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Christmas dinner options!!

Christmas day buffet brunch and Christmas day buffet dinner. $60 pp for the dinner. Not sure about price for the brunch.

Christmas dinner options!!

Thank so much, everyone, for your input. You have all been very helpful and I have forwarded this discussion, along with some blog links, to the family in the UK. They have decided to head to the Windsor Arms for their family Christmas dinner! Thanks again. I know it's early, but in the theme of the thread, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas dinner options!!

Good morning! I need some help gathering ideas for a family coming to spend Christmas with their son. He is attending U of Guelph for a year and they will be arriving in Toronto from the UK on the 20 of December and staying at a short-term rental apartment in the Yorkville area over Christmas. His mom has told him to get on it!
I'm sure most hotels would offer a Christmas dinner, but does anyone know of any other options??

Retinning Copper Pots

Hi folks! I have some excellent quality French copper cookware. I have had them and used them for almost 25 years now. Two of my favourites are starting to reveal copper on their bottoms due to wear of the nickel lining (I believe it to be nickel). I would like to have them relined. Does anyone have a source for relining or retinning copper cookware??

Recommendations please, on where to buy good MEATY cuts of lamb!

Hi folks! I recently purchased a saddle of lamb from my go-to butcher, but was disappointed in the actual thickness of the loins. Where do you foodies prefer to purchase your lamb, or other meats, for that matter!