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Best Bagels around New Haven?

I've been searching for anywhere in Hamden with good bagels so I just tried the coffee shop in Best Videos, and in their display case it said that the bagels were from Bruegger's.

Shrimp heads in Hamden/New Haven

I recently moved to Hamden from Stamford & I have been craving shrimp heads really bad lately, but I can't find anywhere up here that sells them! I called all of the large grocery stores & some fish markets, but no one has them...
I've been trying to check out some of the asian markets, but I keep getting lost. Hopefully I'll find them soon, but until then...
Does anyone know of anywhere that I could get some raw head-on shrimp?

Food and Wine Festival Events

I've never been to one before, but I'm planning on going to the one in Atlantic City this summer. There are so many events that I don't know what ones I should buy tickets for! If anyone has been to a F&W festival before, do you guys have any suggestions?

Right now I'm trying to just pick 2 out of Mixology Magic, DaVino Code, Grand Market, Dim Sum Brunch, Super Suds Tasting, & the Wine Down Art Show.

Apr 18, 2010
beccabones in Food Media & News

Authentic Southeast Asian restaurant needed.. - New Haven, CT

So, I have just started going to SCSU & am new to New Haven. For one of my classes I need to write a review on a Southeast Asian restaurant. Easy, right? There's plenty of places in New Haven I thought.. but now I can't decide! Plus I'm on a student's budget so I can't afford to try them all (although I would love to!).

Does anyone have any suggestions on where is most authentic or has amazing food?

Little Budda in Stamford??

Their cauliflower manchurian & vegetable hot oil dumplings are really good.. I order them every time I go

How About A New What Are You Drinking ?

I am recently of legal drinking age & i just discovered Lambic beers. Oh man, I don't know how I lived thinking that all beers we're best chugged!

Oct 13, 2009
beccabones in Wine

Plateau, Stamford

I've been meaning to try it, but haven't had a chance.
They now have a sushi menu, it's less expensive than Duo, but hopefully just as good


It's more like 30 miles away, but World of Taste in the Bronx is the best Vietnamese I've been able to find close to Stamford.

Pho Saigon No. 1
2614 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10468

College Cooks Gone Wild!

I loveee this article.
I'm a college student myself, and i have definitely resorted to making ceviches in my mini fridge & I couldn't live without my rice cooker.

Sep 18, 2009
beccabones in Features

Food Tours/ Culinary School in Thailand

I really want to do a food tour or attend a culinary school in southeast asia. I found a company named Global Taste that has a 3 week or 6 week course in Bangkok and was wondering if anyone has used them before or knows of any other food related tour groups in the area.

Anthony Bourdain vs Alice Waters

I have yet to see the episode, but I feel like Toni always has something negative to say about someone or something., I love his show & books, but if something doesn't have the Toni Bourdain stamp of approval he has no bones about letting everyone know.

Aug 16, 2009
beccabones in Food Media & News

A helpful tool for alcohol consumption

haha lies!
I have drank more than that & survived!

that's a fun gadget though

Aug 13, 2009
beccabones in Spirits

3 days in Savannah

I agree on skipping Paula Dean's.. after standing in line for 4 hours in the heat & being fairly disappointed in the food and atmosphere. Everyone I went with will not go back.
I would definitely hit the River Walk for breakfast though... plenty of great places.

Aug 11, 2009
beccabones in Southeast

Where can I find the best Japanese food in Westchester or Fairfield county?

Kiku in Stamford has definitely stole my heart in the sushi department without having to go into the city.

Kiku Sushi Japanese Cuisine
1074 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907

Oh Boy Stamford...BIG NEWS!

ahh! I have to drive by it everyday on my way to work, I cannot wait!!!!

Uncle Dai's in Stamford.. open/closed?

They have had signs saying they've been remodeling for months.. Does anyone know if/when they're reopening? They changed the name, but the signs are still up & the tape machine says that their only remodeling.

I would loooove any information cos' they have the best vegetarian sesame 'chicken' & scallion pancakes that i have ever found in CT!

Ginger Dumpling House- Darien

I drove by it the other day., If it's what I think you're talking about the name is Wild Ginger.. I have yet to try it, but would love some reviews as well!

Salad in Stamford, CT?

Sergio's & 19th Hole have really good salads. Simple, but good.

Sergio's Pizza Restaurant
985 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Zody's 19th Hole
451 Stillwater Rd, Stamford, CT

Looking for great sushi in Stamford area

Definitally try Kiku up on Hope St. & Duo downtown., Duo is more expensive, but both use wayy fresher fish & better presentation than Dynasty.

Duo Euro-Japanese
25 Bank St, Stamford, CT 06901

Kiku Sushi Japanese Cuisine
1074 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907

new studies about vegetarians - moved from General Chowhounding board

I agree with MGZ's response.
Also, I know that when I turned veg I had a lot of people trying to debate with me over animal cruelty&health issues, so I was constantly researching and reading current articles relating to it. The research and debates always seemed to benefit my study habits and grades in high school.
The constant reading of ingredient labels have probablly, in some way, helped too.

Jun 03, 2009
beccabones in Not About Food

Favorite recipe for hookah?

this sounds like the most fun recipe yet.

Apr 28, 2009
beccabones in Home Cooking

Favorite recipe for hookah?

no I don't.. I've been considering getting one for a while.
This might just be the perfect excuse.

Apr 28, 2009
beccabones in Home Cooking

Favorite recipe for hookah?

Wow, all of these sound great. Thanks for the input!

Apr 28, 2009
beccabones in Home Cooking

Are biodynamic foods vegetarian?

I think, that if someone is choosing to be a vegan/vegatarian for the animals sake, & not only the health & environmental aspects, then if any of thier food, grooming products or clothing uses animal products or is made up of murdered animal carcas.... then they probablly should avoid it.

Apr 27, 2009
beccabones in General Topics

Favorite recipe for hookah?

I recently bought a hookah & I want some good dishes to serve when I have people over for hookah.
I'm basically a vegan that eats fish & all that I can think of to make right now is hummus & tea.
I've never been to a hookah bar (sad, I know), so I don't know what they would normally serve... anyone have any good ideas?

Apr 27, 2009
beccabones in Home Cooking

Is anyone looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Boca?

I second on Uncle Tai's.

What natural food would you change if you could?

Yes! easy shrimp
& oysters that gladly open without having to be shucked.

Apr 25, 2009
beccabones in General Topics

National Garlic Day!

Wow, I never knew there was such a day! I'm so excited nowww.. I already started some Canh Chua Ca.

Apr 19, 2009
beccabones in General Topics

what kind of snack at 11pm

Peanutbutter & Nutella.
No bread, just with a spoon.

Apr 17, 2009
beccabones in General Topics

How do you make old-fashioned popcorn in a covered pan or pot?

I agree with your recipe. I've never measured the oil:kernel ratio, I'd just make sure it was enough to cover the bottom of the pan.. Just eye it., I don't think they really ever used measuring cups in the olden days anyway.

Apr 17, 2009
beccabones in Home Cooking