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There's an actual paleta store about a block north of Dona Raquel's. Lots of flavors there.

BTW: Has anyone tried the chorizos that have real sausage skin that the DR market sells? Wow are they good! Good fresh tortillas there, too.

I've eaten here and it was good! (I'll go first) Sweetwater (Boynton)

I dunno... strange beers on tap, and my wife ordered a lobster mac 'n cheese that was way to pungent. Not a good experience for us, haven't been back

Korean Market where did it go? the market that made fresh kimchi. MIA - Ft Lauderdale

I don't know what they put in that kimchi, but it must be some sort of controlled substance! Man, is it good! I mix it with some fresh red cabbage, thinly sliced, for taco filling.

The goods are in the refrigerated case in the back. They make it themselves.

There are two Asian food stores in the strip mall, this is the one closest to the big porn store.

They also have good prices on hot chili oil.... try making popcorn with that!

Where can I buy shishitou peppers?

I'm thoroughly addicted to the shishitou pepper app at Kapow! in Boca, and I'd like to make some of those babies at home. I recently picked up a jalapeƱo roaster, and it has to make for some fantastic eats with the shishitous. So far, I've had no joy from the usual asian markets that I frequent.

Any leads?

Dried Beans - What's is the trick?

I cook my beans with a teaspoon of baking soda, makes either pinto or black beans melt-in-your-mouth soft. This is after soaking them overnight, and throwing away the water. I cook a couple slices of bacon or pork bellies in the bottom of the pan, and crumble them up in the beans, and cover them with chicken broth. Yum!

Apr 13, 2012
dbarnard in Home Cooking

Coco Water in S. Broward?

Man, I loves me my coconut water, but hate paying the high prices at Publix. Any great deals around? So far , Vita Coco is my favorite, as it isn't too coconutty..


PS: mixing Coco Water half-half with a good limeade and a healthy shot of rum is great over ice!

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

I would give Chapultapec a pass on weekend nights- it turns into a "nightclub" that fills up with morose Mexican guys, loud Norteno music and strange flashing lights... very authentic!

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

Follow up on that Spicy Tuna Roll...
Went in a couple weeks ago, and the STR was more like the contents of the cat food cans than the size of them. Very little fish, more soy beans, a soggy mess. Very disappointing!

Hot Pot in Hollywood

The concept is that they bring you a heated pot of broth, and you order all of the goodies that you'd like to put in it. As it bubbles away in front of you, you prepare your own dinner. Seems like too much work for me! That's basically what I do at home, without my carefully curated cooking gear, music that I like, and a hot tub waiting for me! I don't get it... you're paying for prep work?

Though a friend went there, and she said it was great...

Best Thai: Thai Spice or Panya?

I'll echo CF in not having been to Thai Spice, but Panya Thai is my current fav Thai joint. A word of warning: in every other Thai restaurant, the wife and I order our food "Thai Hot", but at Panya, we order it medium. They ain't foolin' with the heat! Great Spicy Beef Salad!

Thai Spice Restaurant
1514 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Looking for a restaurant with a "Florida" feel. Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood

334 Arizona Street, Hollywood, FL (954) 920-6523
1 block N of Hollywood and A1A

Good tacos, the grilled fish is my favorite. Massive beers, including Sierra Nevada for cheap! The corn on the cob is also great.

Taco "trucks" or roadside stands - WPB, Boca, Delray

Does Deerfield Beach count?
I've heard that a new taquiera has opened, El Jefe Luchador. Address is 27 S Federal Hwy
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, just south of Hillsborough. Haven't been there yet... has anyone tried it?

I've typically found that interior decor is inversely proportional to food quality in Mexican joints, but you gotta love the luchador (Mexican pro wrestler) theme. But how can you eat tacos with a mask on?


Don't let the name or location fool you!

That link is dead... got a name?

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

I get the Spicy Tuna Roll at the Yardhouse, along with a few of their finer beverages. It's not what you think- it's this raw tuna cylinder (about the size of two cat food cans) with soy beans and shredded nori that's loaded full of chili/wasabi goodness. Yum!

Any can't miss/must have dining in Hollywood?

Was just at Sushi Room the other night, aside from feeling that I paid too much for inferior fish, was not memorable. The last time I went by Sushi Blues, it was closed down, ostensibly for repairs, but there was a for lease sign in the window.

Sushi Blues Cafe
2009 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Sushi Room
1810 S Young Cir, Hollywood, FL 33020

Where do you think the best Mexican Food Resides?

I agree with GatorFL- very Americanized. But not that bad for lunch... but no bargain, either.

Indian food in Miami?

Food is pretty good, but ambiance is zero. Basic strip-mall setup, overly lit with blaring Indian music videos. Slow service, too. I went there with a Groupon, almost didn't go in.

Baba's Shrimp Shack

Yes they are, but it can get crowded! Take a friend and try the cioppino.

Where do you think the best Mexican Food Resides?

I finally went there, and it seemed bland and expensive.

Favorites at Dona Raquel?

And another thing... there is a paleteria (Mexican Popsicle store) about a block or so north... Michoacan, I think. These have real fruit in them, and there are a bunch of tropical flavors. Tamarindo is my favorite. Paleta salesman are all over Mexico, with their white iceboxes and little bells. I've seen them out in the middle of the desert in the wilds of Baja. A paleta goes down real good out there!

Perfect finish to those tacos I mentioned before.

Favorites at Dona Raquel?

The best pastor tacos in S. FL!

Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura

That strip along 167th is the closest thing that we have to a Chinatown in S. Fl. My favorite Thai place is right up the street- Panya Thai. 520 NE 167th St. (bet. NE 5th & 6th Aves.) North Miami Beach, FL 33162.

Creolina's: New Name/New Location

Stopped by for dinner on Friday... they're still working the kinks out. I had the shrimp Jambalaya, wife had crawfish etouffee. Both plates looked exactly alike, so I don't know whether I had etouffee or jambo, but I'm leaning towards the former. Horrid problems with the sound system, so the band came through distorted with the occasional loud feedback.

I'll give them a few weeks, and then try back. I want this place to succeed, we need some good N.O. food in FTL! After getting MSG'd at Shuck and Dive, I'll never go back there.

Penn Dutch

I've been to the one in Hollywood- I like the produce, very fresh. But Food Town, down Stirling from there, has my vote for better meats and seafood. I was able to buy about 8# of skirt steak for $3 and change a pound. And they cleaned it!

funky in Broward

"Cafe Shakurah" doesn't bring up any Google hits... got an address or something?

3 days in FLL/MIA area with my brother. Best local eats on the ethnic/unique to South Florida tip?

I went to the Chef Creole's on 441 near the Dade/Broward county line. The food may have been bad, but at least it was expensive! He had his stupid DVD playing at high volume, on a loop. I got to see it a few times while waiting for my food. For a place that had dinners near $30, it had a remarkably seedy crowd. Bag people passed out on plastic fast food tables.


looking for nice place on the water Broward or dade

Yes but the half-price raw oysters for happy hour can't be beat!

The Best Southern BBQ Ribs in S. Florida, please???? An old question but always relevant:

MSG is pretty criminal to me, and my wife, for that matter. We both get symptoms somewhere between the flu and a hangover. I cook with all sorts of different spices, and never once has this happened. Some experts believe that monosodium glutamate is a direct cause of obesity, diabetes, autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Others say that it's the reason that folks feel hungry a half hour after eating Chinese food.

Not what I want to be eating!

The Village at Gulfstream Park

There's a Yardhouse coming sometime this summer- perhaps my prayers for a decent venue for craft beers will appear in my local area!

Hollywood Fla Any good place to recommend - Any specialty?

The sausages at Doris' are superb, inexpensive, too!