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Sausage-fest for New Years - Need recs in SGV

I'm hosting a sausage-fest on New Year's Day. I'm hoping to serve different types of brats, sausages, bacon wrapped dogs, etc. I need recs for a place in the San Gabriel Valley that has a variety to choose from. Thanks!


I had the marshmallow a couple weeks ago. It has rice krispy cereal mixed in, not too many. The marshmallow flavor was just right, not overly sweet like a real marshmallow. Delicious!

Good Pizza in Alhambra Area?

Just went to Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza on Sunday night. We got the white pizza and a penne carbonnara. Penne came with a salad and garlic knots. Garlic knots were so yummy and tender. Crust on the pizza was crispy and chewy in certain spots. I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to trying their other pizzas and sandwiches too!

Update on new Yum Cha Cafe in Monterey Park

Gone three times and they always have no more baked char sui bow. I like the San Gabriel location more - faster service, malayan cake is fluffier & tastier, and items seem hotter (maybe because of sheer volume of customers at SG location). I'll still go to the MPK location since it's closer to my house.

whos been to both boiling crab AND crabulous?

I had called BC to see if we could bring our own bread or rice, and they said it would be fine. So when my family and I go to BC, we stop by Lee's Sandwich for a few (more like 6, it's BOGO so we're only paying for 3) baguettes to accompany our meal. The bread is good to soak up the sauce. We like getting the whole-shebang. We've even brought rice balls (onigiri) once. The carbs really help to cut down the heat. They've run out of potatoes on three of my visits, so bringing in my own carbs is the way to go for us.

Zen Buffet in San Gabriel for a family dinner?

I'm hoping you all can help me with this one. I'm trying to plan a family dinner for probably about 20-30 people. I thought a buffet would be good so everyone can find something they may like and the price is reasonable ($12.99/person for dinner). At that price I'm not expecting any phenominal. What should I expect? Are there other buffets I should go to in the area?

Thanks so much!

Sunday brunch/lunch in San Gabriel Valley area

I'm looking for a good place for my boyfriend's family and my family to get together for a brunch or lunch in the San Gabriel Valley area. $15-$20/person. We don't have any preference for type of food. Just something that is of good quality and taste good...obviously.

Thanks for your help!

Bulk candy...where can I buy some?

I went to Ben Myerson Candy Company, in downtown LA, last week (on a tip from a fellow Chowhound) and there was a sign up that read Not selling candy and candy store closed.

I'm looking to buy some candy in bulk (peach rings, chocolate covered gummy bears, novelty candy, m+m's, etc.) for an event. I would like to have a candy table where guests could make their own candy bags, like at Sweet Factory in the malls.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Mitchell's Ice Cream

I moved back to LA after living in the San Jose area for 7 years. I would frequent Mitchell's whenever I was in the city. I do miss two of their flavors that I have yet to find comprable in the LA area -- thai tea and banana (of course not together). I enjoy going to Fosselman's in Alhambra. I like the small shop feel, like Mitchell's. I enjoy their lychee ice cream. Yummy!

Looking for something ethnic in Cerritos

I'll be picking up a visiting friend at the Sheraton in Cerritos. I'm not familiar with the area and would like suggestions for a not so expensive, casual, fun, ethnic food place.

Please help. Thanks!

Beard Papa? [moved from L.A. board]

I was driving down Atlantic Avenue in Monterey Park and noticed a Beard Papa sign up in the Mar Center Plaza. There was a sign that read opening soon. Can anyone confirm?

Aug 15, 2006
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