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Lucky Js Waffle and Fries on Burnet

Their website says:

"Starting May 1st, Lucky J’s will be taking over the building next to our trailer. Stage one will include indoor seating, public restrooms and a garden seating section out back. In the months to come we will be putting a commercial kitchen on the property and expanding our menu. Also look for more trailers popping up at our location soon as we launch several other concepts!"

Anybody else been?

May 07, 2009
redlantern in Austin


Are you talking about Red Cap Chick, or was there another place called KFC?

May 07, 2009
redlantern in Austin

Best Chinese, not dim sum, in entire Bay Area

I've had dim sum in Vancouver, Hong Kong, and New York and reading over the hundreds of posts here, perhaps I will just pass up dim sum here entirely.

What other Chinese is worth getting? Especially some of the more unusual varieties, e.g. not Cantonese.

The Year of the Ox

There's this little shindig at Pao's on Sunday night:

Jan 23, 2009
redlantern in Austin