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I have some friends who are part of this religion so I will try and get one to reply. But the big advantage is it cooks in a much more controlled environment. You can slow cook at 200 or grill at 550. Poultry is amazing on the egg. As I found out attending an eggfest two weekends ago.

Jun 05, 2009
lostjuan in Cookware

Buckwheat Flour in Edmonton

Thx guys. In the end, I found it at Italian center. I did see that safeway had a great selection of the same manufacturer of flours but no buckwheat at a much better price than Planet Expensive. I am now in search of fiddleheads as apparently they can be found here in edm. or so I have been told.

Jun 04, 2009
lostjuan in Prairie Provinces

Buckwheat Flour in Edmonton

I have been looking for buckwheat flour and have had limited success. Did the Safeway, S-O, Sobey's on Jasper. I found some at planet organic but although it's in 1KG pkg I have a problem with paying the equivalent of $43 for a 10lb sac of flour. It cost me about $10/kg.
Anybody help?

Feb 14, 2009
lostjuan in Prairie Provinces

Best Chinese BBQ house ALTA

The only one I have been to in Edm is the one on 118ave and 97st SW corner. I cant remember what it called except BBQ house. He's been there long time. Take out only. They may have one table at the front. But it very popular with the First Responders so that is generally a sign that they have good food. My partner buys for his family I buy the lunch special. It cheap and filling and yummy. They close at 19:00 hrs.

Jan 20, 2009
lostjuan in Prairie Provinces