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(real) Tourtiere in Calgary?

NOt wishing to start a new post, just wondering if there has been newer sightings of good Tortiere in Calgary?

Dec 12, 2014
Awni in Prairie Provinces

Help for business dinner in Austin

Hi all -

Need to pull together a small dinner (4 or 5 people) while in Austin for work. Staying at Hyatt Lost Pines for a conference. We are all from Canada and most of us have not been to Austin. Looking to find a restaurant that will allow us to experience Autin's night life...a good restaurant with fun atmosphere (this group is not a suit and tie business group).Trying to avoid steakhouses in case there are non-steak lovers. Cost isn't a huge deal, but prefer no prix fixe or romantic atmosphere. I read the rescent post by venkreddy, and have a reservation at Roaring Forks. I wasn't sure if that will get us to see the right part of Austin's downtown...Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Feb 22, 2014
Awni in Austin

Romantic Anniversary Dinner near the distillery district

We are looking for a place near the distillery district to celebrate our 15th Anniv tomorrow night. Currently have reservation at Pure Spirit. Any other suggestions? Is Tappo more intimate?

Sep 20, 2012
Awni in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


It's owned by the same person (Sari) that owns Casablanca.

Nov 24, 2011
Awni in Greater Boston Area

Any great restaurants in the Newmarket/Aurora, Ontario area?

I have tried almost ALL the sush places in the Aurora/Newmarket area. By far my favorite place to eat is at Annalisa Asian Fusion (On Yonge just south of Wellington). The food is amazing. I have eaten there a dozen times and am never disappointed.

This place has amazing sushi, as well as Thai and Vietnamese food!

For those of you that like all you can eat, Thurs night is all you can eat.
You have to try this place!

Annalisa Asian Fusion Cuisine and Bar
15171 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1M1, CA

Apr 18, 2011
Awni in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lake Placid Recommendations

Just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions! We had a wonderful weekend in LP! Enjoyed the summer like weather with fall colors!

We had great meals! Our favorite was the Caribbean Cowboy! We enjoyed an amazing lunch at the cottage! We had out of this world sandwiches at the Saranac Sourdough bakery!

Thanks again!


Sep 25, 2007
Awni in General Tristate Archive

Any great restaurants in the Newmarket/Aurora, Ontario area?

I second the recommendation for the Cedar Grill. I have sampled Lebanese food all over Toronto, and this is incredibly good quality.

The other recommendation I would make for Thai food would be Thai Golden Bell in the same plaza as Licks used to be in (now closed), also the same plaza as Pho Saigon.

Sep 18, 2007
Awni in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lake Placid Recommendations

Thanks for the responses. I will check out these recommendations and report back!

Sep 18, 2007
Awni in General Tristate Archive

Good Shawarma in TO?

OK, Since people are giving suggestions outside of the downtown core, I would add two in Mississauga that are my favorites...

Tarbouch - family run restaurant that has amazing shawerma's as well as other Lebanese treats.

Paramount - This used to be a bakery that has expanded and now also has a restaurant. They BBQ their food on charcoal and have fresh baked bread with shawerma and kebob orders.

Sep 12, 2007
Awni in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lake Placid Recommendations

My wife and I are heading to Lake Placid for our 10th Anniv this Sept. and will be staying at The White Face Lodge. We will be there for three nights. I am looking for recommendations for a nice romantic dinner for one of the nights, but also some good casual dinner spots...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sep 12, 2007
Awni in General Tristate Archive

Dinner & Drinks in Buckhead

My Buddies and I are going to be in Atlanta this weekend. We would like to have dinner in Buckhead at a restaurant that has great food as well as an active bar scene...any suggestions? thanks!

Apr 19, 2007
Awni in General South Archive