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Close to Interstate 80

you'll be hatin' the chains by the time you get to central pa!! just off I-80 about an hour to the east of state college (home of penn state & very near the geographic center of PA), is the town of lewisburg. take the rt 15 south exit off I-80, then it's about 10 miles right on rt 15, pass all the chain crap on as you go south of rt 80, then turn left at the light after the KFC onto rt 45 east which puts you onto the main street, & downtown. check for a list of places & their menus. no chains downtown. it's also the home to Bucknell University. If yer in the mood for a more scenic bypass, you can take rt 45 from state college to lewisburg. to get back onto rt 80 stay on rt 45 east to Danville to rt 80 east. weds there is a great farmers market just outside town, fridays from may to oct there is an organic, pesticide & hormone free, locally made/grown meat, cheese, and farm market in the park downtown. towards the east, by NJ, JUST off I-80 in stroudsburg area is JR's green scene - great for a quick eat - at lunch it's a salad bar, deli bar, & soup bar, in & out quick, good food.

Apr 09, 2009
danfinlwbg in Pennsylvania

Lewisburg / Williamsport - greasy spoon

LEWISBURG; Good Will's outside lwbg, about 4 miles east of town on rt 45, far side of montandon is good farmer food - roast beef, pork, ham, etc, with corn, slice of waffle, hot lettuce. good pies, also good breakfast. mike n dot's is 7 miles west, in mifflinburg, on rt 45, great soups (usually have 15-20 to choose from every day), good burgers, ribs, wings n yuengs nite is cool too - pitchers of yuengling & wings n ribs, several sauces. reg food in town - town tavern, zelda's coffee shop, maya's for sandwiches, roller mills antique mall has a food shop with decent stuff. rite dwntwn is la casa or house of pizza (same place, 2 names). great cheap baked subs - mixed cold cut is great, cheesesteak is steak umms, gooey chez, get both "ini the garden" - w/ lett, tom, onion.

south of town, off rt 15, in sunbury is a great dog place - the "squeeze in" it's 4 stools in a place about 8 feet wide, great dogs & ya HAVE to get the spicy chili sauce.

WILLIAMSPORT: turkey ranch, 20 min north of town, right on rt 15south - roast turkey dinnners, sands, etc. good pies. franco's downtown isn't a greasy spoon, but at nite the shrooms, mixed with a delicious broth, spicy peppers, salami bits, covered with melted cheese n served w/ homemade bread is unbelievable. masseto's has great subs on fresh made bread..

Jan 30, 2009
danfinlwbg in Pennsylvania

cran twp good eats???

meeting gf in cranberry twp next week, 1-29 to 2-01. looking for good places to eat - thinking of taste of india for lunch, lydia's in pitt for dinner one day. other ideas? good dining spots for dinner, subs etc for lunch, mebbe good brick oven pizza place in cran twp area?? appreciate any thots!!

Jan 22, 2009
danfinlwbg in Pennsylvania

chow-worthy eats near bucknell

good will's outside town, take rt 45 west, over the river, keep going west, over rr tracks, under highway overpass, it's the small red building on rt just past overpass. country food - eggs, great waffles, pancakes, intersting mix of BU stidents & local farmers & on sunday people coming from church. next best bet is country cupboard on rt 15, just north of the mcdonalds.

DINNER: reba & pancho's is really good, homemade pasta & mexican/south american stuff 9 ya, sounds odd, but very very good. elizabeth's for great american/french cooking. both have websites or go to for more

Jan 17, 2009
danfinlwbg in Pennsylvania