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Asparagus Salad at Resto Leon (East Village)

I want to try and re-create the warm asparagus salad at Resto Leon at home, but I can't find the menu/ingredients online. I know it has black and white sesame seeds, goat cheese, and some sort of red wine-y sauce, but I can't decide whether to saute the asparagus in oil or butter. Alternately, if anyone has any great recipes for something similar (a French bistro-style warm asparagus salad) I would love to hear it!

Mar 02, 2009
acovatta in Home Cooking

Pasta with Caramelized Tomatoes and Sausage

I make a similar version of this, except I use uncooked sausage. Before frying, I take the casings off and let the sausage crumble in the frying pan a bit so it mixes into the sauce better and you get sausage in every bite.

Mar 02, 2009
acovatta in Recipes

Pasta with Artichoke Pesto

I hate to say it but I thought this was awful. I followed the recipe exactly except I made the pesto (although it can hardly be called one) 2 days in advance. I could really taste the lemon but there was no flavor tension, the sauce was lemony without being salty or tangy or anything else, and overall just tasted bland. I added some sliced grilled chicken on top to make it a little more savory and interesting but that didn't do much. The sauce melted into a nice consistency when heated with the pasta but that's about all that was good. I can't imagine how this would be as a cold dip (or are you supposed to heat it?), it was so boring to taste! I would recommend to anyone who tries this to not waste fresh ricotta on this, if you have to try it maybe use regular store-bought instead.

Jan 27, 2009
acovatta in Recipes

Spiked Apple Galette

I just made this with a few changes and it was delicious! First off since Gala's aren't any good for cooking I used Fujis (which are available in farmers' markets right now), and subtracted a little of the sugar because they are so naturally sweet. I sliced the apples instead of dicing to give it a more traditional look (although I didn't arrange the slices, I just dumped them in). I didn't make the Calvados sauce, I just added the leftover apple juices in the galette and made sure the sides were well sealed. The crust was excellent! I will definitely use the recipe again for other variations.

Jan 27, 2009
acovatta in Recipes

6 Nights in Key West

My family ate at Antonia's for the first time about 2 weeks ago and it was all-around so so. Their homemade pasta was excellent but the sauces were bland (except for the fettuccine alla checca). Entrees were just average, but our appetizers were excellent, including a goat cheese souffle and baked asparagus. La Trattoria is definitely a better bet for Italian, we eat there regularly and always have a good time. Opera is actually worth a second try, it's interpretive Italian but always well prepared, and the owner and manager are very friendly.

Santiago's Bodega is a great tapas place but make a reservation as far in advance as possible! They have very few tables, although this time of year is wonderful for outdoor seating.

I would recommend retrying Siboney and get the first item on the menu. They do the best Cuban pork I've ever had, just go for the traditional.

Sandy's Deli has excellent pork and Cuban mix sandwiches, they are great to split for a light lunch.

For the best key lime pie, Blonde Giraffe makes the best.

The crepe place on Duval is also a must, get the cream cheese and guava paste sweet crepe.

For breakfast/brunch, give the new reopened Dennis Island Deli across the street from Blue Heaven. It's about a third of the cost of Blue Heaven brunch, they have a great Cuban french toast with guava paste sandwiched in between.

Jan 19, 2009
acovatta in Florida