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Tacos or Street Food in Cancun

Searched the board without a lot of luck finding simple taco places or street food vendors in Cancun. Can be anywhere in town. Stuck at an all inclusive with family but want to me able to sneak out for some good eats. Bonus points for real Al pastor, lengua, tripa, or chicharron. All help appreciated.

Apr 09, 2015
iloveporkbelly in Mexico

4 ou. Food Containers in Boston Area?

You could always use the plastic containers that all restaurants use. Everyone calls them "deli" containers and you have probably gotten them with most takeout food. You can buy them at Foodpak near New Market Square even without a membership. They are in the back. Forget the price but it is really cheap at like $5 for 40 of them.

Ramps 2013

Ramps just started this week out of West Virginia and have been available in limited supplies in the wholesale market. It will probably be a few weeks until they are available for retail.

Source(s) of rye berries, preferably organic, in the Boston area

Christina's definitely has rye berries. Not so sure about the whole grain corn. I believe that they could order you organic but probably do not stock them.

Maine Shrimp Season in Jeopardy?

Because of the extreme cold the little guys have been freezing as soon as they leave the water. Given the delicate nature of their flesh this has let to really low quality of the current catch. Many local vendors are staying away. With the temps looking to increase the week, everyone hopes that the quality will improved. It is possible in the upcoming week that the quota for the year will be nearly reached. Eat 'em if you see them. They won't be around for long.

Any feedback on Giulia?

Went on December 20th, and had a delightful meal. The space is gorgeous with a lot of exposed brick and a really comfortable bar to sit at. Cannot comment on the dining room service but the bar staff was attentive and knowledgeable about the both the food and the wine. Had a nice negroni to start and a few different glasses of wine that all paired very well with the food. Tried a lot of the menu. The semolina cakes with homemade lardo were a great way to start. Cakes were light and well prepared. And you really cannot go wrong with pork fat. Had both the bucatini all'amatriciana and lobster agnolotti. Both pastas are made in house and were delightful. Agnolotti were light and the lobster really shined. Finished with Ribeye with salsa verde. Steak was cooked perfectly and the salsa verde seemed to be happy marriage of the salsa verde I think of and a delicious butter sauce. The brussel sprout side with chile and orange was so good we ordered a second order. It was my birthday so my total recall of the evening is a little blurry, but I would hastily return.

Question about Mike Scelfo at Russell House

Since they opened.

Pricing from high end Boston-area caterers

If you are looking at The Catered Affair and Max Ultimate Foods of the Boston area, then yes it is. In fact, for a plated dinner, both of those caterer's would most likely cost you closer to $90-100/person for food. A buffet may run you slightly less. Season to Taste in Cambridge my be slightly less expensive and serves quality food but the service would be significantly inferior.

Looking for green/unroasted coffee beans

Vietnamese Coffee in Medford sells green beans from, well, Vietnam. Have only tried their already roasted beans.

Catered afternoon tea?

The Catered Affair, while expensive, would do a lovely job. Check out their tea menu at the Boston Public Library.

Are my picks okay?

There pasta is great and for the most part completely made in house. The duck yolk pasta with white truffles and raw duck yolk is a once a year splurge. Apps usually run just under $10 with pastas and entrees from 16-24. The value is much higher than the North End. The chef almost always sends out a few little extras. I have always had good luck ordering half orders of the pasta to try more. The razor clams are always great. Here is a sample menu.

Are my picks okay?

I would go to Erbaluce, , over anywhere in the North End for a great Italian meal. Everything Chef Draghi prepares is thoughtful Italian dishes inspired by local ingredients. North End is great for walking around, but save for Neptune not the best area to eat a full meal.

Irish Brown Bread

The Keltic Krust in West Newton by Blue Ribbon BBQ does a decent job. Kiki's in fanueil square in Brighton(just outside oak square) carries it as well as several imports from Ireland which most of my Irish family prefer. Pretty easy to make at home as well.

Rehearsal Dinner in the South End?

Not technically South End but Erbaluce in Bay Village has a private room upstairs and the food is incredible

Urgent: Inexpensive bar, with food, near Kenmore

Go to Cornwalls and get an onion loaf! Actually the food is somewhat passable. Good beer selections and friendly staff. Also one of the favorite haunts of a lot of heavy drinking Boston Chefs.

Aura, Sibling Rivalry, Sensing or Mamma Mia

I don't think that you will find much love for any of these restaurants on here.

Huacatay in Boston?

Christina's in Inman carries it.

Where can I find Burrata?

The fig and marscapone filled burrata from Fiore di nonno is one of the best cheeses going around for local burrat. Absolutely delicious.

Happy Hour recommendations needed, Boston & Cambridge

Dollar Oysters at Lineage in coolidge corner and at 28 degrees in the South End. Believe that both are 5-6. Sel De La Terre has a burgers and beers deal from 5-7 on Mondays. And that is all that I can think of at the moment. I know that there are a lot more.

Sel De La Terre
776 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

How crowded is Coppa's brunch

I have been three times without having any wait at all. Each time the restaurant seemed busy but never totally full. And with warmer weather approaching they will be adding some outside tables.

Austin Rodeo

Thanks so much. I was worried about that. There have been suggestions that we eat dinner there. Hoping that I can convince everyone to stop by Odd Duck or 3 little pigs beforehand. Don't really know the lay of the land. Is there anywhere nearby that is delicious to eat prior to going to the rodeo.

Odd Duck
1219 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Mar 22, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Austin

Austin Rodeo

Hello all. I'm Boston area chef traveling to Austin with my SO and her family. Part of our agenda is to attend the Austin Rodeo as her godfather is involved. Long story short, I' m a city kid and have never been to a Rodeo. Is there any food worth eating there or is it simply carnival type fair. Hoping that maybe one of your well know food carts might be setting up shop there. Thanks so much for any help.

Mar 22, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Austin

A little help

Thank you so much everyone. Jack Allen's looks like a great fit for us. Will let give a report of how it goes.

Mar 20, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Austin

A little help

Yes we are flying in. Get in around noon and were hoping to meet the family somewhere along the route to Steiner Ranch. I do not know the area very well so am hoping to find somewhere along that route that would accommadate us for lunch. Probably looking for something a little bit nicer but would also be suitable for the little one. Thanks again for your help.

Mar 17, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Austin

A little help

Hi there Austin Chowhounders. I am visiting your fair city this upcoming week from Boston. Feel like I have a good feel on some great places to try while I am there. A quick questions. I will be arriving with my wife and in-laws and driving to the Steiner Ranch area where some of my wife's family lives. I was hoping to find somewhere that would serve a great lunch along the way that would accommodate a 6-8 person group including a one year old. Looking for anywhere that would serve great food. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Mar 16, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Austin

Doubles at Singh's Roti Shop - Report

Sorry. I was just hoping to ask exactly what a double was?

Fire at La Morra

Just received an email from the La Morra that starting tomorrow that they will be closed until further notice due to a fire. Thankfully, they reported that nobody was injured.

La Morra
48 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Cocktail Party (Annual Event) for Clients in October - Elegant & Tops in Food & Wine

The event space upstairs at Erbaluce would work well too. Great people and incredible food.

69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116

Caba San Lucas area Help

Thank you so much Mariana. I am an early thirties chef from Boston and I guess more interested in street food and tacos than I am in fine dining on this trip but would most certainly be up for trying something great. Unfortunately as we are bound by a time share exchange it would only be a day trip. Any reccomendations would be great but especially little hole in the wall places even if they only do one thing great. My spanish is kitchen passable but not great. I usually can get by though. Again thank you. Any recs would be great.

Jan 27, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Mexico

Caba San Lucas area Help

Thanks so much guys. I have done some searches but I seem to be getting things a few years old. I will try some more. I was just hoping to get some current info. Mariana, Todos Santos looks great and would make a good day trip. What are you suggestions there. I will also look at your prior posts. Again thank you so much for any help.

Jan 25, 2011
iloveporkbelly in Mexico