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What does lapizzamaven think about Abbots? Her or his word is bond. :)

Best 'Crinkle Cut Fries'? Crispy! Mmmm :~)

Big Jo's has them. Not saying they are the best, just letting you know they have them.

Fuddruckers Santa Monica (Again)

Like where?

What to make out of spinach and broccoli?

What is pakoras?

What to make out of spinach and broccoli?

Thank you all so much. I still haven't made anything with them. Leaning toward the soup.

Thanks again.

What to make out of spinach and broccoli?

Got a huge bag of each at costco. Was going to use them as sides, never did. Need to cook them. Was thinking of pasta. I guess I could freeze them right?

Craft bacon in LA.

I don't know what craft bacon is but Harvey Guss meats has great bacon. I was buying steaks and he didn't have change to give me so he threw in some bacon. Delicious!

Fuddruckers Santa Monica (Again)

Went for lunch yesterday. Parking is atrocious! By the time I found parking it was 12:30 and indeed the line was going out the door. Chose to go to my meeting at 1pm and eat there afterward. Got there around 2:30, parking was still bad, but found a meter on the street. Walked right up and ordered. Got the 1/2lb burger with cheddar cheese, with fries, had my own bottle of water it was about $10.75. I enjoyed the burger, the bun was super soft and toasted inside. The meat wasn't bad. Overall I enjoyed it. They gave me a coupon for an $8 meal if I go back before mid June.

New Mexico Style Mexican food

What is New Mexico style?

The Whole Pantry cookbook and app made cancer sufferer Belle Gibson a social media darling. She's now admitted it was all based on lies

I can't believe they aren't going to prosecute. Embarrassing.

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

How do you pronounce gjusta?

Lent, No Meat Lunch for Teen Boys

Spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches, French fries. Cheese enchiladas. Veggie chilli over Fritos with cheese. Cheese pizza.

Anyone try Buttery Jack from jack n the crack

Thank you.

Mar 27, 2015
LuluTheMagnificent in Chains

Anyone try Buttery Jack from jack n the crack

Looks awful. I can't imagine all the grease from fast food in general, then the added bunch of cheap butter on top.

But, what do I know.

Mar 26, 2015
LuluTheMagnificent in Chains

Additional charges that seem unjustified that the establishment might think twice about

I was at a Mexican restaurant eating in and asked for a tortilla and was told it would be 50 cents. I got it, but I won't be going back.


This leads to the argument about tipping when you pick up. Gotta love Capitalism...


It would then become how good the pizza is and if it's worth that price.

Ode to The Godmother

The pot roast sandwich is good too. I add onions and provolone.

Looking for Classic Mexican in Santa Monica

What is Classic Mexican fare?


I hate it, think it's wrong. So I don't order pizza. I either make it at home or eat it out.

Interesting Thread on Reddit Asking Expats Most Authentic Home Country Restaurant in LA

Thank you.

World's Seafood

A Passion 4 Cheesecake

Why is that funny?

A Passion 4 Cheesecake

Do you have anything with cherries Rocco?

Can I deep fry chicken in grape seed oil?

Surprisingly no. :)

I got a big bottle of it at costco, btw...

Can I deep fry chicken in grape seed oil?

It was great. Super crunchy.

Can I deep fry chicken in grape seed oil?

How does it taste?

A Passion 4 Cheesecake

Haha. Keep doing what you are doing, Rocco.

Where to buy Buffalo Wings for Super Bowl party?

Bay cities deli.

A Passion 4 Cheesecake

I should have posted about this. I go there all the time, love Rocco, super nice guy, excellent cheesecakes too.