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Rhubarb Muffins with Cardamom Streusel

delicious!! I followed the recipe without any changes and they were amazing. The rhubarb seemed to almost disappear into the muffin, which was a good thing for my kids; they don't like to see the fruit in their muffins. This recipe is a keeper!!

Apr 26, 2010
foodieM in Recipes

The Curious Palate - Mar Vista

I visited the Curious Palate last week and was thoroughly impressed, both by the food and the place. The owners really have put alot of thought into it and I am cheering them on. Happy to see people inside every time I pass!
I would be in there more if I didn't love to cook myself.

Feb 17, 2009
foodieM in Los Angeles Area

Soft Wood...opening that is.

thanks for the great reporting, Jase! I have been meaning to get in there and will definitely now with good reviews!
Nice to see other foodies in the neighborhood!

Feb 17, 2009
foodieM in Los Angeles Area