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Harbord Room - mixed experience

Sorry to hear you had a bad time! I had a great experience going for just the burger, side of fries and bitter chocolate tart! Indeed the mayo/ketchup is yummy!

Student Foodies' Toronto Weekend

don't forget Mother's dumplings, veal sandwich at Mustachio's (St Lawrence market), possibly Sidecar (easy on the wallet on weekdays), Negroni, possibly Utopia Cafe, Manpuku (unless you are from Japan), Pizza Libretto!

Eating London?

Blue Ginger was pretty decent for the 22 dollar prix fixe at the time (appetizer, main and dessert)
Bakarat for the shwarma
Went to an all you can eat sushi place.. I forget the name but it was on Richmond street, wasn't too impressed but it wasn't TERRIBLE
I liked "On the Fork" for their tapas
Went to Bertoldi's and while their pizza/pasta was decent (pizza was probably too small though) their salad had old not fresh lettuce (was turning pink)
Had a great experience at Tasting Room - seared Ahi tuna, coconut lobster lollipops, crab cakes and trio of mini burgers are the appetizers I recommend!!

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

Thanks for the reco as my fiance and I went there the other night - I had the bim bim bap which was pretty good it had the crispy rice that is characteristic of stone bowl cooking and fiance had the chodang tofu. While the chodang didn't have much meat the tofu was delicious and it would be the ideal meal for a cold winter night. Starter dishes were great - enjoyed the kimchi especially and the super fresh tofu.

Uhockey reviews Lai Wah Heen

Great review, I will def have to check it out. Thanks uhockey!

Zio supper club - TERRIBLE experience

Haha there is no membership. We had to go there because the birthday girl couldn't find anywhere else that had availability on a Saturday night!

Zio supper club - TERRIBLE experience

I went to a birthday party last night a Zio supper club in Richmond Hill (on York st, near East beaver creek) it was absolutely terrible! There were 20 of us.. and everyone arrived at 800. The waitress was super annoying, kept yakking away and didn't inform me that the "sonofabitch pinot noir" that I ordered wasnt available and gave me another pinot noir. Not only that she took her sweet time getting drinks and was very slow on taking the orders (took her about 30 minutes for her to get around to ordering after we sat down)

Zio had a prix fixe special for $23- I ordered the mixed green salads and my friends ordered the pork spring roll/soup or the salmon. The waitress came out with the salmon first.. then 7 minutes later (without telling us) she came with the pork spring rolls for everyone who ordered them... then 15 minutes later (didn't notify us again of the delay) she came out with the salad for me... then TWENTY minutes later she came out with the soup. Utterly ridiculous! Not to mention that it was about 915 when these appetizers came out A WHOLE HOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES after we got seated.

The salad wasn't terrible but it certainly had way too many onions in it! My breath was not too happy afterward.

THE MOST RIDICULOUS part was how long we had to wait for the mains.. it was about 1030 before any mains came out - the lamb shank came out first - it was the smallest plate I had ever seen! It consisted of a spoonful of mashed potatos, MICROWAVED FROZEN GREEN GIANT VEGETABLES and one small lamb shank. The plates were incredibly inconsistent - some lambs were larger than others. My 'mixed grill' came out fifteen minutes after the lambs came out - I was lucky that my plate was cooked but many people who got the same thing had pork that was RED at the center and fries that were soggy and practically raw potatoes. We all were lucky enough to have the same microwaved green giant frozen vegetables on our plate as well. Lastly the pasta came out for my friend a whole 15 minutes later and it tasted lilke flour and water - my zero calorie alfredo sauce had more kick than what they used!

We got so fed up with the bad food and the waiting we asked for our bill before dessert came out! THE MOST LUdICROUS part was that we had to pay 15% tip for the worst service/food in the world. There was no way we were gonna stay till midnight to get our dessert.

Lastly the restaurant was completely EMPTY except for our group so I have no idea why it took them HOURS to pump out mains and appetizers with such a huge delay between each dish. Another thing I am confuzzled by is if they have a prix fixe with only a few dishes to prepare why did it take them so long to make it?


Splendido, Amuse Bouche, George, or somewhere else?

Hey uhockey

I didn't post my review yet but I went to Splendido very recently and it was amazing! The service is still up to par, however the tables are very close together. I requested a special table when reserving as it was my 2 year anniversary with my fiance, and ended up getting a 4 person table for just the two of us away from the crowds!

We shared the charcuterie plate which was excellent, fiance had the boudin noir pork dish where the pork was extremely moist and well accompanied by the corn succotash. I chose the lobster risotto which was extremely creamy and the lobster was perfectly poached in butter. For dessert I definitely recommend the chocolate pot de creme, it is heaven on a dish. We managed to get by with a bottle of wine for $250 which is amazing!

Torontonian visting Manhattan!

Hello! We do have some good Italian restaurants - Via Allegro

I am staying near City Hall, in the Financial District, on Nassau street. From what I see on google maps it looks pretty close to a subway?

Oct 02, 2009
Muffin__Top in Manhattan

Your top cheap eats

Butterfly Bakery on Dundas
Mother's dumplings!
IKEA.... ehehehhehhe

Torontonian visting Manhattan!

Thanks guys, I will have a ex pat Canadian with me so hopefully I will be able to navigate that nightmare of a subway system map. Seriously have you seen Toronto's? Our subway system is literally 1/20th the size!!

I have had amazing Chinese food up here in Markham so I definitely don't need that in NY!
Thanks guys for the suggestions!

Oct 01, 2009
Muffin__Top in Manhattan

Torontonian visting Manhattan!

Hi Ruth! Thanks for the reply! I am looking to spend maybe $30 (CDN??) on dinner and $20 on lunch. I believe the exchange rate is about .93 lately so not too bad!

Oct 01, 2009
Muffin__Top in Manhattan

Torontonian visting Manhattan!

Hi everyone,

I am staying near Broadway and Park Row in Manhattan for next Columbus day weekend. Any suggestions on food around there? In Toronto we are lacking quality sushi so I would like to know your opinions!!

Also I just graduated from Uni so my budget is not unlimited LOL =) I have also never been to NYC so I would normally have searched this board but my NY geography knowledge is poor.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Oct 01, 2009
Muffin__Top in Manhattan

Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, St. Jacob's and area

Are you talking about Pho Dau Bo?!

What's good at Woodbine and Danforth?


UFC 100 tonight - Good place to watch downtown?

Honestly I just bought the PPV for UFC 100 knowing that it was way too popular with GSP in the mix and all the bars would be crowded

Fresh invite to CB

Meal looks amazing but alas.. I don't have 170 dollars to spend *cry*

Opinion on Trevor Kitchen & Bar?

Hey I went there last year and it was pretty good. I had the sucking pig which was an extremely rich dish and very satisfying.

Anybody go to Truffles lately?

I know some people posted bad reviews on Truffles recently, but now they have a 3 course menu for $49

which seems like a great deal and a chance for me to try the restaurant. So... should I go?

Toronto Night Market ---> Night It Up! night market??

Yeah maybe!! I heard its really expensive though?

Help - forced to eat at Spring Rolls! Is there ANYTHING decent there?

I third the mango salad.. it was pretty decent.. the mangos were pretty fresh with some light fish sauce dressing

The skewers were a bit dry.. but whatever WAY better than anything else SR has to offer =D

Thee Asian Kitchen - Anyone been lately?

It's "tolerable" as in "edible"

I had a huge variety of dishes cause I was in a group of 20...the best is probably the stir fry shrimp...sushi was extremely mediocre...stay away from the noodle dishes!

Romantic Mid Price Resteraunts TO

Nota bene

Church St. - Sakura Karsai?

Kaiseki Sakura?

Thee Asian Kitchen - Anyone been lately?

Yeah still sucks.

What happened to Massimo's Pizza ??

I have never liked Massimo's.. then again I went after R. Makeover

Stockyards BBQ gave it a perfect review!

Summerlicious 2009

Seriously, they just want something that is easy and fast to cook! I'm gonna have to pass this year.

Summerlicious 2009

Steak, pasta, salmon or chicken

boo urns

Ginza sushi - ramen

Ugh I used to go to the one at Finch and Bayview/Leslie. The sushi is really bad, super unfresh.