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I don't know how to pick for picky eaters! (But need to find a place for dinner for 7 tomorrow!)

Maccrogenoff, you are brilliant! That is actually what we just decided before I checked this thread.

CH'ers - I thank you! Will certainly check out some of these places!

I don't know how to pick for picky eaters! (But need to find a place for dinner for 7 tomorrow!)

Hi all!
This is so last minute, so I wanted to run some ideas by you, my highly esteemed Hounds. I'm struggling a little! DINNER FOR 7 tomorrow night?

Family is coming to town (3 adults, 2 early teen boys, 1 preteen boy) and we are going out for dinner. There will be 7 of us dining, and they want to go somewhere fun! I immediately thought KBBQ but they'd prefer "no Asian". 3 of them are picky-ish eaters. They like "Mex, Italian, American". Immediately jumping to mind are Roscoe's and Plan Check, but I don't know if either of them are worth attempting on a Friday evening with a large group.
I'm more of an adventurous eater, so I'm having trouble coming up with things that they would like! They are from NY, so I think Canter's is off the table.
Mozza maybe? A gaucho grill?

No true geographic limitations, but I'd like it to be somewhere that tourists would enjoy seeing where we could get a table for 7 on a Friday night. They're in Venice, I'm in NoHo, so anything goes.

Au secours!

Fun birthday dinner on Thanksgiving night

Thanks for the suggestion! Having trouble locating joes pickles. Did you mean Jacobs?

Nov 22, 2014
rainbsprinkles in Manhattan

Fun birthday dinner on Thanksgiving night

Sorry, should have been a little more specific! Thanks for the posts so far!
Ideally 50-70 dollars pp (or less if possible!) with 2 drinks per person (1 not drinking). We are going to Hakkasan Monday, and having steak on Sunday. Looking for something in the vein of Traif, Jack's Wife Frieda, Mermaid Inn, Momofuku vibe re: trendiness/cocktails.
Basically a new American-ish thing, small plates are fine, fun drinks a must.

Location: Most of Manhattan okay as well as Brooklyn (Williamsburg preferred). Think we would enjoy going below 42nd for sure. (Staying on UES)

Nov 20, 2014
rainbsprinkles in Manhattan

Fun birthday dinner on Thanksgiving night

Hi all,
My siblings and I (3 of us) want to take our aunt out for a celebratory birthday dinner on the night of Thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be fancy, just fun! Is anything in that vein and not too expensive going to be open that night? Good drinks, interesting food. No traditional French.


Nov 20, 2014
rainbsprinkles in Manhattan

Something aside from Thai off the 101 near normandie and Melrose?

Hi there, kind of a particular request.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch in about an hour and a half and she needs to meet at a place right off the freeway. The most appealing Yelp find was Prael, but if you have any other recs for a sit down but not too upscale super close to that I would be eternally grateful. I'm kind of not really craving Thai right now.


Brunch in NOVA, near Tysons?

Hi all,
Tomorrow morning a friend and I are making the trek out to Tysons for some shopping and we were wondering if you had any brunch recommendations for the area. We could brunch in DC (from where we are departing), but since we're going out there, figured I'd cast a net. Yelp is only recommending Bob Evans and Denny's, but there's got to be more!


Oh no sudden Sunday Brunch for 6 people!

I called all of those places. Since my family's staying on Wisconsin, and I'm a Georgetown student, I think we'll just stick with Martin's. Thanks for the help!

Oh no sudden Sunday Brunch for 6 people!

I just found out that I was meant to make reservations for 6 people for Brunch this Sunday. I'm freaking out a little bit!!!
Tabard Inn, Masa 14 and Founding Farmers have no availability. I am on the waitlist for Blue Duck Tavern.
My parents, grandparents and sister are staying in Georgetown, and we would like to go someplace special for brunch. The problem is that we have to go relatively early, 10 AM would be ideal, but 11 might just cut it. Any suggestions for good, earlyish brunches? In Georgetown is a plus, but will travel.

EDIT: Also, my family is coming to visit from France, so i would prefer not to take them to a French place....

I am hesitating between:
Martin's tavern (This is where I currently have reservations)
J Pauls
Chef Geoff's
Has anyone tried the brunch at any of these places? Also, please let me know if they have loud music or are cramped - my grandparents would NOT enjoy....:( Are any of them AWFUL or not particularly special? I am going through previous posts and looking at their menus, but as a student, I would appreciate any input.
Also, any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much.

Tabard Inn
1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

Chef Geoff's
3201 New Mexico Avenue, Washington, DC 20016

Cafe La Ruche
1039 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Blue Duck Tavern
1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

Masa 14
1825 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009


The little one is Ruby Mix, the big one is Ruby Mix Spécial! They do have the same ingredients though....oh boy, do I want one now!

Jul 30, 2011
rainbsprinkles in France

Japan Expo -- anyone been for food options?

Hi all -

Japan Expo is coming up on the 30th, and I can't seem to find anything about food options there. Has anyone ever been? Is it worth it?


Jun 16, 2011
rainbsprinkles in France

Steakhouse - not super fancy/overpriced

Thank you all so much! My mother, who won't be getting in until tomorrow, has just informed me that we have reservations at Charlie Palmer I guess no steak tonight! Thanks for all your suggestions, that deal at Ray's sounds fabulous, and I will definitely try it, maybe next time he visits.

If you have other recs for places like you were recommending, I'll be down. Just a good, fun place. Thanks !

Steakhouse - not super fancy/overpriced

HI all,

My father is coming to visit me at school and we are craving steak. After doing quite a bit of research in terms of pricing/deliciousness, I settled on Sam and Harry's. I don't know why, because once I made the decision, I began to read more reviews, and they all mentioned how empty it is...and how it isn;t even that good anymore.

So, now I am leaning towards BLT, but I am concerned that it might be a bit too expensive. This isn't for a true special occasion, we just want gooooood steak, not a fancy place.

I've perused most of the topics on this, but most the suggested places are higher on the fancy spectrum than anticipated. Of course, if I can't get good steak without going to a fancy steakhouse, then....I'll just have to make do!

I'd prefer DC proper, because I do not think we will have a car.

Thank you so much!

Also, do all places that have bone-in steaks give you a spoon to scoop out the marrow?

Best Chocolat Chaud - Paris

Angelina's is pretty damn good. And try one of their Mont-Blanc! I'm not a fan of chestnuts, but even I adored it.

Aug 02, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France

Best Döner kebap in 75 or 93?

Parisstanbul on Avenue de St Ouen, has pretty decent meat and EXCELLENT eggplant (roasted and mashed up with garlic), I also have a penchant for Moulin de Marmaris on Ave. de Clichy almost at the Porte.

Mar 29, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France

what time does rue Poncelet market open?

Monoprix opens at 9.

Poncelet maybe opens a little earlier, but I don't know about Mondays..

Mar 29, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France

My long weekend in Paris - report

you shouldn't get un carnet de billets for the metro. try the ParisVisite ticket, available online for pickup upon arrival. It's 28.30 for 5 days, and it's valid for zones 1-3 (add 20E for validity in all six zones). You also get discounts on Bateaux Mouches, certain museums and the Arc de Triomphe.
If you don't want to get the ParisVisite, you should get a Carte Orange Hebdo zones 1-2 for 16E + 5 euros (no more paper cartes oranges exist) for your electonic file.
Just saying that a carnet is only 10 tickets for 11E40...


Feb 22, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France

Peking Duck in Paris?

Great! Thanks, I will definitely check it out.

I seem to have forgottten to mention that I am looking for "not too pricy". Of course, I know Peking Duck is all but so, but if you know of any cheaper places (I am a lowly student!), they would be welcome.

Jan 21, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France

Peking Duck in Paris?

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on ChowHound for a while , and up to now I have never had to post my own thread (you guys are just THAT helpful!).

A couple of weeks ago, I realised I had an intense craving for Peking Duck. I started my research, and so far the only place I have come across is Asia Palace. I was wondering what you guys thought of the Peking Duck at Asia Palace (I know that AP is a great restaurant, but I'm talking specifics here!). Also, I am open to any and all recommendations.
I don't necessarily need the 3-style serving of the duck, just the scallions+cucumber+hoisin sauce+duck in a pancake will suffice.

Thanks in advance!

Jan 21, 2009
rainbsprinkles in France