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Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine - Overrated?

Love Red's, dislike the lines in the summer. Their lobster rolls are very good. Don't listen to the so-called foodies who hate a place because it's popular.

Aug 27, 2009
hungrycc in Northern New England

finnan haddie

I actually made finnan Haddie using Nantucket Wild Gourmet smoked haddock, and it was great. Not at all difficult or time consuming either. I highly recommend trying it.

Cape Cod 2009 Fried Clam reports

Which one do you go to? I find the clams in Chatham a little greasy. Love the fried haddock though -- it is sooo good!

What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

I agree. Stick with the beans!

Cape Cod Oysters close to the source

The Bookstore is fine. You can also buy them at Macs seafood market -- the guys will shuck them for you right there. Macs also has a newish restaurant down the road which is pretty good, although I keep finding the service a little off (doesn't stop me from going back, though.)

I have been eating Chatham oysters all winter and they are REALLY great. I think they are better than Wellfleet oysters. Don't know if they are available commercially, but they are worth seeking out.

What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

Dave's in Harwich/Dennis (whatever) doesn't really cut it. But, they do have really good baked beans.

Lobster Shacks mid coast Maine

I love Shaw's in New Harbor.

sved's bluefish spread - cape cod

Thanks! Will call when I get back. In the meantime, I tried a couple of the smoked fish spreads at Nantucked Wild Salmon in Chatham and they were really really good. About three times as expensive as Sved's though! But I don't care, I going to keep buying anyway - they are that good!

Worst of the Cape?

Hello! There are 90 replies to this post so far! I can't think of any meals that were truly horrible lately, but so so so many that were utterly mediocre. The only place that I have a vendetta against is Pain d'Avingion. I love their sandwiches, but have been dismayed to find myself, on more that one occassion, begging some dowdy sullen shopgirl to make me one. I can't believe I have to beg to spend $7 - $9 on a tiny sandwich! It is so wrong!

Apr 27, 2009
hungrycc in Southern New England

Best of the Cape 2009

Can I put in a plug for L'Alouette in Harwich? I started going there because my parents love it, but now I like it alot, too. I have never had a bad meal there, and have often had very good ones. The vibe is a little senior, but the food is great.

Apr 27, 2009
hungrycc in Southern New England

48 hours in Newport

I always enjoyed the Salvation Cafe. It's a good place.

sved's bluefish spread - cape cod

Does anyone know what happened to Sved's spreads? They seem to have disappeared. Craving the bluefish.

Frozen pudding ice cream in West. Mass.?

Love Herrell's. It is definitely worth a visit. Bart's isn't bad, either.


Doesn't anyone go to Al Forno anymore?

48 hours in Newport

The chowder at the Black Pearl really is as good as everyone says it is. You can get it in the bar and avoid the pricey restaurant. They also have what I believe is a local specialty drink called a bull shot. It is beef boulion and vodka. Strange, but should be experienced, if only so that you can tell your friends.

At the low end, RI is kind of interesting in that it has a lot of local foods that no one has ever heard of. If you go to Flo's on the beach, you can get clear clam chowder and clam cakes. Del's lemonade is a kind of slushy that is surpisingly good. And frappes made with that weird coffee syrup that you can only get in RI.

What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

re: the fried clam issue -- how about really good fried fish, not just good by Cape Cod standards.

Cape Cod 2009 Fried Clam reports

I like Sir Cricket's fried clams. I don't love them, but I like them. The batter is nice and they are always crisp. Also, they have sweet potato fries, which is a good alternative to nasty soggy frozen food service fries.

What I really want to find on the cape is a place that serves southern style fried seafood with that nice crispy cornmeal crust. I buy the mix when I am down there, but it doesn't taste the same without a deep fryer. And hush puppies would be a nice change from dreadful fries.

Central Vermont lunch spot off 91N?

Putney has a barbeque place that is pretty good, although I think it may only be open in the summer. There is also a diner in town that is pretty good. Food is very hearty, homemade soups, locally made pies, etc. Not fabulous, but good straightforward stuff.

Lots of good stuff in Hanover NH, home to Dartmouth. It is right after White River Junction.

Places no one posts about on the Cape

Have you been to Chillingsworth?

Best Fine Dining on the cape- OFF SEASON!

Somewhat slim pickings, I'm afraid. I have enjoyed meals at both the chatham bars inn and the wequasit inn, but not in the past two years. At both places, I found the food to be quite good, but the atmosphere to be not very amusing. Oh, and they're both pretty expensive. On the other hand, I always enjoy going to the wicked oyster in welfleet and abba in orleans, but the food can be a little uneven. My friends love love love the ocean house (I think that is what it is called) in dennis, but I have not yet been there. And I've heard that the red inn in provincetown recently reopened with a great new chef, have not dragged my ass to provincetown in quite a while.