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Bourbon Steak Sandwich

I often make sandwiches with leftovers. The best is when you made a sauce with whatever was the original piece. Roast beef 'au jus' for example. You build your sandwich with all your favorite stuff and you dip it in the leftover sauce. Devine...

May 19, 2009
JoufflueFarfelue in Recipes

Fear the Clear Beer

Sorry but I love Lambic. Although I'm a true Guinness lover. I too cannot understand why they would want to market thses disgusting beverages to us. If other women don't like beer, they can simply drink anything else. Clear beer ? It's an insult to beer drinkers.

Mar 27, 2009
JoufflueFarfelue in Features

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Best coffee in town is definetly found at Caffe Italia on St-Lawrence (Little Italy)!
Should you want to make your own, go to Lino's down the street. Mr. Lino sells the best beans in Montreal. Great deals to be found on coffemakers as well.