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Gazpacho in a milk carton - idea for Trader Joe's or... whoever will do it

I'm thinking import the recipe, not the product. I ate some Trader Joe's gazpacho today and I think American Gazpacho's have either to much tomato or maybe they are using canned tomatoes. Also I do think the rind of the American cucumbers is too tough and makes it bitter. Yes I can make it myself but I am trying to identify why a packaged product in France tasted so satisfying while most restaurants here don't make one as good as that.

Meanwhile I wish someone here would make one like the one we had in France as it is a great thing to be able to buy and take on a picnic.

Jun 29, 2010
Chiotgourmand in General Topics

Boston's Best Authentic Mexican/Tex Mex

Yelp is my best resource for Mexican. Taqueria el Amigo I like the chicken tacos the best Can get small soft tacos with onion and cilantro. Good salsa. The best chips in town are the XOCHITL brand in white and blue. Whole foods is copying the packaging but their chip is not the same so be sure to let them know you want the real thing and not their copy as they often copy and try to replace popular products with an inferior copy.

We do have Chipotle Grill here now for a hit of Mexican. I absolutely love their salad drressing. I wish I know how to make it. It's the best. Try the salad and at home you can eat it with some of the Guacamole and XOCHITL chips!

For a frozen margarita the best I know is to take a small can of limeade and put in a blender with (I think I remember) 2 measures of water and one of tequila, then maybe 1/2 measure of triple sec add ice and blend, squeeze in some fresh lime.

You can buy all the fixins at Anna's Taqueria and let friends assemble their own tacos at home. Their price for the ingredients is very reasonable. Then you can heat your own tortillas on a hot griddle nice and fresh.

Not sure about the water quantity, maybe skip the water and lots of ice. It must be time to make them again so I don't forget.

Tortillas/GOOD Mexican food in either Cambridge or Malden?

There are some little stores in Waltham. La Dispensa Popular on Lexington St near where it meets Main St. across from the parking lot entrance, or another store on Moody St. and there is another on Main not far from Moody St., I also buy the corn ones from Cinco de Mayo brand. For flour I just don't know.

The best local flatbread is the one made by the Armenians with stores on Mt. Auburn St. in Watertown.

Gazpacho in a milk carton - idea for Trader Joe's or... whoever will do it

I know a lot of Chowhounders will say yuck... but I was in France recently and we went on a picnic and someone brought along gazpacho in a carton. We had gazpacho shots! It was wonderful and refreshing. Unfortunately gazpacho this side of the atlantic is usually not that great. Usually it is too chunky and on the bitter side. It could be the European cucumber with a thinner skin. I don't know why. I think it might be because the Spanish add a bit of bread crumbs or maybe it is bread to the blended gazpacho and it makes it less bitter and really savory. You buy it in the refrigerator section. I think if someone could copy this on this side of the Atlantic that it would be a big success. But it has to be refrigerated and fresh.

I will try to find out what brand it was.

Jun 29, 2010
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Vietnamese food in Andover/Northshore area?

Don't know Vietnamese but a Thai that is good:
They should have sticky rice...

If you ever wander over to Lowell there are plenty...

Support local eateries vs. downturn: List yours

Toraya of Arlington

I would like to support Toraya japanese restaurant as it is in my view simply the best sushi I have had. Mr. Toraya is a perfectionist and I have been amazed at the quality. No faddish flavors (which are great sometimes) but just perfect sushi every time. It is very small and has few employees, so it should be able to survive. It is very small and at times you may have to wait, but if you go early or late that is avoided.

890 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington MA 02476

Support local eateries vs. downturn: List yours

Hello Chowhounds... I'm new to the board but not to good food. I have been thinking about our economy and how it is getting really rough for restaurants out there. I want to propose that we support the best locally owned eateries to help them survive the recession/ depression that is looming. Local businesses support our communities and if they have a good business with streamlined expenses they are more likely to survive and to provide us with good food that is nearby (when Peak Oil hits before long).