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BGR: Burgers in Bethesda

Has anyone been to BGR and seen a hamburger bun WITHOUT sesame seeds? I want to take a friend but he can't eat seeds. It's such a good burger I'm hoping they'll have a seedless bun or that two bottoms will be sufficiently untainted by seeds that he can eat there.

Ren's Ramen, Bethesda

The fatty pork is magical, I swear. It's cooked so long that the fat layers (it reminds me of thick-cut bacon) become velvety soft and almost DO melt in your mouth. They're fabulous.

Ren's Ramen, Bethesda

I'm curious about this, too! I have a friend who loves Ramen and wants to try Ren's (I've been and LOVE LOVE IT) but he doesn't eat pork/pork products. Any idea which, if any, of the Ramen bases aren't made with pig?

Eastern Market- best food?

LPQ's open now with about 60-70 seats if I recall correctly. Love their omelets, go for the Ham and Gruyere or the Salmon and Scallion. Expect a wait, though - it is HOPPING.

Pho in NoVA

If you're referring to the Pho Golden Cow on Rt 50 and Graham Rd in Falls Church then I think you should meander across the street to the Loehman's center and try Pho 50 - it's my favorite place to go. Nothing flashy about it and maybe the meat's a little bland on occasion but the broth is wonderful and greasy exactly the way you want comfort Pho to be.