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Welcome Back, "Chef": The Return of a Title

Mmm.. Yeah, I think people who have actually earned their chops need to reclaim the honor of called "chef." Too many posers out there who think if they did a couple food video segments or sliced an onion on camera--with no serious credentials behind it--that they're suddenly a "Chef." N.O.

Aug 18, 2012
emanangan in Features

The Most Obnoxious Chefs of 2011

Vague, poorly reported story and crap prose.

Jan 14, 2012
emanangan in Features

Kara Nielsen, Food Trend Watcher

Who wouldn't want Nielsen's gig? But, I think she's holding us in suspense... There are many items that have auditioned to be "the next cupcake" star... like whoopie pies and french macaroons. Whoopie pies feel like an east coast thing because i don't see them in san fran much, but i did see a dedicated cookbook on the subject at wingwings. whoopies like cupcakes are cakey and have filling/frosting that can take on many identities and flavors--so the popular versatility of a cupcake is there. but, i don't really like whoopie pies because the texture is unexpected. i think they failed to trend because an overall lack of appeal--at least I don't see them at whole foods in my neighborhood. french macaroons have been kicking around san fran for years, but i think their complexity keeps them off the super-trend radar, too. or, maybe, they're too highbrow as the pervasiveness has only reached the french bakeries in the city (miette, thoroughbred, boulange), and, of course, TK's bouchon some time ago developed the hi-tech uber-macaroon with eye-catching techniques like an ombre-fleshed cookie and their inordinate size. so, what's the next cupcake, you ask? oh, i know... it's PIE! Mission Pie, Chile Pie, salted caramel apple pie, pie contests... I think this trend is still building and it's part of a larger trend of Classic American Baking. 5 cents please...

Nov 30, 2011
emanangan in Features

Linguine with Clams and Chorizo

Don't hate on clams and sausage until you try it. Jacques Pepin did this on his show a couple months back. I made a fish version with brocolini and it was very tasty. A lot of seafood and chorizo go well because the oiliness of the sausage flavors the fresh taste of the seafood. Think about scallops wrapped in bacon or mussels in a broth with sausage--these are classic and very tasty dishes. Again, Don't hate on clams and sausage until you try it.

Apr 09, 2011
emanangan in Recipes

What New York food could you not live without? A Q from CHOW

Are you guys nuts? I would and I AM definitely missing the RAINBOW COOKIE aka tre colore aka venetian cookie from the best italian bakeries/delis (and some jewish ones too like 2nd ave deli). Three or more pressed layers of italian sponge cake "glued" together with jam, coated in chocolate and sometimes finished with sprinkles. They do not exist in the San Francisco Bay Area (no those things at Pi on Valencia are NOT rainbow cookies). My go to SF Italian deli--Lucca Ravioli--sells packs of Italian cookies right as you walk in but there isn't one rainbow cookie in sight!

Oct 26, 2010
emanangan in Outer Boroughs

Instant Oatmeal Taste Test


Jan 23, 2009
emanangan in Features