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Kosher Tofu Noodles?

Apr 11, 2009
skybridge in Kosher

Somebody Took My Lunch!

Unappealing, scruffy-looking containers that are well marked with name and any old date have worked for me.

I had fewer items removed from my lunches when using children's theme lunch baggies or containers that were taped closed.

Or if I only brought vegetables. My lunch bags were vetted, then consistently ignored.

Our office pilferer would dig through bags and select store bought or generic items.

Feb 04, 2009
skybridge in Features

Recovering alcoholic frustrated foodie....

Some excellent suggestions already!

Maybe this is a ree-diculous suggestion ...sort of understand where you're coming from:

Could you boil off (most) of the alcohol and re-decant and store in fridge?

Maybe only do this when you're having a big cooking week so you could plan your menus around using the total amount on hand?

If you'd feel more confident (and don't live alone) lock it up and give SO the key?

There are some decent non-alcoholic wines available, too.

Sometimes we just have to let it go...

Jan 25, 2009
skybridge in Home Cooking

Oatmeal for Total Morons

Seems straightforward to me. I don't let the kids use the gas range.

But they are old enough to handle preparing oatmeal in the microwave... it's a convenience for me.

Weekends are for McCann's.

Jan 25, 2009
skybridge in Features

Surprise! I'm at Your Door

If a friend stops by uninvited ... and I'm not ready for a visit I just ask them to give me 10 minutes. They can wait in their car or on my front porch.

It helps them remember that next time I need a bit of advance notice before they drop in on me.

I've had to use boundary setting techniques since moving to a surburban/rural area that I never had to use when I lived in the city. "City friend visits" averaged 15-30 minutes (and then we'd usually go for coffee, run errands together, or walk, or make plans to do so at another time). People seemed more aware of and respectful of personal space.

In the small town or rural area I now live in, the average length of a visit is 2-4 hours and people just park themselves on the sofa for a long chat and expect to be offered something to eat/drink. That's not a problem for me -- if it's a planned visit.

Since moving I find that the majority of my new friends are transplants from big cities. (Gee, I wonder why!)

And anyone with the audacity to ring the bell at 7am on a Saturday in a non-emergency situation and expect to be invited in and entertained... ain't happening! I find a lot more acceptance of people's passive agressive behavior in small towns that would be laughed at in the city.

I try to be civil. And to not be rude.

Jan 19, 2009
skybridge in Features

So if instead I decide to make pasta with kale and garlic...what's a good protein dish to go with it?

sardines or tuna ...any skinless/boneless

Jan 18, 2009
skybridge in Home Cooking

rec. for good, affordable japanese?

We always make a beeline for New Tokyo when we're in town. It's a nice, casual spot and near Argo Tea and Intelligentsia Coffee, and a nice little bakery up B'way.
See pics!
1. Exterior of store from corner of Briar & Broadway (Argo Tea).
2. Friendly staff!
3. Our friend that came with us last time had never tried sushi, so we ordered potato prawn for her... she loved it.
4. Dragon roll, spicy tuna, etc. etc. Lunch was about $30, only had tea if I recall.

Jan 18, 2009
skybridge in Chicago Area

10 Little Luxuries

Spend money on good products prepared at home. Good coffee, tea, spices, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh vegetables, Lundberg rice mixtures...

Don't spend on fast food/fast drinks.

But a tall Americano "with room" (for half & half if you use cream) instead of a calorie-laden specialty drink is a lot easier on the wallet.

Jan 18, 2009
skybridge in Features

Why Does the First Pancake Always Turn Out the Worst?

Throughout our school years, my brothers, sisters, and I joked about "the sacrificial pancake"... whoever wasn't entirely awake would inevitably get it.

Getting the skillet temperature just right was also part of it... but over the years discovered, as mentioned in other posts that the oil method works!

Jan 18, 2009
skybridge in Features