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HELP... fingers are burning from cutting jalapenos. Remedies?

THANK YOU!!! I just did the sour cream thing - heat on the fingers is down to about a 2 from a 20.

Michael Symon - overhyped/overexposed?

Michael Symon’s B-SPOT

Grade: C+
B Spot's meat was dry, pattie was small. I did love the Shasha hot pepper sauce at the table though. Yum. Another thing: Attn LADIES>>>If you have to use the restroom go out in the Eton mall. The one-room bathroom at B Spot is unisex and I went in after some dude was in there and, well... there was splatter everywhere. Disgusting.

Hubby gave it a C-

The only thing keeping hubby from giving it a D was the Koelsch German beer (where can we get this beer around here? We loved it!) . Hubby was not pleased with the WAY too skinny fries and the small burger.

On a positive note: We went when there was no wait because of a blizzard a while back…definitely not worth the 2-hour wait on weekends I’ve heard from others.

Mr. Symon does seem like a nice guy though... I wish him nothing but the best.
We just did not enjoy our food at B Spot. Haven't tried Lola yet.

Apr 17, 2010
jesssala in Great Lakes

Your worst Thanksgiving meal?

let's just say it was the first time the hostess had ever made a turkey, i.e., still frozen in the middle, AND didn't know how to make mashed potatoes, i.e, didn't even add salt....

Nov 14, 2009
jesssala in Not About Food

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

This was great but I was getting nervous watching the doggie get to close to the stove:-) Wonder where I can get one of those square frying pans, I've never seen one of those. Thanks for posting!

Nov 14, 2009
jesssala in Food Media & News

Regional favorite that you just didn't get once you finally had a chance to try it

I lived with Germans (IN Germany) for about 6 years, I LOVE white asparagus! Fresh from the field, with fresh from the field (AKA organic - yes, you CAN taste the difference) boiled salted potatoes, a slice of boiled ham and a velvety hollandaise sauce on the asparagus. OMG my mouth is watering....

Nov 02, 2009
jesssala in General Topics

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

lidia's Italy - I have learned so many useful cooking tips about making things "your own" - plus the history factor just can't be beat on any other show.

Giada - My #1 killer recipe comes from her. Albeit, time consuming but I've never impressed company so much than when I pull off her Baked Angel Hair, omg - glass of merlot, a light salad, HEAVEN!
My bro-in-law hates eggplant and he had no clue on this recipe...he had three helpings and we told him after he cleaned his plate that there was eggplant in there (we originally told him it was zucchini). He tried to be pissed off at our trickery but he just couldn't - it was that good!

Nov 02, 2009
jesssala in Food Media & News

Hold Your Wineglass the Right Way

THANK YOU for this article Jordan!
I actually lost a friend over this-
She thought I came off as pretentious, but whatever.

My husband's getting the hang of holding the glass by the stem...
Now if I could only stop him from slurping his coffee (EEeeeek!) and sticking the whole knife in his mouth like a popsicle to lick off sauce....ugh, I shudder....

Nov 02, 2009
jesssala in Features