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The Rooftop at The NoMad - Our Wonderful Experience

Wow, SpiritChaser must be from out of town, because - aside from the view - the Nomad rooftop is not ready for its NYC close-up. I left hungry, and I am a 130-pound female. Everything was market-fresh, but as in "I could have stopped at Greenmarket and made this at home" fresh. We regretted getting the rose' pairings because the wine started to pile up while we kept hoping the next plate would be bigger and contain some carbs. Alas, I went home drunk and polished off some leftover pasta. I'm a big fan of EMP, and I'm trying to figure out what went wrong here. My guess is they decided they could coast on the view. It might work if I left full and un-wowed (such as at WD-50), but not both hungry and unimpressed. Then I just become an angry drunk.

Aug 16, 2012
mojavejen in Manhattan

Any Good Garlic Powders Out There?

I recommend the one from Salento Farm - the garlic is grown, dried and ground on the farm. You can get it at various Greenmarkets in NYC or online.

Jun 29, 2012
mojavejen in Features

Best pepperoncini?

I've never seen pepperoncini at Whole Foods, probably because almost all the brands have Yellow #5 and other artificial ingredients. I special order natural ones from - $4.99/12 oz. jar.

Jan 18, 2010
mojavejen in General Topics