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Waterside restaurant Jupiter to Palm Beach

By Waterside do you mean Waterway Cafe? That's all I could find.

We have been to 3800 Ocean a couple of years - lovely setting, ok food for the price.

On the night out without the kids we have a reservation for Kitchen but I am thinking about trying to do a walk-in at Buccan which I've never been to - thoughts?

Waterside restaurant Jupiter to Palm Beach

Hi all,

I am headed to Singer Island from Fort Lauderdale this weekend and am looking for somewhere with good food and a great view. Could be for lunch with the kids or dinner without them!

I read about Guanabanas but am wondering what other good options are out there?

Infant friendly restaurants

Most restaurants are going to be fine as we are pretty casual in south Florida. What sort of restaurants are you looking for?

Where do the locals eat in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

That should be Kitchenetta for Italian.

Also Rocco's Tacos is a Mexican hotspot - consistently busy

Where do the locals eat in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

High end: Lobster Bar (steak and seafood)

Lively / night out: Yolo

Casual: Coconuts

Brunch: Steak 954

Breakfast: Anglins Cafe

Italian: Kitchetta

Pizza: D'Angelo's Pizza

Burger: Rok:Brg or BurgerFi

Food truck: Nacho Bizness

Bbq: Red Cow

View: Pelican Landing (casual)

Sandwich: Gran Forno

Best bang for buck on Las Olas: Caffe Europa

Not gourmet but decent options for that strange combo of sushi and Thai: Sky Thai Sushi / Asia Bay


Nacho Bizness is a food truck that does amazing Cali style tacos. Check their Facebook page for locations on specific days but they are normally in dowtown Ft Lauderdale Wednesday and Friday lunch 1 block north of Las Olas in the parking lot behind the Bank of America building.

Best barbecue in Broward?

Red Cow on the bend of Sunrise and US1.

anything new in past year for pescatarian 45 min radius of plantation?

Lobster Bar Sea Grille is probably the best all round restaurant in FLL right now.

suggestions for best restaurants in or very near Fort Lauderdale

1) Lobster Bar Sea Grille (overall best IMHO)
2) Casa D'Angelo
3) Market 17
4) Grille 66 (on the intracoastal)
5) Valentino's Cucina

1) Kitchenetta
2) Yolo (same as S3 but not on beach but with better atmosphere - biggest 'scene' in Fort Lauderdale )

1) Coconuts (intracoastal)
2) Rok Brgr

1 night with the missus - Piora or ABC Cocina

Yes, I have reservations at both.
I originally leaned towards Piora, but initially couldn't get a reservation there so managed to get one at ABC Cocina, but now have at both.


Nov 19, 2013
mrmagee in Manhattan

1 night with the missus - Piora or ABC Cocina

I'll be in NYC for 1 night and bringing my wife along with me (leaving the kids behind for the first time). We have a little over 24hrs in the city and I feel like I am doing our own version of the Layover :)

We are staying in the east 50s but I will have meetings downtown. Our plan is:lunch day 1 at Red Farm (UWS) and lunch day 2 at Ma Peche.

For dinner we are trying to choose between Piora and ABC Cocina.
We are early 30s, looking for a romantic date night with great food, but also a buzzy NY atmosphere. We are not great at sharing because she doesn't eat meat (she does eat fish) and I am gluten and dairy free (both options can accommodate me) :(

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Nov 19, 2013
mrmagee in Manhattan

Kosher Caterer for Thanksgiving?

Aroma in cooper city

Fort Lauderdale

Was near empty at 8pm tonight and most places on Las Olas were busy.

romantic dinner in fort lauderdale for tonight

Grille 66 at the Hyatt. Great food and service, with a fantastic waterside setting.

Looking for a romantic dinner in SoBe

so we ended up trying to decide between the Dutch and Makato. Ended up at the former, in the garden. Pretty romantic. Service was excellent, but not so much the food, which was good but I guess i was expecting more.

Yellotail crudo to start was ok, but the watermelon definitely overpowered the fish.

Lamd pappardelle was fine.

Banana cream pie was good, but not as good as I was expecting, and I love most banana desserts.

Maybe it was high expectations going in, but while we had good meal, I wouldn't rush back at those prices.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Looking for a romantic dinner in SoBe

been and didn't get the hype.

wow, feel like I am being super picky!

Looking for a romantic dinner in SoBe

Was thinking about it for lunch (which I did in Vegas and it was great), but probably too hard with the little kids, and makes dinner seem even more expensive!

Looking for a romantic dinner in SoBe

Looks great, think will book it for one of the nights with friends. Looking for something a bit 'sexier' / romantic for the date night ;)

Looking for a romantic dinner in SoBe

What we live in Fort Lauderdale, we are having a little staycation in Miami Beach. Going to Pubbelly Sushi, Bazaar and Yardbird with friends, but am looking for somewhere romantic for just me and the mrs. Previous 'date' nights include Casa Tua, Hakkasan, Scarpetta but looking for a new option please.

Nice Dinner in Ft. Lauderdale for Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Roccos Tacos or Royal Pig (they can do a large group outside).

Dine Out Lauderdale 2012 menus?

In my opinion the two best options are Grille 66 and Cafe Maxx.

Some people like Johnny V, and there menu is a good deal, but I don't really care for the food.

Market 17 is a great restaurant and their DO menu looks pretty good value, but have not tried it.

Dine Out Lauderdale 2012 menus?

Had my first Dine Out meal last Thursday at Grille 66 at the Hyatt Pier 66.

They did not offer the DO menu - we had to ask, which was disappointing. From there though things were really excellent. The setting is fantastic - we sat outside overlooking the intra-coastal. We all ordered off the DO menu - like Spice, you order all 3 courses at the same time. Three people got salads - all seemed happy, and two of us got the seared tuna. It was delicious - came with julianned veg and something that tasted like a prawn cracked.

Mains were split between the salmon for the non-meat eaters - which were good but nit spectacular, and the 8oz filet, accompanied by mushrooms and mash. The steak was a bigger portion than at Bourbon Steak, and my dad absolutely loved it. Although tender and delicious, it did not blow me away like the Spice filet at Bourbon Steak.

Desserts were ok, key lime pie was the favorite, chocolate mousse was good but a bit rich to eat the whole thing and cheesecake was good but fairly standard (and apparently not as good as Cheesecake Factory).

I should also add that we extra cheaped-out by bringing two bottles of wine with us (we were actually celebrating and they were a gift for the occasion), but I did not feel so bad as the corkage was $25 per bottle, plus service and tax.

Overall, an excellent Dine Out experience, and great value for money. The setting is as good as it gets (and quiet for those that prefer it) and the service as you would expect from a top steakhouse.

Now that it's over,which Miami spice meals did you think we're best?What changes to the program would you recommend?

Bourbon Steak was also the only meal I did on spice this year. Fantastic food, great service, and although the portions were not massive we were all full at the end of the meal. Cannot wait to do that one again next year.

Miami Spice 2012 Edition

After a difficult start at Bourbon Steak - seated at 9.10 despite an 8.30 reservation - the entire experience was fantastic. For seating us late we were each offered a glass of bubbly, and a another nice touch - I was given a birthday letter (despite not telling them it was my birthday). We ordered off the Spice menu - portions were not massive but each of us was totally full after the meal. The ahi tuna and the beef carpaccio appetizers were ok, but the corn ravioli was spectacular. My wife got the grilled cobia, which she thought was delicious and the rest of us got the new york strip. It was absolutely delicious, with a perfect char and perfectly tender. Overall, a fantastic meal which I am still dreaming about.

Bachelorette Party June 2nd in Ft. Lauderdale

Tatu at the Hard Rock. Good asian style food (not great), great atmosphere, and great semi-private options for groups.

Fort Lauderdale for 2 nights

Bit more info would be useful: where are u staying, where are u from, what do u like/dislike, what sort of price point?

Looking for an exhibition kitchen alternative to Boulevard.

thanks for the suggestions so far. What sort of crowd is Old Joe's?

I am actually not staying in the city and have a rental car, so any part of the city is ok.

Looking for an exhibition kitchen alternative to Boulevard.

HI all,

I am in town for a couple of nights by myself and looking for a restaurant to dine alone in. I often go to Boulevard as I really enjoy sitting at the bar by exhibition kitchen and watching the chefs do their work, but I would prefer try somewhere different, maybe not as stuffy. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Pre theatre in FLL (near BCPA optional)

If you are not looking for something fancy, Rok Brgr is a great spot, and much better than Tarpon Bend. Excellent burgers, good apps, nice atmosphere.

Pre theatre in FLL (near BCPA optional)

Although I think M17 has some of the best food in the area, it is a bit further than I would want to be from the theater. PL8 is ok, but nothing special. Yolo has a great ambiance, but food is also nothing special. What kind of food are you looking for?