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Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

I just posted about Sunset Grille - apparently they were considered #1 for Mexico Autentica at their old location. They are back and I think they are 100% top notch as far as the food goes. Here is my review:

Sunset Grill - White Plains

I was just there. Here are my thoughts: This is an amazing restaurant and if they can overcome their struggles reopening at a new location we will have mexico autentica (spelling) in Westchester again! First the good news: food food food. The enchiladas look different from what you see at an ordinary Mexican restaurant - they are flat and the sauce is baked deep into them. Sauce is flavorful and distinctive. I don't usually order black beans, but the refried beans here are black and I couldn't stop eating them. Mexican rice also a big plus. We also had steak tampiquena with a braised scallion on top and tortillas - they make their own there, by hand - guacamole, chips, salsa. all very good. The waitress told us about the desserts and I'm sure we'll never get to try them (food is too good).

The atmosphere is okay, but not as good as the food. (I am picky.) I like the low lights and candles, but if you pay attention you can see that it used to be a golf clubhouse. BUT on the other hand, free parking and convenient. I will come back for warm, flavorful, REAL Mexican cuisine.

I had no trouble with the parking lot lighting. Paths were clear through snow. I didn't go to the old place so I can only say I enjoyed the food and am glad it is here.

Seeking working Farm for Wedding in Hudson Valley Area

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Gourmet restaurant, uses food from farm (vegetable crops AND lovingly raised animals). Certainly plumbing LOL There is more on them around the boards and they have a website.