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Great Food & Wine Avenue/St.Clair area

Any recommendations of great food and wine in this area...not familiar with the area! Thanks.

5 days in Vancouver....where to eat???

I am visiting Vancouver from Ontario April 21st-25th for the Playhouse Wine Festival and staying at a friends condo in Kitsalano (sp?) I am looking for recommendations on places to eat from pubs, nice foodie-esque dinners, and simple lunches, even a nice market to pick up some food to make food in the condo.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is my first time visiting and I am truly excited to take it all in!!

Best Chicken Burger in Toronto?

I actually really like Hero's chicken burger and they do it blackened too!

Oregon/Washington Cuisine?

Can anyone rec any restaurants or winery restaurants that really define the wine region. Not looking for places that are not located in wine regions.
Thanks for any help

caiprinhas in Toronto?

I second Table 17 and add L'Unita

Thoughts on downtown b-day dinner picks?

What about L'Unita and they have a great family style table you can sit at for larger groups.
Great food and wine list, great food to share too

Niagara Falls Vacation Recommendations

Casa Mia in Niagara Falls is great homemade Italian cuisine. They do offer shuttle service from any hotel to the restaurant, so you dont have to worry about getting there.
They have a website if you want to check out the menu.

Canadian Odyssey

In Niagara Falls I rec. Casa Mia and they offer a shuttle service from your hotel to the restaurant. Amazing home made Italian, great quality amazing wine list.

Oregon/Washington Cuisine?

Hi Tom
thanks so much I love the thread and it has now changed my whole perspective!
and made for some interesting conversations!

Need to sharpen my knives in Niagara

Hi thanks for your reply I am looking for something in the Niagara region in Canada

Mar 30, 2009
niagarafoodie in Cookware

Oregon/Washington Cuisine?

thanks so much thats great info!

Need to sharpen my knives in Niagara

Hi there
I am in the Niagara region and am looking for a place to get my chef knives sharpened. Dont really want to venture to Toronto for this so any insight would be great.

Mar 29, 2009
niagarafoodie in Cookware

Oregon/Washington wines

Hi there
I am a sommelier student and am doing my New World project on these areas.
I am looking for any regional cuisine and any exceptional wines you may know.
I do live in Canada so some may be way out of my attainability but I appreciate any insight and ideas you may have.

Mar 29, 2009
niagarafoodie in Wine

Oregon/Washington Cuisine?

Looking for input
I am a Sommelier student and I am doing a project on Oregon/Washington
I am looking for some insight on what you may say is a regional cuisine from any of these areas.
Thanks for any insight and ideas
ps - any wine reccomendations are great too!

St.Catharines Foodie

Hey there I am somewhat new to the Niagara region and I am looking for those hidden gems in the area.
We recently moved from Toronto and one thing I really miss is all the little great places.
We are familiar with Wellington Court, Treadwells, Stone Rd Grille & Casa Mia but would love to hear what people know about this area and the smaller places. We are open to all types of cuisine.
Thanks for all your input