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German Restaurant in TO?

Lately I've been craving some good german schnitzel and I realized that in the 3 years I've lived here, I don't remember ever seeing a german restaurant. I was out at the Bier Markt on the Esplanade the other night and tried their (expensive!) "Schnitzel"; I was predictably disappointed... tomato paste and whipped potatoes? At least there was fresh lemon to squeeze on the meat.

So I'm looking for some place that has the real thing.

I want options on the menu to include: Rahm Schnizel, Jäger Schnizel, Pfeffer Schnizel, etc... and don't serve it with whipped yukon potatoes - I want delicious spätzle!

I expect if I took the bus way out to Kitchener, I could find this type of place, but somebody please help - Toronto has *everything*, right???

Burrito Boyz or Chipotle?

Between those two, definitely Chipotle.

But maybe even better is Moe's up on Eglinton, East of Yonge. Free fresh chips and salsa with every burrito!