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The Gothic, Belfast, ME

We ate at the Gothic a little over a month ago. The food was sublime and the service excellent. We live in Belfast and will be trying lunch there soon. Highly recommended.

Reco's for Midcoast Maine

Another great place, in Belfast, is The Gothic. New this summer, the food is sublime and in the same class as Primo.

Belfast, Maine. Delvino's Grill & Pasta House

We live in Belfast and eat at Delvino's whenever we can. We have had wonderful meals there -- ribeye on lobster ravioli, eggplant parm sandwich, lady wasabi salad and on. Good food every time in a delightful place. And the owners are about to open a new place on High St. In Belfast, La Vida, which will have a Latin focus.

Good Chinese restaurants in Maine?

Hu Shang was marvelous. But tough for a restaurant to survive after the owner is deported.

Good Chinese restaurants in Maine?

That said, I am 2 hours downeast of Portland, so I am not likely to go there for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I used to enjoy Imperial China. These days, I am looking at the midcoast area though.

Good Chinese restaurants in Maine?

I used to live in Portland. The Chinese restaurants around here only sometimes rise to the level of Jan Mee on St. John St or Valley on Forest Avenue, if that gives you an idea of what we have.

Good Chinese restaurants in Maine?

We live in Belfast and are hoping that somewhere outside of Greater Portland, there is a Chinese restaurant worth going to. There isn't in our town.