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Cindy's Iron Horse Chinese in Orlando?

Anyone been to Cindy's Iron Horse Chinese in Orlando? It's at 412 S. Parramore, happened to drive by it the other day, but couldn't find any information on the web about it. Looks pretty small, but seemed busy around lunchtime when I went past.


May 29, 2008
Osvaldo in Florida

Okonomiyaki in DC?

We thought that the kakuni (pork with spinach) was the best of the entrees we had, with the Japanese-style curry a good option if you like that type of curry. Of the other dishes, the small plates had several good choices, including nanban kisu and the cold options.

Restaurants at Royal Plantation Jamaica

I think the restaurants at the Royal Plantation are not worth the money- like many restaurants at Jamaican hotels, they charge rates that are above or equal to rates in the US. Plus, when I was there last (about 1 year ago), the food options were not too many, since they don't want to have a lot of options for the all-inclusive guests.

As for other places in/near Ocho Rios, see my response to the November 3 posting on Ocho Rios. I would particularly recommend Toscanini.

Okonomiyaki in DC?

Unfortunately, Chez Mama San no longer has okonomiyaki on the menu- the waiter told me that they only served it at lunch previously, and they now only serve dinner. Any other okonomiyaki options that anyone knows of?

Chez Mama San's food was excellent, although the service was a bit slow.

Where to eat in Negril

I would second the recommendation of Hungry Lion- it is located on West End Rd. past the Rockhouse hotel. The Rockhouse restaurant is pretty good, although the service can be spotty. (One waitress asked us if we minded if the couple next to us smoked a cigar, and then got mad when we said we did.) Chicken Lavish, also on West End Rd., is also pretty good.

Norma's on the Beach is probably the weakest of Norma's three restaurants in Jamaica (both Norma's on the Terrace in Kingston and Norma's at the Marina in Port Antonio are better), but it still has good, upscale versions of Jamaican cuisine, with local ingredients. It's located on Norman Manley Boulevard in the Sea Splash hotel.

Another restaurant at a hotel that is pretty good is the restaurant at The Caves resort, located past Rick's Cafe on West End Rd. The resort is typically only open to guests, but the restaurant is open to non-guests for dinner and has some good variations on Jamaican specialties.

There is some good jerk in Negril, but stay away from Three Dives, the jerk place featured in the Amazing Race TV show. Its quality is not high and it is not particularly clean, even for Jamaica. I think it is cashing in on the reputation it gained from the show. The Negril Jerk Hut (aka Negril Jerk Centre), while not featuring the seaside view of Three Dives, is much better. It's located at the very beginning of the West End Rd., near the traffic circle.

Finally, while the diving and sunset views at Rick's Cafe can be impressive, the food there is very mediocre and overpriced.

Ocho Rios, Jamiaca

The Ocho Rios Jerk Center, on DaCosta Drive at the intersection with the road to Fern Gully is a pretty good place for jerk. I don't know if you're looking at lunch or dinner, but going after 1pm tends to be better since there is longer opportunity for the spices to marinate.

The best restaurant in the Ocho Rios area (and probably the best in Jamaica) is Toscanini, located just east of town in Tower Isle. It's located in Harmony Hall, below the art gallery. Ostensibly it serves Italian food, but there is a large Jamaican influence, particularly with its use of callaloo and other local ingredients.

Futher inland, along the A1 in Moneague, is Cafe Aubergine. It offers Jamaican-inspired French cuisine in a historic coach house. It's best for dinner or lunch on the weekends, as during the week it tends to be full of cruise ship passengers at lunchtime.

Bibibips, at 93 Main St., is hit and miss- the food can be OK, but if there is a large group there (such as when a cruise ship is in town), the quality goes down considerably. It does have fast (for Jamaica) service.

Spring Garden Cafe, on the bypass road between the Fern Gully Rd. and the turnoff for the Jamaica Inn, has fairly good seafood at reasonable prices. Although much of the fish is listed on the menu as fried, they will grill it for you if you ask.

Stay away from Evita's and Coconuts - they are both overpriced and offer uninspired food. The Ruins, while a nice location, offers Chinese food instead of Jamaican and the food is not very tasty.

Places to eat in Kingston, Jamaica

There are several good restaurants in Kingston. I'd recommend the following:

- East Japanese Restaurant and Cafe Aubergine in the Marketplace shopping center on Constant Spring Road just south of Dunrobin. East has surprisingly good sushi. Cafe Aubergine is not as unique a location as the original branch in Moneague, but it has a nice French-influenced menu. Both should cost about J$1500 per person for dinner. Habibi Latino and China Express, in the same complex, are not recommended.

- White Bones Seafood Restaurant, located at Mary Brown's Corner, Constant Spring Rd. & Mannings Hill Road. This is a relatively new place, which has a nice variety of seafood. There service can be a bit spotty, but the food is tasty. Should be about J$1500 per person.

- Starapples, on Hope Rd. between the Bob Marley Museum and Sovereign Centre. This is our favourite place for Jamaican food in Kingston. It is in an old house, so there is a nice atmosphere. The food is inexpensive for Kingston and of high quality. Probably the best place in Kingston for Jamaican favorites like curried goat, vegetable rundown, aloo & channa, and oxtail stew. Most entrees are J$500-600.

- Chelsea Jerk Centre on Chelsea Avenue between Half Way Tree Rd. and Dominica Drive. This fast food-type establishment has some of the best jerk in Kingston and is served in a very clean restaurant. It's best for take-away. The jerk chicken and jerk pork are both very good, and the potato wedges are also tasty.

- Ashanti Vegetarian restaurant in Hope Gardens. This is located in the middle of the gardens and is only open for lunch. It serves excellent vegetarian cuisine.

- Prendy's Hellshire Fish at the Putt 'n Play Miniature Golf Course across the street from the Jamaica Pegasus and just north of Emancipation Park has the same fried fish that you can get at Hellshire Beach without going all the way out there. The fried parrotfish, lobster and bammies are all excellent. Only open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm.

- Pushpa's Indian Restaurant has the best Indian food in Kingston, although it is not up to the standards of the US or the UK. It is located at the end of Northside Drive, the street with all of the Chinese restaurants just off Old Hope Rd. east of Matilda's Corner (Old Hope Rd., Barbican Rd. and Hope Rd. intersection.) Best for take out, as the "dining room" is very small.

- There are several good Chinese restaurants in Kingston, although Dragon Court, Bamboo Village and Jade Garden are the best. Dragon Court is located on South Avenue between Waterloo and Constant Spring- it's closer to Constant Spring than Gaucho's. Bamboo Village is just south of South Avenue on Constant Spring. Jade Garden is in Sovereign Centre at Matilda's Corner. Bamboo Village and Dragon Court are of similar quality and price (most entrees J$600-800), and both have dim sum on Sundays between 10 am and 2pm. Jade Garden is more expensive (most entrees J$1000-1200) but is better quality.