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Harold & Belles Jefferson LA

Glad that there are folks to share our enthusiasm; In looking thru my prior note, I'll have to run these through spell check prior to publishing ...

Harold & Belles Jefferson LA

We found them at the LA County Fair (now your are talking of an esculation here in fair food!!) Visited their abode Wednesday evening ... consistently excellant Southern Louisana food ... flavors near perfect.... we'll have to branch out and try some of their other dishes ... Also they had a Ash Tuesday the evening prior ... Hurricanes at twoferone pricing.... you could not have gotten into the place!!! Our waiter "Pedro" right on top of his game ... this is truly a spot to pull off the 10 and visit

What is Pittsburgh's Signature Dish?

Setting the menu for Superbowl Sunday...was looking for the signature dish of Pittsburg; The discourse already on the site was very helpful... thank you to all posters for a couple of good ideas;
For Arizonia easy task ... Cactus Berrys & Tamales

Jan 24, 2009