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Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

Completely disagree on Tangerine. The decor is nice I think that throws everyone off. The food has no flavour. I ordered garlic chicken, although it was covered in minced garlic pieces - it had no garlic taste! The place obviously uses minced garlic from a jar. I cook better than that at home.

Tangerine Asian Cuisine
7690 Markham Rd, Markham, ON L3S4S1, CA

Healthy Butter That Actually Tastes Good

The land o lake spreadable butters in general don't taste that good, I don't know why. When on the east coast, I used to get Olivio, which was great. Here on the west coast, I get Challenge brand spreadable butter with canola oil, it tastes great.

Jun 09, 2009
dvkrani in Features

canadian food gifts for US visit

I used to not declare things like chips and cookies, until I inadvertantely mentioned it to a customs agent and he had it out with me for not declaring it. Something about how if I did not declare all food items (he pointed to where it says "food" on the form) it was called smuggling and I could be charged with it or something. Ok he was obviously having a bad day, but still every since then, I declare each and every item of food and carry receipts. Raw meat, produce and I believe dairy products are not allowed. Processed meat is fine.

canadian food gifts for US visit

I live in LA and I visit Toronto quite often, and each time leave tons of room in my suitcase to bring back all my favorites. Here is the stuff I bring back:
PC Decadent cookies - nothing comes close to these cookies
PC exotic flavors chips - these are a new item, I get szechuan and general tao - wrap these in clothes or towels and they travel just fine
Ketchup chips - same as above
Crumpets - you do not get these in the states! My favorite - PC brand
Hickory Sticks
Flamingo butter tarts - I get a huge box and surround it in clothes - it has travelled fairly well for me
Tea - I get salada but red rose is good too - the tea bags are much stronger in canada
Crunchie, Aero, Coffee crisp
Foie gras - really hard to get here. I buy it the day I'm travelling, and it stays cold in the cargo compartment of the plane
PC Naan bread
Anything PC brand really..
I have lots more but this list is probably getting kind of long. Mmmm...can't wait for my next trip to TO!
ps. Also ice wine!! Almost impossible and extremely expensive to get here.

New York Pizza

You get amazing variety in pizza in TO. It's something I really miss. Tandoori chicken pizza, bbq sauce pizza from the local delivery chain...I would say Mama's plain cheese pizza comes pretty close to what I used to get in NY when I lived there.

"Celeb" restaurants for older people

Thanks for the suggestions. I might check out madeo after all. Spago and Dan tana's sound good too. I think I'll rule out Il sole, thanks for that cls.

Jan 26, 2009
dvkrani in Los Angeles Area

"Celeb" restaurants for older people

Hello everyone,
I read this site quite often but have never registered or posted here before. I have a question to ask which I have seen similar posts to, but not quite what I'm looking for. My question is: my parents are coming to town. They are in their late 50s, and love celebrity culture and read us weekly and people and watch the oscars like the best of them. However, they are asian immigrants and still kind of old-fashioned and would really not fit in that well into the celeb restaurant scene. Where can I take them, that has the celeb quotient but is maybe for older people where they wouldn't feel too out of place at? I looked into Madeo however it seems more for industry types, although I've never been there. What about Il sole? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jan 26, 2009
dvkrani in Los Angeles Area