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Best Mexican food in WLA?

How does Tacomiendo compare to El Abajeno. Always go to El Abajeno, never been across the street to Tacomiendo.

L.A. Dish of the Month, October 2014 -- Voting


La Isla Bonita and West Side Mexican Food

What meats to get?

Where can I buy real Chihuahua cheese?

Cool. Thank you. I've also seen it at costco.

Arby's now has at least one thing on their secret menu......

That looks nasty.

Aug 26, 2014
LuluTheMagnificent in Chains

What's the differences between BBQ sauces...

Memphis, KC, Carolina etc...


Peaches are SO wonderful right now...

Peach cobbler....

Dulan’s On Crenshaw -- Pass the Pork Chop

There's one over by the costco in inglewood and another in inglewood not far from the forum on Manchester.

Pico de gallo: deseed or not to deseed?

No. Jalapeno either.

And yet another list: Burritos

I don't trust any list that has New York listed that many times for Mexican food.

What not to do at a farmers market

I only go to haggle over the price, when they are closing up. Most of the time where I live, during closing they are yelling out special offers anyway. I'm ok with this if 1) my money is tight. 2) it's at the end, I'm usually getting what's been picked over.

Refreezing meat that defrosted

I re-freeze stuff all the time.

What's So Wrong About Not Lliking ..... ?

I don't like it either. I always say "more for you."

New List To Debate--Tacos!

Taco Leo's is not that good. I feel like a loser. I haven't tried any of these but Leo's. I go to Chato or king taco or carnitas michchon (sp)

Sonoma wine


Jul 07, 2014
LuluTheMagnificent in Wine

Sonoma wine

uh oh. I didn't do this. I hope it's ok.

Jul 06, 2014
LuluTheMagnificent in Wine

Sonoma wine

Thank you for all the replies. I learned a lot.

Jul 03, 2014
LuluTheMagnificent in Wine

Sonoma wine

Hi, going to Sonoma on Friday to visit a friend. I would like to buy another friend in SoCal some wine from Sonoma. She likes all kinds of wines, she really does. I'd like to get her a few different wines that she can't get in LA. I'd like to spend $300. I don't know anything about wines, so any recommendations would be great. I'd like to get one good port for myself. Please advise. Can you make me a list of What you'd get and from where.

Thank you...

Jul 01, 2014
LuluTheMagnificent in Wine

Mr Taster got whited at SOOT BULL JEEP!

HAHA. Love the foreshadowing! and you still don't believe?

Anyway, My friends all laugh at me, but I avoid these Korean places like the plague. I have to cook the food and buy it too? Shit, I could do that at home. That does not appeal to me. One friend said, "yeah, but it cooks real fast." Even more reason for THEM to cook it.

Tell me how you make your Ground Beef Tacos

Think of Italian moms cooking spaghetti sauce all day. To me it makes the meat really fine.

Tell me how you make your Ground Beef Tacos

Yes, in the skillet. You need just enough oil in the skillet so that the oil does not come in contact with the meat, because the meat will start popping everywhere, it once popped in my eye, not fun! I lay it down flat put most of the meat toward the middle of the tortilla because when you fold it over and turn it over it's going to move toward the sides. Yes, toothpicks are great too. If I cook them with the meat inside I drain them, then immediately add cheese so it melts. The add my lettuce, tomatoes and more cheese to the top. FYI, my meat is already cooked and seasoned when I fry them.

Tell me how you make your Ground Beef Tacos

I like the texture it gives the meat.

Tell me how you make your Ground Beef Tacos

Never had Jack in the box tacos, so I don't know. They aren't deep fried so it pretty easy.

Tell me how you make your Ground Beef Tacos

I don't use a taco packet, I use cumin, chili powder, onions, garlic and a small can of tomato sauce(if I have it, if not, I don't use anything but the seasonings.) I let the meat cook low for an hour or more, depending on the time I have. Then I fry my shells with the meat inside and then add fresh grated cheese (tillamook sharp cheddar), iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions and homemade taco sauce. BOOM!


Fuddruckers Santa Monica (Again)

I used to love flakey jake's. I'd go all the time on my lunch break.

How do I make PERFECT scrambled eggs?

This thread inspired me to make eggs this morning. I put 3 eggs in the vita-mix for 30 secs on medium. Then used the Gordon Ramsay method of heat on, heat off. They were fluffy but I overcooked them trying to take a pic of them in the pan!!! lol. That minute counted. They were still good, I also forgot to add a drop of water, which I think is key to good eggs.The consistency was definitely more restaurant like which is what I hoped for when I started this thread.

Don't have slow cooker, using Dutch oven instead. HELP.

I reduced the salt because the reviews said it was too much, and yes it was salty enough being reduced. So I bet the original recipe the salt is off the hook!

Don't have slow cooker, using Dutch oven instead. HELP.

I wish I had seen this. I added one cup and it's too much. I could have gotten away with none or a drop.

Don't have slow cooker, using Dutch oven instead. HELP.

Ok thanks.

Don't have slow cooker, using Dutch oven instead. HELP.

I'm making this tonight

Can I get away with a cup of broth in the DO? If not, how much?