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Welsh Rarebit Bites

My mother made Welsh rarebit, with a can of tomato soup, and can of cheese soup, Campbells, and I think milk or water, warmed it and ladled it over toast. I remember this being a meal. Really good though.

Feb 26, 2012

Calling all fellow would-be boulangers: painless, one-pot "Pain Pepin"

hi, i tried this bread saturday morning. used paula deens 3.5 qt cast iron dutch oven. first time making bread without machine. Forgot to spray pam...followed the ingredients,only added 1 tsp sugar. stirred and let it rise covered in warm kitchen.
stirred it again and let rise 2nd time. it really rose nicely.
cooked it at 425 for 40 min.
did not come out at first, used knife to cut around sides, and then it plunked out with some help. crust was not hard. we like that.
wow, so nice toasted with jam, perfect with my pot roast.
i cant wait to try it again.
i think i will use parchment paper next time, and let it rise the first time in a bowl, and 2nd time in dutch oven with parchment paper sprayed with pam.
i am really impressed with this recipe and that i can make some good bread.
i am not competent enough to mess with the recipe too much. i will keep my eye out for all the experimenters on chow blogs.
thank you for all the comments!

Jan 26, 2009
HAMBONESBAR in Home Cooking