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Ferraro 502 North (Thornhill)


I heard they closed. I emailed the contacts on the website and got a couple of rude replies. I asked if they had closed and got a "NO" response. I asked when they would be open because i went by and everything looked closed, and they wrote "don't know, who is this". And then the other owner emailed me also saying "who is this".

Halleluia Restaurant - So good!

Just called the Yummy Grill location who confirmed that the Bathurst/Eglinton Halleluia location has CLOSED.

Strange as last week, I placed $1200 in orders from work and everything seemed fine. I did think it was unusual that for a while now, Hallelluia was taken off the website, and whenever i went past there, it was always dead inside.

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

There was a place called Jaipur on East Beaver Creek which I used to go to quite a bit and was really good. There is also a new place that opened up at Yonge and Eglinton, a few blocks North on Yonge, called Chakra. We ordered A La Carte once and it was really good. They now advertise a lunch buffet for $10. Never tried it but really want to.

Halleluia Restaurant - So good!

My wife and I regularly get food from here, either dine-in, or take out as we live right around the corner. We agree with the comments that there are a few restaurants (Sila, Me Va Me - both great restaurants as well) that pretty much serve the exact same thing for the exact same price. Either way, we would definitely recommend Halleluia (both locations - Yummy Grill in Thornhill), as the food you get for the amount you pay is great. You defininately will have left overs for the next day...i typically eat half of what is served, and save the other half for the next day (and i can eat a LOT of food). If you go on, you can get a 10% off coupon for their Thornhill location for Mondays - Thursdays.