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Madame Anh Tuyet's grilled chicken in Hanoi

Hi All: Has anyone tasted this famed chicken featured in Chef Anthony Bourdain's
Cook's Tour vietnam Part 2 clip?

A delicious looking basting sauce is applied repeatedly on the chicken during the grilling process.


Fantastic bbq chicken in O'Porto

Where there is good port or wine, there's always great chow in the same town.

It's this fabulous grilled chicken (piri piri i think) at this packed "Churrasequera"place downtown Porto on Rua De Santo Afonso. Butterflied whole pre-marinated chickens cooked on open charcoal grill.

Could anyone tell me if it's still there? Thanks.

Aug 25, 2009
limequeen in Spain/Portugal

Great Mexican in Toronto?

I hope this place makes it because from the RM show, can really tell even Chef Crawford was impressed with Lucero;s cooking. Can tell she really knows how to make authetic dishes. What notfussy has described is a real pity.

Great Mexican in Toronto?

Any recommendations for the best Taco Al Pastor in Toronto?