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Babka in Cleveland

I'm looking for something similar to Bea's bakery in Cleveland. Have been told that the Bea's folks were originally from Cleveland area. Anything moist and delicious made on the Eastside? Not looking for a store bought/packaged/imported product. Thanks!

Best Ramen near Cleveland (eastside)

Wishful thinking I'm guessing, but anyone have recommendations on the very best bowl of authentic ramen soup closest to Shaker Heights? I'm just asking for the best around here, not the best in the nation. And... if there isn't any decent ramen w/in 20 minutes, how about simply the best bowl of Asian soup -- nevermind the country of origin?

I've tried Superior Pho and #1 Pho downtown.

I like em, but they don't serve ramen.

Anything on Mayfield maybe?

Please, please help me.

Nov 25, 2006
pallen123 in Great Lakes

Best Ramen in Manhattan

Will be in NY this Friday and hoping to find a kick-#$% bowl of ramen soup -- perhaps similar to Asahi Ramen in Los Angeles (pork, miso, fresh ramen, slice of butter, fresh veggies, tasty broth).

The only decent bowl of Ramen I've had on the East Coast was in Niagara Falls (Canadian side, unnassuming casual Japanese mall restaurant).

So who's got the best Ramen Soup in Manhattan?

Please, please, please knock my socks off hounders.

Nov 22, 2006
pallen123 in Manhattan

I need to buy a pinata w/candy inside in Cleveland by Saturday

Anyone know where in heck I can get one? Sorta a chow-related question since pinatas hold candy (food) and also the legend of the pinata derives from the arastradero tradition in Mexico of catching the farm animals in order to celebrate the feast of Montenegro in Aztlan.