plenty of restaurant overviews with their menus
Both categorise restaurants by region - so you can search by the areas you're visiting.
Can highly recommend Reuben's.

The Wine Bar: The Most Significant Restaurant Genre of this Decade?

Agree with Maximilien on this one ...

Feb 20, 2008
ShelleyCT in Not About Food

"Musts" in Stellenbosch

Hi there

Can definitely second Terroir.
At Spier Wine Estate, there's Moyo - a really good experience, beyond the food.
If you do make it to Franschhoek, try Reuben's.
You'll need to make reservations at all the above, I would think.

beef stew and...

Warm crusty bread ...
Couscous ...

May 22, 2007
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

Cape Town

Bad news is that Madam Zingara had a kitchen fire a couple of months ago and is currently not open. As far as I know, they are going to reopen.

Updated report on dining in Cape Town

Plenty to choose from in Cape Town - from 'cheap and cheerful' to expensive.
New additions on the 'fine dining' scene are Jardine and The Showroom. Both in the city.
Also in the city are Five Flies and Bukhara.
For African food, try The Africa Cafe.
Close to the city are Wakame in Mouille Point, Capella in Green Point.
Try get out to the winelands. Try Haute Cabriere, Bread and Wine and La Petit Ferme - all in Franschhoek.
Moyo in Stellenbosch is a great experience. African buffet, outdoors, music, dancers.
The website should give you some information on most of those mentioned.
About the taxis ... I wouldn't recommend that you take a mini-taxi (seats about 10 people). But the normal sedan taxis are fine.

What’s your favourite combination for a grilled sandwich?

Bacon, tomato, cheese and mayo.
Cheese, onion, tomato - plenty salt and pepper.

Oct 24, 2006
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

RAVIOLI = LASAGNA Is this possible?

Why not? That's the joy of pasta - you can't really go wrong, can you?

Sep 15, 2006
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

Favorite flavored potato chips? Probably not Coney Island Hot Dog with Mustard

Salt and vinegar with an avo, cilantro and feta cheese dip. Delicious!

Sep 14, 2006
ShelleyCT in General Topics

Recommended Indian cookbook?

A good one for Indian cooking beginners is 'The Food of India' (Murdoch Books):

The recipes are relatively easy, a bit labour intensive if you're doing a full-on Indian meal, but well worth it.

Sep 13, 2006
ShelleyCT in Home Cooking

What to do as a Single Diner

Thanks Velma - very good idea. I tend to dump at the hotel all the free lit I've collected during the day before heading out to dinner. I'll take it along next time I'm travelling alone.

Aug 21, 2006
ShelleyCT in Not About Food

Useless clutter?

An avocado slicer that was given to me. It's useless as it presumes that all avos are the same size! Unless I'm not using it properly?

Aug 18, 2006
ShelleyCT in Cookware

Cape Town

Hi RBCal

Here's a good site to look for Cape Town restaurants: - gives you the menus and prices.

Some other suggestions:
Col'cacchio - great pizza - walking distance from the Waterfront (behind The Holida Inn at the bottom of Buitengracht).
Nona Lina - in an area called Gardens (you'd have to get a taxi). Nice neighbourhood Italian.
Five Flies - well worth it. And they often run winter specials (
)Dunes - in Hout Bay. Quite a bit out of your way, but great sea views and relaxed atmosphere. Have the mussels.
Willoughby's - at the V&A Waterfront. Seafood and sushi - really good.
Bukhara - in the CBD, Church Street. Have to agree 100% with previous postings. Brilliant North Indian food, and I've been to India.
Ginja - international fusion, I suppose. In Castle Street of CBD, which is close to Green Point.
Madam Zingara - eclectic. In the CBD, Loop Street.
Also visit the Cape Quarter in Green Point - various restaurants, nice out-door vibe if the weather is good.

Hope that all helps