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Unrefrigerated cheesecake safe to eat?

Maybe she died...that's why she never came back?

What do you not order in restaurants...

I kinda feel this way too. Smiles.

Guerrilla Tacos Revisited (A Photo Story and Review)

Of course I'm going by looks. Looking at it tells me it has stuff on it I don't like. I don't like runny eggs, hate liver, barely like sweet potatoes. Of course by looking at it I can tell it's not for me. Like I said more for you that love it. Thank you AAQjr!

Pizza at Grimaldi's

The pizza just had way too much sauce.

Does anyone enjoy shopping at Gelsons market as much as I do?

I have a rich roommate who shops at Gelson's. She always buys way too much stuff and doesn't eat it, so I often get to partake. My opinion is it's a great market for produce and meat, amazing quality actually. I just can't afford to shop there. When I can afford it I'll be shopping there for my meat and produce.

Btw, the og post is years old.

Guerrilla Tacos Revisited (A Photo Story and Review)

I have been known to trip. :)

Anyway, I'm guess I'm just a plain jane traditionalist. I don't want any of that stuff on my taco. That liver tostada looks a hot mess. Octopus, liver, sweet potatoes, pine nut, cranberry beans... No thank you. That just means more for you that love it.

Again, I appreciate the report, the pics are fantastic.

Guerrilla Tacos Revisited (A Photo Story and Review)

Thank you for your wonderful posts, I'll definitely not be going there, none of that appeals to me.

Pizza at Grimaldi's

Tried this today. Exceptional! Best pizza I've had in LA. Better than village, Vito's, Stella, south end, mozza etc...

Thanks for posting about it.

Pizza at Grimaldi's

I changed my post but you must have already responded. When I searched it, there was a Manhattan Beach location. but their website showed only El Segundo

Pizza at Grimaldi's

I need to get over there and try it.

smoked gumbo or jambalaya

I'm thinking of making smoked gumbo or jambalaya. Where I smoke a whole chicken and sausage, then I make a stock from the carcass and the links, then smoke some fresh sausage for the meal. I could also smoke the onions and garlic and veggies. Probably wouldn't smoke the shrimp and crab.

Any thoughts? anyone ever done this? I did a search online and saw this thread.

anything you think I'm missing?

Broguiere's Eggnog Update – seen any yet?

Got some from marina del Rey gelson's.

Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe

I'm thinking of using Candy's recipe but using port wine and cherries & cranberries. Thoughts?

What to make with matsutake mushrooms

Thank you. What do they taste like? Could I use them like a regular mushroom and stuff them? Or make a Marsala sauce? Or serve with steak?

What to make with matsutake mushrooms

Roommate has two packages. I think her mother got them when she was in town. They are expensive.

I've finally perfected making popcorn on the stove

I love my whirley pop. I cranked all the way til the end, next time will just try it at the end.

I've finally perfected making popcorn on the stove

I made this tonight in my whirley pop, didn't use as much oil, I think that's one advantage of a whirley pop. Delicious. Flavacol was excellent, had never heard of it.

Fruits every morning ? Good or bad?

It's awesome!

Need some interesting EASY chicken recipes

Been making this one, so easy and good.

Tough london broil what to do with it

I've already done this.

Dishes from left over pot roast.

I make taquitos! add meat and some gravy in a sauce pan, add chopped onions and cilantro, cumin and chili pepper. cook it down until gravy is gone and meat is shredded. soften corn tortillas, roll meat in tortillas and fry them in oil. serve with guac and cheese on the side.


Tough london broil what to do with it

Interesting. Will look for recipes.

Tough london broil what to do with it

Thanks for the replies so far...

Tough london broil what to do with it

I cooked it on the grill.

Tough london broil what to do with it

Bbq'd some London broil. It's ok kinda tough was thinking of making something else with it like beef stroganoff. Could I do that? What to do with it? No tacos or burritos. Thanks

Best Mexican food in WLA?

How does Tacomiendo compare to El Abajeno. Always go to El Abajeno, never been across the street to Tacomiendo.

L.A. Dish of the Month, October 2014 -- Voting


La Isla Bonita and West Side Mexican Food

What meats to get?

Where can I buy real Chihuahua cheese?

Cool. Thank you. I've also seen it at costco.

Arby's now has at least one thing on their secret menu......

That looks nasty.

Aug 26, 2014
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