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Why does my roast chicken always do this?

Enough of the high heat/bone marrow/organic 'free range vs. perdue chickens already! Bringing the chicken up to room temp for an hour prior to prepping and roasting will rid you of this problem. Also, as others have stated, you must let the chicken rest properly prior to carving. The protein in chicken shinks lengthwise when reaching temps up to 120 degrees, after than it shrinks widthwise. When the protein comes out of the oven, it rests letting 'some' of that moisture loss soak back up and the carry over cooking with the temp rising another 5 to 10 degrees will ensure that your chicken is cooked to perfecton without being dried out.

Mar 03, 2011
RhodeIslandRed in Home Cooking

Top Ten Restaurants in RI

Coming into this late, but Mill's Tavern has definitely slipped as has Local 121. Still love the bar there though. Have to add Bacaro and for breakfast Julian's. Capital Grille still good, especially for the steak tartare that you now have to ask for since it's off the menu, but they still make it. That, a glass of Chateau Simard Bordeaux and I can't ask for any more.

Local 121
121 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

Bacaro Restaurant
262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

Capital Grille
1 Union Sta Ste 1, Providence, RI 02903

L'Elizabeth's in Providence

A might bit meanspirited of you Chef Terranova considering the caliber of your segment on television is amateurish at best. I wouldn't laugh too hard at others foibles. Possibly a suggestion from you to Ruth might enlighten the lady of her shortcomings.

Top 5 Best restaurants in Rhode Island, Not fancy

Haruki in Cranston has slipped drastically. Greasy tempura, poorly executed teriyaki, okay sushi/sashimi. No more for me. Seems they are or were resting on their laurels. Now I go to Ichiban or Ebisu. Have been disappointed too many times recently with Haruki.

Any Good Buffets In CT?

Never, if you value your health or stomach, go to Hometown Buffet. Ever. Follow Johnpops1 advice below. I don't know how a place can ruin food the way they do, but they excel at it hands down. Salty, overcooked, canned. I commonly refer to it as, "The Trough". The one time I went was once too much.

All-you-can-eat crab restaurant in region?

Definitely Flo's. Skip Nordic. For the current price of $80 p/p and a 2 hour all you can stuff down your gullet, I'd rather go elsewhere. I agree with Scargod on buffets.

Farmstead being Renovated

Farmstead downtown is a complete and utter disappointment. Have been twice now and have been met with way too much attitude, which was only matched by their high prices and low assortment. I'd rather wait for the renovation of Wayland Sq. Seems too bad when a company expands and the owner doesn't seem to mind the minions elsewhere.

Phantom Gourmet

Is it my imagination or wasn't the father originally the host of this show? I always felt I could trust him and the restaurants reviewed seemed to be more varied, rather than pub food. Everytime I happen to see this show it's always on burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries and I just want to vomit from the amount of greeeeze oozing out of my television. I used to know someone who was "the phantom" and they recommended wonderful out of the way places that weren't of the pub grub ilk. Wish they would branch out and make it less of a "ha ha" show.

Japanese Grocery Store Coming to Brookline Village

Oh Jack, get ready. Originally from CA and had business in Japan for years. If you think that the SF markets are a poor cousin to those in Japan you are in for a serious shock. I make the sacrifice and travel down to Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey. I know, I know it's a ride, but they have everything and anything you want for Japanese food items.

Does the Color of an Egg Yolk Indicate How Nutritious It Is?

Twinwillow? Methinks you mean Salmonella, not e-coli? That is the big scare with eggs that most people associate.

Jun 22, 2009
RhodeIslandRed in Features