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When a waiter asks: "How is everything?" do you ever tell him "not good?"

As a server, I'm actually really psyched about our new chef. He genuinely cares about peoples reactions to his food. He is always keeping his eye near the dish washing station for competly empty plates. The minute there is a little bit of food on a plate, he asks, "What's wrong?!" All concerned...usually it is nothing....a kids plate, or just too much food, or they didn't like one ingredient.
Also, if a guest sends back a dish and offers "opinions"...those are IGNORED and laughed at. If you want to be a critic...get the ol' resume built up. otherwise just say what you don't like dude. No one cares about how you think "pink peppercorns would be so much better..." Let's just work on fixing your dish. :)

Jan 20, 2009
brody08 in Not About Food